Provocative Ethics Reading for a Sunday

If your endangered Sunday newspaper is as shrunken from cost-cutting as mine, you may need some extra reading material as you wait breathless for the results of the House vote on health care reform. Here are some provocative ethics pieces from around the web:

  • Final Verdict on ACORN: As a nice wrap-up of the flurry of ACORN material here, New York Times public editor Clark Hoyt finally gets to the meat of the matter: yes, the Times (and other media) were slow to cover the ACORN story; yes, James O’Keefe was not dressed like a pimp when he got ACORN employees to give illegal advice; yes, the Times was sloppy in saying other wise….but that doesn’t change the key fact that the advice some ACORN staff gave O’Keefe and his colleagues showed a disturbingly lack of respect for law. It took him too long, but Hoyt finally got this right.
  • On Ethical Dilemmas of Reporters in Disaster Situations: Here is a discussion of the ethical problems faced by reporters on the scene in Haiti.
  • Dog Ethics! : From Scientific American, an article about how we can learn basic ethical principles from dogs.
  • Ethics vs. Morality: A perceptive take on this endless debate by an artist who has obviously given it a lot of thought.
  • Why Diversity Training Doesn’t Work: The Boston Globe discusses anti-bias training in corporations, and why  most of it is worthless. I couldn’t agree more.

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