Ethics Dunce: the North Carolina State Personnel Commission

In a video that I prefer not to link to, North Carolina Highway Patrolman Charles Jones is shown hanging his K-9 partner, Ricoh, off the ground and brutally kicking him because the dog would not release his hold on a chew toy. That video (and another similar one) got him fired, but the State Personnel Commission just reversed the decision, saying that Jones’s conduct did not sink to a level justifying dismissal for cause, only discipline for “unsatisfactory job performance.”

Did I mention Jones is also a K-9 trainer?

An individual who would abuse an animal, not to mention is canine partner, can not be trusted to carry a gun, confront a suspect, or exercise any power over another. Cruelty is a symptom of habitual disrespect, unfairness and irresponsibility. The Highway Patrol is heading to court to get this terrible decision reversed.

Wish them luck.

Feel better, Ricoh. We’re so sorry.

Most humans aren’t like this. Honest.

And Patrolman Jones? Get your own chew toy.

3 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: the North Carolina State Personnel Commission

  1. This reminds me of the animal trainer that struck a monkey on the set of Speed Racer, thus the movie couldn’t carry the old “no animals were harmed” standby. What are we supposed to do when the people we hire to take care of animals fail?

  2. I’ve experienced a trooper who also need a class in ethics he was already upset when he pulled me over and basically did everything he could to push my button and make me respone in an inappropriate way but with me being a nurse I could handle about anything but he still gave me a ticket and told me to just show up in court and it would be dropped so what was the point? I not hate the police and I ‘ve always been a big avocate for them. If this man can treat a dog right he sure can’t treat a human repectfully.

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