We Pause For This Brief Message…About Pauses


The legal ethics CLE business is peculiar: about 50% of it takes place in just two months, September and October. For me, in addition to presenting fascinating cash-flow puzzles, this means that I am jetting off into U.S. air transportation Hell an average of twice a week, or making long, mid-might drives around Virginia. I have other responsibilities too, such as keeping up with ethics developments and, in years like this one, ushering the Boston Red Sox to the World Series. Often this makes me sick, as I now am, and I’m not as young as I was, well, just yesterday in fact.

One of the unfortunate results of all this is that am behind on my Ethics Alarms coverage, and there is a lot going on. I have a huge backlog of terrific topics that have been sent to me by many of you, and “A List” news stories that I had queued for essays are gathering mold. I have also been less able to join in the combat in the comments, which have been doing very well without me, thanks—though tgt is still AWOL!—and more seriously, I have sometimes been late approving comments of those new to the blog. [Side note to “Passerby”—I’m sorry it took me a day to OK your comment orgy: your comments—all 15 of them, civil and well-considered— are up, and future ones should post immediately now. But you still owe me, privately, at jamproethics@verizon.net, your real name. Check the comment policies, please! Welcome.]

There’s a month of this to go, and I will try to cover the ethical outrages, dilemmas and controversies being thrown at us like pies in a Max Sennett comedy  more thoroughly in October than September. Bear with me, and I thank you all for your tolerance, attention and loyalty.

And good night, tgt, wherever you are…