“Forget Jobs, It’s You Passing Out In Public, Stupid!”

Well, maybe there’s something wrong with Wisconsin after all.

Mayor Ryan, behaving irrelevantly

In Sheboygan, Mayor Bob Ryan, is about to face Terry Van Akkeren in the first mayoral recall election in that Wisconsin city’s history. It was prompted after Ryan was caught on tape passed out in a bar after a drinking binge last summer. More than 4,000 Sheboygan voters signed petitions to force the recall.

As one would expect, the mayor who humiliated his community, set a wretched example for his public (and their kids), showed that he has allowed his alcohol problem to render him unfit to serve, and violated a pledge he had made in 2009 (when he was running for office) that he had given up drinking for good, now argues that the incident is irrelevant. He says that what matters is who can bring the most jobs back to Sheboygan.

Wrong, Sam Adams Breath! It’s about which individual can be trusted to keep himself in condition to do the job he has promised to do, and to meet  the high standard of conduct to which elected public officials are obligated to conform. Passing out drunk in public doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. The one obligation a mayor who does this can and should fulfill is the obligation to resign.

I don’t know what it will take to get people, especially supporters of the Bill Clintons, Newt Gingriches, Michele Bachmanns and Eliot Spitzers of the world, to get rid of the destructive and illogical idea that personal misconduct and character don’t matter when choosing public servants, but whatever it takes, I’m not going to give up until we find it.

And all assistance in that regard will be gratefully accepted.

6 thoughts on ““Forget Jobs, It’s You Passing Out In Public, Stupid!”

  1. I live in the Peoples Republic of Madistan, which is worlds removed from the City of Sheboygan & Sheboygan County.

    We tried to trade them to Canada, but no one would hit our number? At least it’s taking the attention away from the Capital City.

    Reminds me of the naked fat guy eating ice cream on his front porch. When asked why, he said it kept the flies off his ice cream.

  2. Who was saying last night, that “what I do outside my job is none of my boss’s damned business”??

    Maybe it’s just me, but as a voter, I consider myself one of the “bosses” of the elected officials I vote for (or who hold an office to represent and serve me, even if I vote against them and even if they do get elected).

    Jeffy: Who would get your vote, between just these two for mayor of Sheboygan – Bob Ryan or Terry Van Akkeren? Jeffy?

  3. Don’t you think the drunken mayor, the molesting pastor, and the Scout leader are a great trio for examining the proper role of personal conduct in workplace trust? I love it when stories converge like that.

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