Open Forum!

Once again, I won’t have time to get a full post up before an early morning program, so I’m relying on you, intrepid ethics explorers, to keep the flame lit.

Feel free to open new threads on some of the recent posts as well, particularly some of the ones buried in the usual weekend wasteland, like The Theater World Shows How To Embolden White Nationalists: Discriminate Against Actors For Being White,Are Men Really Supposed To Accept Misandry And Anti-Male Bigotry? I Strongly Suggest That They Don’t…and even older posts, like The Absurd Media, Feminist And Progressive Hypocrisy Regarding Joe Biden’s Sexual Misconduct, PART I: Why My Head Exploded.

But it’s up to you. After all, you’re on an ethics blog. I trust you.

Open Forum!

Alas, I have an early flight to New York this morning for some BigLaw legal ethics training, so I’m turning the blog over to the ethical readership, where I know it will be well cared for.

Write about whatever you like, as long as what you like involves ethics or leadership, and is devoid of nasty things and political rants. Also remember that if there are mosre than a single link in your post, it would be read until I get it out of moderation, and I can’t guarantee when that will be today.

Make Ethics Alarms proud!

Open Forum, Sick Host Edition

The chair is empty.

I’m going to hand the blog over to you right now, since I am temporarily incapable of going two minutes without sneezing, coughing, gagging or sleeping. Maybe I’ll be able to catch up on posting some Comments of the Day as well, since that takes about a tenth as much time as a full post. Or maybe I’ll just crawl off into the snow and let nature take its course.

Yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself. Make me proud, ethics lovers…