Unethical Gall in Norfolk: The Case of the Shameless Freeloader

"Freddy the Freeloader": Role Model

Jill McGlone was working for the Norfolk (Virginia) Community Services Board (known as CSB—an independent agency created by the state and funded with state and federal tax dollars) as an office assistant when she was involved in an internal personnel investigation.
McGlone was put on paid leave, but her case remained in limbo, without resolution. She stayed home, and continued to collect her full $29,000/year salary and benefits—for twelve years.

Obviously, this was mass incompetence and misfeasance by the Board’s management. There was also fraud involved, as someone—investigators have not been able to identify who—at the agency submitted completed time sheets for McGlone, indicating that she had worked when in fact she was at home, doing Sudoku and trying new recipes, or something. Meanwhile, McGlone’s salary continued to rise with cost-of-living adjustments and across-the-board wage hikes. No employee evaluations were ever conducted and she received all her employee benefits.

This ridiculous situation was finally exposed last May, and four CSB executives and an assistant were fired or forced to resign in September. McGlone was finally fired.

And now…Guess what? She’s claiming “wrongful termination” and protesting the denial of her unemployment benefits!

“No rectification can justify the moral devastation that publicly took place to my family,” McGlone wrote. “My family and I suffered greatly due to a malfeasance based on falsified information released to the media by the City of Norfolk.”

Then again, her family and Jill collected an estimated $320, 000 without her having to do a lick of work for over a decade. Some people—like me—would argue that she had an ethical obligation to flag the stalled situation, and either come back to work or force a resolution allowing her to work somewhere else. Some people—like me—would assume that she was taking advantage of corruption and incompetence in her agency, and instead should have  taken proactive measures to expose it. Jill McGlone aided and abetted the looting of taxpayer funds and gave back nothing in return. This alone justified her termination.

If there was any doubt that she deserved to go, her astounding shamelessness erases it. If Jill McGlone had any spark of conscience, fairness, or responsibility at all, she would be embarrassed about her twelve-year boondoggle, and slink quietly away. Instead, she’s playing victim.

It isn’t quite as bad as the apocryphal parent-killer who demands mercy from the judge because he’s an orphan, but then that story is fiction. In the real world,  gall doesn’t get more unethical than the Jill McGlone variety.

One thought on “Unethical Gall in Norfolk: The Case of the Shameless Freeloader

  1. $320,000 for doing nothing? This puts me in mind of the hundreds of teachers in the City of New York who have been deemed “unfit” for the classroom but can’t be fired because of union rules, so they are warehoused — doing nothing all day every day — at full salary. This has been going on for years.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that maybe Jill actually spent some of her down time reading the newspapers, saw what was happening elsewhere, and just decided to “ride the wave.” I think she should be prosecuted: she had some responsibility for cashing those checks, didn’t she? This wasn’t for a few months while things worked themselves out: it was for TEN years.

    I think people like Jill are everywhere: we just haven’t found them yet…

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