So It’s Come To This…

Now there’s a well-reasoned, articulate, rational, persuasive argument! My rule of thumb is that when advocates have to descend into chanting, shouting and sloganeering, they have no legitimacy, and neither do their positions. (If a position’s advocates can’t do better than that, their position is a fantasy.) They have also forfeited respect and the right to be taken seriously.

32 thoughts on “So It’s Come To This…

  1. And now for a concise, carefully measured rebuttal:

    (hands to the ears)
    “La la la la , I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you. La la la la , I can’t hear you, I ca…………”

    Now, between the two of us, we have a playground debate. (The winner determined by who is loudest)

    • Where are the clapping emojis? Everyone knows you can’t have a real debate without clapping emojis copy and pasted after every word!

    • This woman needs a sedative. I don’t know whether to consider that display funny or pathetic. It’s not even like anyone was arguing with her. It’s not even like whoever the presiding officer of the state senate was was trying to stop her. I think maybe she saw that “slaves built this country” sequence from Proud Family once too many and actually expected everyone to break into spontaneous applause at the end of her rant. However, since these were not people drawn with pen and ink and intended simply to be fools for the cool characters to yell at, the idea failed.

      I’m not even sure what to compare this to. There is a sequence in the Narnia book The Horse and His Boy, in which a captured pseudo-Arabic prince (CS Lewis was not politically correct at all) is brought before the victorious northern kings who are about to impose terms on him after his loss in a battle. He is not about to go for it and starts making ugly faces at them in the hopes of scaring them. What he doesn’t grasp is it that always worked back at home because it’s very easy to scare people who know you can have them boiled in oil the minute you give the word. It means nothing when you are standing in chains before a foe who has you at his mercy.

      Maybe this woman has had too many idiots enabling her and expected to be able to scare or shock everyone else into doing what she wanted.

  2. Oh my. I was amused by the look on the person’s face who passed behind her at around the 45 second mark. Then, her mental break down was in full swing at the 2:00 minute mark.


  3. I noticed the video is linked with the first third of the video cut off.

    I regret rewinding. It only reveals that her powers of persuasion originate from chanting coming from the rotunda.

  4. I still am cringing at the acceptance speech by the US house minority leader and excessively child like rhyming. For minute after minute.

  5. The left is great at gaslighting, and almost every thing they accuse others of, they are guilty of. For all the talk about “toxic masculinity” I think it is “toxic femininity” that will ultimately destroy our society—by that, I mean this idiotic notion that we should run our society, including make tough decisions typically made based on rational cost/benefit analysis and rational allocation of limited and finite resources, based on feelings and the desire to not have only one get emotional boo-boo. Mommies are awesome and very necessary when raising little kids; a society should not be run by a bunch of idiots functioning as mommies for society at large.

    P.S., I can understand her saying “we love trans people” but do we (as society) “need” them? What is the society is supposed to gain from them? Unless she means that Dems need them now that old school homosexuality related issues are not much of a draw

    • Yeah, I almost included that obvious issue in the post, but it’s another rhetorical, “when did you stop beating your wife”/Black Lives Matter trap. If you say we “don’t need” trans people, then it will be turned back on you as hate: “We don’t need your kind in these parts.” And most people aren’t verbally equipped to argue out of that bind, so they back down.

      • “..most people aren’t verbally equipped to argue out of that bind, so they back down.” It’s not really a matter of being “equipped to argue”. It’s that once you engage someone like Nebraska Congresswoman Cavanaugh, you have already stuck your head in the wood chipper. The eminent congresswoman is clearly, based on just this performance, out of her mind. It’s not appropriate to present arguments to insane people because it just makes you insane too. She undermines any and all positions she may espouse. It ‘s pretty incredible that the “Great Stupid” has apparently morphed into the “Great Insanity”. Is not the Mayor cited above also on the verge of a psychic breakdown? Looks like it to me.

    • I’m not sure there is any argument against banning sex change operations, period. Those surgeries are absolutely horrific. The more I learn about them, the more I think they should be banned for adults as well. They absolutely do not provide the opposite sex genitalia people are expecting. The surgeries are mutilation, nothing more.

      Normally I would say adults should be able to do as they please, but this is just a heinous example of fraud on mentally vulnerable people.

  6. Sheesh, what occurs in someone’s life that sends them so far ’round the bend that they actually believe these displays are beneficial to their…um…cause?

    A hilariously shaking New Brighton, MN Lefty mayor Loses Her $#!t when a Councilwoman refuses to be guilted into embracing White Privilege; funniest part ~ 03:50.

  7. Chanting? Is she serious? What good will that do you? Didn’t she ever see “The Last Detail”?

    Meadows : If you’re Catholic, do you think it’s, uh, sacrilegious to chant?
    Buddusky : Did it get you laid?
    Buddusky : Did it get you laid?
    Meadows : No.
    Buddusky : Then Meadows, what the fuck do you want to go on chanting for?
    Mulhall : Chant your ass off, kid. But any pussy you get in this world, you gonna have to pay for, one way or another.

  8. All I can say is, one: there must be a hell of a lot more trans people than I ever realized, and two: they sure as hell must all vote, repeatedly.

    • The whole thing boggles the mind. This Dylan Mulvaney/Bud Light saga is fascinating to me. I am not sure why a business would throw away its core customer base to increase sales in a community that is less than 0.1% of the population. I read an article this weekend that Busch has lost is woke credibility with the LGBT community because it backtracked on its DIE commitment in the face of plunging market share. So, a terrible marketing campaign costs the company billions in market share and any social credibility it earns in doing so evaporates. Nicely done. As for this rant, I am flummoxed because I cannot comprehend where there is movement to kill off trans people. Most people think, “Oh, you’re trans? Hmmm . . . okay. I will be nice to you and treat you kindly but why am I required to buy into and promote your delusion? How is it that you somehow, magically transformed from a biological male (or female) to biological female (or male) right before my eyes? Yeah, I don’t believe it but I don’t want to hurt you. Can you pass the mayonnaise, please?”


      • I think the concept is, since words are violence, then your disapproving words are violence. Your silence on the matter is violence. Taking any stance except for fervent approval and affirmation of everything trans is violence.

        Andrew Sullivan had a very interesting article (linked to by both Instapundit and Althouse) in which he mentioned the bully tactics of the trans-extremists who will bludgeon parents with the supposed suicide rates of trans individuals, claiming, “Look, you can either have a dead boy or a live girl, so accept the fact you have to let your son transition to your daughter.” So, given the suicide rates, if you aren’t supporting trans people with every fiber of your body, you’re the one pulling the trigger.

        • Good catch, Ryan. Glad Jack posted on Sullivan’s piece. I can’t always face Ann Althouse’s daily snippets.

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