Comment Of The Day: “Wait! Is THIS Peak Stupid In The Age Of The Great Stupid?”

Yesterday’s post about the theology PhD student telling a congregation that Jesus was transsexual based on artist renditions of him was calculated to trigger lively responses, and indeed it has. CD-VAPatriot is one of the Ethics Alarms readers who doesn’t comment often but is always sharp and provocative when she does, and this Comment of the Day is another example. (I have recently figured out that EA has a lot of female participants here. Good.)

Here is CD-VAPatriot‘s Comment of the Day on the post, “Wait! Is THIS Peak Stupid In The Age Of The Great Stupid?”

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I’m often left speechless by Woke World, but this one takes the cake. I’m physically sickened by this claim.

I have no problem with the LGBTQ crowd, although when their group constantly holds their needs/wants/ideals over the importance of everyone and everything else, it becomes an issue. As for the trans community, I feel very sorry for those adults who believe they were born the wrong gender. I feel that this conviction comes from the mind of someone who is mentally ill. Mutilating healthy body parts, removing healthy organs, using heavy duty medications one’s body doesn’t actually need is considered Xenomelia (Body Integrity Dysphoria)…which is classified as a mental illness. I consider transgenders in this category. My heart breaks for someone in that much pain. I believe that someone suffering from such a serious illness should be treated with complete compassion.

With that said, the transgender movement for children is unconscionable, and does not deserve the same leniency. I could go on passionately about my thoughts on this particular topic for hours. So could many of the medical professionals and juvenile transgender clinic administrators who are finally speaking out. But this blog post isn’t about transgenderism. It’s about a minority population trying to insert itself into everything.

I’m what I call a “conflicted Catholic” (obviously with some major concerns with The Catholic Church), but as an adult, I decided that I can be devoted to God via my personal bond with Him, and no one else dictates my beliefs. With that in mind, I do consider something like Joshua Heath’s thesis defense to be sacrilegious, and wish I didn’t have to constantly see these various groups introducing themselves into everything.

My husband, a former Catholic Scholar, had this to say: “Heath is shoehorning horseshit into abstract Ivory Tower concepts. There IS actual evidence to suggest that some painters of sacred works would give Jesus both masculine & feminine physical traits in order to make Him more accessible to a wider crowd. But these are extremely esoteric ideas injecting political twaddle into the conversation.”

The Great Stupid is its own worst enemy.

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