Unethical Quote Of The Month: Conservative Blogger Stephen Green

“What I’m hoping for today is an absolute trainwreck of a press conference that will give me weeks of Insanity Wrap material.”

PJ Media blogger Stephen Green, waiting to live-blog President Biden’s first press conference.

Despicable. No American should hope to see an American President embarrass himself, because that embarrasses the nation and undermines public trust.

This is the reciprocal hatred I have been seeing in the conservative media for months.

I fervently hope that President Biden dispels suspicions that he is declining mentally and has become a hapless puppet in the hands of the Far Left. I hope he gives all Americans reasons to believe that theories holding that his candidacy was a cynical sham to appeal to moderates while fulfilling a plot to install a radical, socialist, anti-democratic agenda based on group favoritism and anti-white discrimination were false. I hope that the nation sees a strong, alert, wise Chief Executive both dedicated to and capable of being a uniting presence that seeks to serve all Americans and uphold our national values and traditions.

I also hope to backflip down the street like Mary-Lou Retton….

Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 2/6/18: Yes, It’s Another “Trying To Get The Warm-Up Written While Rushing Around To Get Ready For An Early Morning Ethics Presentation” Edition…

good morning…

1 Responsible parties nominate responsible candidates 1. In Chicago, a permanently Democratic district has  no serious Republican candidates, so Holocaust-denier Arthur Jones, a whack-job who has run in this district seven times, is poised to get the nomination. “To me the Holocaust is what I said it is: It’s an international extortion racket,” Jones told the Chicago Sun-Times. Nice. Anticipating the attacks on the Republican Party if he is its representative in the election this fall, Ann Althouse writes, “Should this be used against the Republican Party? Sure, if you’re into taking whatever comes your way and incorporating it into ruthless propaganda for your party. Ironically, that would be Naziish.”

Wrong. I don’t know where the idea came from that a political party organization is obligated to act like a potted plant, but it isn’t. A party’s obligation is to the public, democracy, and the ideals the party and the nation represents. It does not and should not allow a candidate who doesn’t meet minimal standards of competence and responsibility to use the party to achieve political power. Let such people run on their own, or start a Holocaust Denial Party, or National Nut Ball Party, or the Green Party (Kidding!), or something. . A responsible party vets its candidates, and tells those who don’t stand for basic American values or who are unqualified that they don’t get to use the party for their ends by default.

If you check back, this was the Ethics Alarms position on Donald Trump. The Republicans shouldn’t have allowed him to run for the nomination, and even after he did, his conduct in the debates and elsewhere justified its refusing to nominate him at the convention. They don’t deserve to be called Nazis for nominating him, but they don’t deserve an ethics pass, either. The fact that he won is irrelevant. Continue reading