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Open Forum, Sick Host Edition

The chair is empty.

I’m going to hand the blog over to you right now, since I am temporarily incapable of going two minutes without sneezing, coughing, gagging or sleeping. Maybe I’ll be able to catch up on posting some Comments of the Day as well, since that takes about a tenth as much time as a full post. Or maybe I’ll just crawl off into the snow and let nature take its course.

Yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself. Make me proud, ethics lovers…


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Open Forum!

I have an 8 AM ethics program to teach, AND my PC isn’t working right. When I return to the office in about 5 hours, I am hopeful that the latter problem will have been fixed, and that the Ethics Alarms commentariat will have raised and begun debating all sorts of fascinating issues.

Stay civil and articulate, now…



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Open Forum Ethics III

As before: Talk about and debate any ethics topics you like, from current events to cultural controversies. Keep it civil, please, wise, and trenchant.



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