Now THAT’s a Conflict of Interest!

"How do you plead, Judge Ballentine?" "I'm innocent, Judge Ballentine!" "I find you credible. Case dismissed, Judge Balentine! See you in the mirror!"

Judge Kelly S. Ballentine, a Pennsylvania district court judge, apparently avoided paying $268.50 in parking tickets by dismissing  her own cases.  Two of the three tickets issued to her were for overtime parking, and the other was for an expired registration. She has been charged with tampering with public records, obstructing the administration of law and participating in activities that are prohibited due to a conflict of interest.

Yes, I’d say that was a fair assessment of the situation.

Ethics Alarms thanks the ABA Journal for the story.


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2 responses to “Now THAT’s a Conflict of Interest!

  1. interested Blogger

    Unreal! At least she’s (temporarily) removed from the bench – though it is an outrage that she’s STILL BEING PAID while the cases are being adjudicated. It’s no wonder that the most outrageous cases of judicial abuse seem to be those in which judges are elected rather than vetted and appointed. Not that all appointments are good – but at least there seems to be more accountability, rather than self-serving popularity contests within communities. And getting back to a prior post – do you think the local board of bar overseers will sanction her for her unethical conduct?!

  2. J

    Judge Ballentine, and all judges for that matter, should be beyond reproach so it goes without saying that she should pay for her actions. Having stated that, for the most part her crime is a relatively victimless crime. Let’s see if the “powers that be” in Florida punish a judge (and ex-prosecutor) who is a criminal—a criminal that has willfully and egregiously left victims in his wake—as harshly as he should be punished. The Florida judge (and former prosecutor) is David P. Kreider. In Alachua County Florida (i.e. “Gator Country”) Judge David P. Kreider is currently under fire for his proven crimes and we should be reading a story about his criminal prosecution before too long. Judge David P. Kreider’s proven criminality is, amongst other things, a stain on the judicial system and his crimes committed under the color of law are irrefutable. That being the case it is an undeniable fact that David P. Kreider should lose his judgeship, lose his license to practice law, be permanently barred from practicing law, serve a prison sentence… For the record, Judge Kreider and his corrupt cronies have been reported. The Alachua County Family and Civil Justice Center (in Florida’s 8th Judicial Circuit and under the administration of Chief Judge Martha Lott) and the State Attorney’s Office of the 8th Judicial Circuit of Florida (along with its Chief Investigator Spencer Mann), as well as other agencies, are now aware of the crimes carried out by Judge Kreider and his co-conspirators. The aforementioned agencies have been provided with more than 100 pages of documentation. This documentation includes an organized and detailed report and comprehensive supporting evidence of criminal activity perpetrated by Judge David P. Kreider and his co-conspirators during the “Gibson case”. All judges must be held fully accountable and be made to honor the same laws that they subject average citizens to on a daily basis.

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