Comment of the Day: “Ethics Quiz: The Home as Billboard…”

Jeff Hibbert sets a record for pithy and concise with his comment on the Ethics Quiz about the company that will pay your mortgage if you’ll let them turn your home into a billboard. Besides, it made me laugh, and I needed a laugh.

“Eventually, everything flat will have advertising on it. This is why I think a flat stomach is overrated.”


6 thoughts on “Comment of the Day: “Ethics Quiz: The Home as Billboard…”

  1. Why didn’t I think of all that first?? I have to admit that once, when I had a job that required my driving around the city a lot, I earned a few extra bucks by placing a transparent advertisement on the rear window of my truck. That’s one thing. Repainting your entire home for this, however, is both tacky and disrespectful to your neighbors. I suppose, though, that hairy, chubby guys walking around barechested with a KFC logo tattooed on is going to happen. What’ll be interesting is when women, demanding “equal rights”, follow suit!

  2. I should have mentioned that, Jack. As a past neighborhood association president, I can tell you that our own deed restrictions would prohibit that sort of thing. I’d imagine that this is the case in most neighborhoods as well.

    TGT: I thought THOSE kind of street festivals only happened in San Francisco!

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