Ed Schultz Shows How to Be Wildly Unethical in Fifty Words Or Less

The pattern is distressingly clear now. Fox News finds an arrogant, doctrinaire talking head on the Right, Bill O’Reilly, and soon its Left-tilted rival, MSNBC, has recruited an even more arrogant, doctrinaire talking head on that side of the spectrum, the assaultive Keith Olbermann. O’Reilly uncivilly calls those he disagrees with “pin-heads,” while Olberman calls them “the Worst Person in the World.” This motivates Fox to find a commentator on the Right who makes O’Reilly seem modest and measured, Glenn Beck. This, naturally, pushed MSNBC to look under every rock to find a liberal host who can out-Beck Beck.

The bad news: they succeeded, and found Ed Schultz, who is louder, cruder, more uncivil and less fair than any of the above-mentioned blowhards. The worse news: if you out Beck Beck, no responsible station should put you on the air.

In case you doubt this, consider this recent statement from Schultz on his syndicated radio show, discussing Tuesday’s special election in Massachusetts and how critical it was the the Democrat, Martha Coakley, be victorious:

“I tell you what.  If I lived in Massachusetts I’d try to vote ten times . I don’t know if they’d let me or not but I’d try to.  Yeah, that’s right.  I’d cheat to keep these bastards out.  I would.  Because that’s exactly what they are.”

The comment is less than fifty words, and yet is  a veritable smorgasbord of bad ethics:

  • Schultz is advocating election fraud, a Federal crime…
  • …and doing it on the air, which encourages others to break the law.
  • His suggestion endorses a pure “the ends justify the means” philosophy,
  • …and also explicitly rejects fairness in the democratic process and respect for majority rule.
  • It embraces cheating as a legitimate tactic in competition…
  • It engages in pure stereotyping and bigotry, ascribing uniformly unflattering traits to an entire group based solely on political affiliation…
  • ….and concludes with a crude insult.

It doesn’t matter whether a statement like this comes from the Right or the Left. It doesn’t belong on the air. If Schultz doesn’t retract and apologize for it in short order,  MSNBC needs to fire him.

[Thanks to Jonathan Adler at The Volokh Conspiracy for the quote.]

7 thoughts on “Ed Schultz Shows How to Be Wildly Unethical in Fifty Words Or Less

  1. WE have to give the edge to the one who advocated breaking laws, no? Beck doesn’t do that. Beck=Olberman, I’d say, on the basis of Narcissism.
    Schultz—I dunno, maybe the Left’s Michael Savage, who I used to think was as low as you can go. But Savage is smarter than Schultz. And he’s never advocate breaking the law.

  2. Not what I said. I said I listen to these guys to get the pulses of the Right and Left, not that they WERE the pulses. Whatever their excesses in tone and rhetoric, the shows are good indicia of what the hot topics and concerns are.

    I wouldn’t even call Schultz “far left,” compared to, say, the Daily Kos or even Move-On. Just loud, obnoxious, knee-jerk Left.

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