Calm Down, Hannity! Superman’s Decision is Super-Ethical.

It's all for the best.

Sean Hannity is outraged at Superman for renouncing his U.S. citizenship in the upcoming issue of Action Comics. Sean, as is often the case, just doesn’t understand.

Superman’s wrenching decision, far from being a rejection of the values of his adopted homeland, is a true sacrifice, and undeniably in the best interests of the United States. His renunciation arises from the diplomatic problems that will inevitably result when a superhero attempts to fight injustices in other nations. How can Superman continue to do what he believes is right on a world stage, when his American citizenship makes his actions appear to be official U.S. policy? Obviously, becoming a superman without a country is the remedy.

Now, if Superman decides that destroying Iran’s nuclear capabilities, or dropping off Gaddafi and Assad on the Moon, or are in the best interests of mankind, the United States can legitimately deny any responsibility. Superman didn’t say that he was abandoning his American principles, just his citizenship. (Hannity told his radio listeners that Superman was surrendering his passport. I don’t think Superman has ever had to show a passport, Sean. You better stick with Batman.)

The renunciation of U.S. citizenship in Superman’s case is a sham anyway, since his alter-ego, Clark Kent, is still a citizen living and working in Metropolis. As Law and the Multiverse observes,

“Not only does it seem a bit hypocritical to renounce citizenship with the persona that isn’t actually tied to a permanent address while maintaining one’s mundane existence, but flipping back and forth between the two could be problematic, not only logistically, but in a kind of ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ kind of thing with legal rights, duties, and privileges.”

All in all, Superman’s decision is wholly patriotic, diplomatically useful, and practically meaningless. He’s far more valuable as a free agent American ally than as a rogue U.S. citizen meddling in international affairs, like a super-powered Jimmy Carter with better judgment.

Superman knows best, Sean.

Back off.

8 thoughts on “Calm Down, Hannity! Superman’s Decision is Super-Ethical.

  1. This is really an issue? REALLY? Oh wait. Everything is an issue these days. Birth Certificates, anyone?

    I honestly think it’s irresponsible for the media to make mountains out of molehills while there are still plenty of mountains already.

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  3. All in all, Superman’s decision is wholly patriotic, diplomatically useful, and practically meaningless.

    That’s the problem, or one of the problems. It’s only “practically meaningless” because as Clark, he’s committing fraud, by telling everyone he’s a citizen so that he can keep his job, apartment, etc. Clark Kent isn’t really a separate individual; if Superman isn’t a citizen, he isn’t one as Clark either.

    It also raises the question of how Superman is a citizen in the first place. While there are ways, the previously used way isn’t in continuity, and there’s no way he can prove it anyway without revealing his secret identity. Imagine a universe where the Birthers are right.

    • Ken: 1) I’ll give Supie a utilitarian pass on the secret identity, wouldn’t you? Yes, deceiving everyone is certainly unethical, but I’d say allowing Superman to operate without endangering his family and friends out-balances the lie. 2) The U.S. citizen is Clark Kent. Clark isn’t an imaginary person—that’s what his adopted name is. 3) Superman CAN”T really renounce his citizenship—he has to do it as Clark. 4) Thus the whole thing is more of a diplomatic pose.

  4. I don’t know anything about the Superman Canon, but I’d wager somewhere along the line, that Superman was granted some type of honorary US citizenship. I think it’s that honorary citizenship that he’s revoked.

    • Actually, he was granted honorary citizenship of ALL nations, at one point, though DC has had one or two re-boots to its “universe” since, so who knows? “Clark” was adopted by an earth couple who never told anyone that he is from outer space, so he’s a citizen, if a fraudulent one.

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