Friday Open Forum!

Open Sesame!

Or as Popeye said, “Open sez me!”

The Supreme Court leak and the Roe v. Wade freakout ate the blog this week, but it couldn’t be helped. Maybe the Forum can generate some new distractions.

It’s fascinating that no commenters have surfaced here willing to defend abortion in general and Roe in particular. One of the most useful and enlightening comments ever made on Ethics Alarms about abortion came from a progressive commenter and abortion supporter, the now AWOL Still Spartan. She declared abortion to be a “necessary evil.” Necessary evils are by definition unethical; the only other phenomenon I would put in the category is war. However, except for situations where the life of the mother is in peril, I’m not sure about “necessary.”

Open Forum!

I typically would have featured my favorite meme ever in the warm-up–May 6 is the anniversary of the Hindenburg disaster (in 1937)—but I couldn’t wait.

It’s Friday, and time to discuss the ethics issues you choose after putting up with my choices all week. (That, by the way, is the honest and ethical use of “choice.”)

Open Forum (And I Predict A Cranky One)

At least I know I’m cranky. I made the mistake early this morning of trying to watch Biden’s press conference from the “summit,” or whatever it is, since no substantive action from the attendees is likely, especially absent clear leadership from the U.S. The most notable moment was the President insulting the ABC reporter who attempted to remind Biden that his too-late sanctions had not functioned as a deterrent to Putin, followed later by Fox News (but none of the other media sources) gleefully replaying video of Sec. Blinken, Jen Psaki, Kamala Harris and others stating directly that sanctions were intended as deterrents.

That wasn’t the most disturbing moment, though—those would be Biden’s stuttering, dead-eyed, confused, energyless, weak answers to all the other questions. How in the world did Donald Trump manage to blow the first debate against this zombie? How stupid was it that Trump boycotted what would have been a third debate, when it would have given more Americans a chance to actually watch who they might be electing? He has some nerve complaining about the election when he tossed away two opportunities for a head-to-head comparison, while letting Joe talk as much as possible.

And I again found myself musing, seeing Biden’s support in one poll inch up slightly from 37% to 39%: Who are these people? What is it they support? How can you watch a performance like Biden’s yesterday and think, “WOW! I sure feel proud and secure knowing that this whiz is in charge! Well, time to go out and buy some more 5 dollar a gallon gas!”? 20% I could understand; 20% of the American public needs Post-It notes to remind them to put on their shoes after the socks. But 39%?

But I digress. This is your column—I’ll shut up unless you make me come back here.

First Open Forum Of Spring!

I don’t care what the calendar says, it’s Spring in Alexandria , VA; this weekend we “spring forward,” baseball is starting Spring Training, and March is going out like a red panda, the cutest animal there is except for baby red pandas, which are so cute I can’t stand it.

I would think the Ethics Alarms Commentariat would have a lot to argue about after last week. Keep your contributions civil, relevant, and perspicacious, please.

You usually do.