“Gee, What A Surprise: Pot Isn’t Good For Teenagers”…The Sequel

In the same vein as the rueful post from two days ago, Ethics Alarms offers this excerpt from today’s Sunday Times without further comment, because none should be necessary…

Since recreational marijuana was legalized statewide in March 2021, weed now seems ubiquitous on New York City roadways. At smoke shops, customers drive off after blazing up. In motion or at red lights, smoke wafts from car windows, the smell mingling with exhaust fumes in a pungent miasma.

“It’s coming from all walks of life. It’s all over the city,” said Jayson Vasquez, 39, who has worked as a bike messenger in New York City for 13 years. He sees and smells more and more drivers smoking, even as they negotiate heavy weekday traffic, puffing away behind the wheel and straying from their lanes.

“You’re like, ‘Hey, hey, HEY!’” he said, “and they’re just not paying attention. It’s a real problem for me.”…

State law still forbids smoking pot before or while driving. …But arrests are scant in New York, a city of 8.5 million residents with more than two million cars and 36,000 police officers. Police officials said they arrested 204 people last year for driving under the influence of drugs, and at least 83 so far this year….By comparison, there were 3,291 arrests last year for drinking and driving.

[S]aid Kevin Sabet, director of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, a group that opposed the 2021 legalization law and has called for more enforcement of driving under the influence of marijuana,“We’re turning a blind eye to this — we’ve bought into this lie that it’s harmless.”

There were well over 200 drug-related fatal crashes a year across the state between 2017 and 2021, according to the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research. This has surpassed the number of alcohol-related crash fatalities in recent years….

4 thoughts on ““Gee, What A Surprise: Pot Isn’t Good For Teenagers”…The Sequel

  1. Raise your hand if you’re surprised. This was a terrible idea. The only silver lining to this cloud is that it may put the kibosh on the idea of legalizing harder drugs.

    • Though it was a calculated movement, not an idea. The cool people, and the pundits, academics, celebrities and politicians who wanted to be seen as cool fell right into line. Libertarians are as much at fault as the far left.

  2. It amazes me when predictable outcomes were patently predictable and people are “shocked:. While in the Army I was a commander of a medical unit when “they”, the higher-ups mandated coe eds barracks.” They were dismayed at the high rate of pregnancy among the females one year later.

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