Ethics Dunce: Sports Grid Blogger Dan Fogarty

Civility is doomed. Civilization is doomed. Propriety is doomed.

What's the concerned father of the injured cheerleader thinking about? Why, what any cool dad would think about---how good her butt looks!

And Taylor Young, a cheerleader for the Michigan State Spartans, may well be doomed, as it is impossible to tell how badly her character, values and common sense have been warped by being brought up in a household containing her father, Charles. After Young took a hard fall during the halftime show in a game against Florida State, requiring her to receive medical attention (she was OK), her father posted this astounding Facebook comment, which, naturally, has gone viral:

“I’m glad to see your booty isn’t gettin big ….. no one likes a chick with a big butt ….. love you.”

Idiotic? Check. Sexist? Check. Insulting to women? Check. Embarrassing to his daughter? Double check. Demonstrating a stunning lack of understanding of the internet? Check. Displaying a disturbing tendency to sexualize his own daughter?

Check, and Yuck.

But to Dan Fogarty, writing on Sports Grid, this offensive post proves that Young is a “cool Dad,” and Young goes on to cite other “experts” who believe this is “quite possibly the funniest ‘Dad Moment’ in Facebook history.”

Really? Is this really the current state of the culture? A father makes salacious comments about his daughter’s “booty,” suggests that “chicks” without similar booty quality are unloved and unlovable, and that’s cool?

If Fogarty is in step with the culture and I’m not, 1) then American society is coarsening faster than I thought, and 2) which way to Mars?

My condolences to Taylor Young for the boorish conduct of her father, and if she sees nothing wrong with it either, she has my intense condolences—because she has been severely damaged.

As, perhaps, have we all, if Fogarty is right.

7 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: Sports Grid Blogger Dan Fogarty

  1. First I saw the headline. Then, the photo. Having seen so many sports events, my honest first reaction was nothing more than the conditioned, “Player down. Hurt. Getting attention. Crowd quiets with concern and sympathy, as everyone with any decency hopes it is not a severe injury.”

    Then, I read the caption…my forehead flopped forward, and my jaw bounced on my double chin as I shook my head and all I could think was, “O.!M.!G.!” (not in lasciviousness, but disgust)

    Then, the intellectual came back on line, once again back in command and suppressing the visceral, and I read on. First thought upon reading your last word was simply, “Dittos everything you wrote, Jack.”

    And now, to keep myself from obsessing on it, I have to ask it: Was it *necessary* to post the photo, or could you have simply made a link to it?

    I would have accepted a Gary Larson cartoon for alternative visual aid. The one I cannot get off my mind is the one where Godzilla is pausing (with skyscrapers in the distant background/horizon), looking up, and reading a billboard that says, “YOU MUST BE AT LEAST AS TALL AS THIS SIGN TO ATTACK THE CITY.”

  2. “Shake, shake, shake, Shake your booty” was a realy big hit a few years back (uh quite a few years back. My daughter use to love that song. It might have sounded bad if he had said “Man you have a nice ass” Same thing but different. The whole world is insane, an thou…. even thou art a triful strange

  3. Oh dear, ‘cool parent’ syndrome…..I’ve seen it in the family, the tendency to dress and talk like one’s high school age children. It’s weird and sad.

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