Ethics Hero: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Earlier this year, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had come under fire from  conservative bloggers for appointing Sohail Mohammed, an American attorney who also happens to be a Muslim, to a seat on the Passaic County Superior Court.

Mohammed was confirmed by the state legislature and sworn into office last week. The Newark Star-Ledger noted in an editorial that Mohammed came to the US— legally— as a teenager in 1980, and became a lawyer for all the right reasons. It was, for him, a calling. He built a reputation as a zealous, honest and dedicated lawyer.  Yesterday, Gov. Christie defended his choice, especially against criticism for representing Muslims detained under suspicion of terrorist links in the wake of the attacks on September 11, 2001. His most quoted passage:

“It’s just crazy, and I’m tired of dealing with the crazies. It’s just unnecessary to be accusing this guy of things just because of his religious background. I’m happy that he’s willing to serve after all this baloney.”

In sharp contrast to many in the Republican Party and on the political right, Christie is courageously displaying his full-throated support of religious freedom, opposition to bigotry, the right to zealous representation, and respect for professionals who do their jobs well, whatever their names or ethnic origin.

He is an easy call as an Ethics Hero.

8 thoughts on “Ethics Hero: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

  1. I particularly like the momentary pause at the beginning of the word “baloney.” I kinda suspect he was about to say something else that starts with a b.

  2. Is there any doubt?
    I wish we lived in a culture where a good, flawed, but essentially decent and courageous natural leader like the NJ Guv could be elected president, I don’t think we do.

  3. Good find, Jack. I’ll link to it.

    We badly need leaders who will stand up to the extremists in their parties. I especially admire Republicans who will defend Muslims. The ugly anti-Islam rants are weakening America at home and abroad.

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  5. I can easily see why he stood up to the people who wanted him to run for president. Good on him for not climbing into the mosh pit with the crazies.

  6. What’s this world coming to? It’s unheard-of for a Muslim to emigrate from his home country, qualify as an attorney under a common law legal system, achieve success, work his way successfully upward, and then enter distinguished public service.

    Oops . . . sorry, I forgot about Gandhi . . .

  7. In contrast to WHOM, Jack? I consider myself to be pretty committed to the Right. So are many of my friends and associates. Nor do I have a particularly high opinion of Mohammedism in general. However, I still know Moslems who are, individually, honorable and trustworthy people… who don’t advocate terror, “honor killings” or the Caliphate. Some of them are committed Republicans (yes!) and belong to groups of fellow Moslems who openly oppose those who support jihad, either by deeds or by their silence. I only hope they’ve chosen the winning side, too. For if not, the first stones or bullets of the jihadists will be coming their way. I can live with any people who will grant me equal respect, along with respect for the free institutions and guiding principles of this nation. Some Moslems do… and God bless them. Those who don’t are a burden on those Moslems and a danger to us all. This is the prevalent attitude of those of us on the Right. And Governor Christie reflects this. If that makes us “crazy”, then may God help the United States. We need His help too much as it is.

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