Open Forum!

Cognitive Dissonance-SMALL

Me, I’m obsessed with fighting the cognitive dissonance scale and ugly schadenfreude, thanks to a celebrity I thoroughly detest being (apparently) innocently involved in a tragedy right out of a “Murder She Wrote” plot.

You, however, can be obsessed here and now abut whatever you choose, as long as it involves ethics, and as long as you don’t express yourself like Alec Baldwin, the poor bastard.

Open Forum!

Question Time

By all means, talk about the President’s vaccine mandate if you want, or anything else ethics-related. I wish I had time to do a deep dive into the legality of such a move, and I wish the news media was competent enough to do one for me. I do like the question offered on several blogs about how Biden thinks that he can mandate vaccinations when he is on record saying that he can’t mandate masks.

Open Forum!

Ominous mob

Not to jinx it, but I notice that nobody has ever abused an open forum. Not all of the entries are classics, but none are emotional, ill-informed, ethics-tone deaf jabbering either. This is because the commenters who avail themselves of the weekly open fora are serious and thoughtful.

I obsess about the decline in Ethics Alarms traffic, but the blog has never had a more distinguished, perceptive and passionate commentariat—and you know, that’s what I was looking for when I started this project. I wish we had more progressives of the open-minded sub-species participating, but I assume they would all have their heads under bags right now anyway.

Start your engines…