An Ethics Alarms Milestone

At 5: 14, EST, Ethics Alarms passed one million in total views since it was launched in late October of 2009.

I know that there are plenty of blogs that top that total in a week or less, but never mind: this blog is about ethics, which means, unfortunately, that it isn’t likely to attract a whopping readership…just a smart, caring and thoughtful one.

Thanks, everybody.

6 thoughts on “An Ethics Alarms Milestone

  1. Thank YOU for a reasoned website that actually allows us to think and post those thoughts. Glad I found your site, wish I had more time to participate, but am grateful for the opportunity when I do. Here’s to your next million!

  2. Congratulations, and thank you. I’m glad I found your blog, when I need a dose of sanity on an issue, I come here.

  3. Congratulations, Jack. As a very long time reader and blogger, I know what it feels like to have the satisfaction of hitting that milestone.

    Here’s wishing you many millions more.

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