NEVER the Sinner?

The AP reports that there is a computer virus that causes one’s computer to independently visit child pornography sites and download material.  This has caused innocent people to be prosecuted, fired from their jobs, humiliated and ruined.

I would like the conduct of a person who would create and release such a virus explained to me. I would like the explainers to be those who will describe any bad act , no matter how heinous, as “one mistake,” and who resolutely maintain that engaging in wrongful conduct, no matter how destructive and cruel, doesn’t mean an individual is personally rotten to the core. “Hate the sin, never the sinner,” Clarence Darrow said. Darrow was one of the most persuasive and articulate people who ever lived. I wonder if he could have reconciled this with his convictions.

Now I’m going to check my computer.

And my faith in human nature.

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