Silliest Animal Ethics Argument Not Made by PETA

Read it here, on the Discovery website: an article by Jennifer Viegas, illustrated by a photograph of Galapagos tortoises engaged in sex: “Do Nature Films Deny Animals Their Privacy?”

This better not be a late April Fool’s hoax.

I will retract the accusation that the article is silly if it turns out that Jennifer is, in fact, a Galapagos tortoise herself.

2 thoughts on “Silliest Animal Ethics Argument Not Made by PETA

  1. Considering some of the places I have seen dogs lick themselves I am not sure that dogs have anything near a concept of privacy.

    During an economic downturn such as now, Dr. Mills is paid to think about issues like this at East Anglia. How do I get that job?

    Even PETA laughed at the idea that animals can conceive of privacy and be offended at the intrusion of cameras.
    Here is a link to a longer story at the Telegraph if anyone wants to see PETA laugh at this idea.

    • I wondered what PETA would say. After their complaint that the official groundhog was being abused by all the publicity, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they lined up with the Dr. She appears to be completely, utterly deranged.

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