Ungrateful Consumer of the Year

“Don’t smile at me, you inconsiderate fool! Do you know what time it is? Why should I accept your wares before they were scheduled to arrive? I need my sleep, not that blue-collar peasant like you could comprehend that! Mark my words, your employer will hear of this outrage; now get back into your pathetic truck and only return when it is convenient for me!”

We don’t see this kind of unethical conduct that often, so it is worthy of note.

A consumer named Richard wrote to Consumerist to complain that his order from Amazon, which he ordered on a Friday and was scheduled for three-day delivery, arrived in only one day, on Saturday morning.  Naturally, he was outraged:

“Imagine my surprise to be woken up out of a sound sleep at 8am by the incessant ringing of my door bell .. probably 10 times. I’m thinking something bad happened. I jump up go to answer the door and find out it’s just OnTrac delivering my $23 package from Amazon! As much as I might appreciate getting something 2 days early, I (and my neighbors) appreciate our sleep even more. I called Amazon and the CSR was sympathetic but could do nothing but leave “feedback” with OnTrac. So fair warning… unless you need an early morning wake up call, don’t order from Amazon… because just because the order says Monday, doesn’t mean you won’t get someone leaning on your door buzzer until you give in and answer it, no matter the time of day.”

Not to leave you in suspense, Richard is what an old poker-playing buddy used to call a “jerkola.” I wonder what other examples of efficient service aggravate him. Does he get angry when repair men arrive at the start of the day, rather than making you wait all day at home wondering if they’ll arrive at all? Does he complain when airplanes arrive at their destination early? When Verizon doesn’t make you wait forever to talk to a real person after negotiating your way through phone-tree hell? How about the Department of Motor vehicles—does Richard get ticked off when they call his number before he need another shave?

People like Richard, who are incapable of appreciating when people do a good job for him and who will always find something to complain about are among the reasons service is so wretched in the U.S., and getting worse by the day. I know a good day’s work is its own reward and all that, but if you’re going to get complained about even when you do something right, it is understandable that you might just say, “Oh, the hell with it,” and goof off like everyone else. I can think of about 50 deliveries that would have made my life so much easier if they had arrived two days early, rather than late or never, as they did. Richard’s proper response to the delivery man ringing his doorbell at 8 AM should have been, “Oh, thank-you! What a nice surprise!” Instead he complains because he wanted to sleep in.

Well, Richard, you ungrateful creep, I’m sure your delivery man would have liked to have slept in too, but he hauled his carcass out of bed so you could have “How To Be  A Bigger Jerk” or whatever it was delivered to your door. And you think the right way to show your gratitude to him and his employers for doing a job, not only right, but better than you asked for, was to complain about it.

Richard, in high dudgeon, concludes by writing,

“As for me, I’m just going to start refusing packages before 10am on weekends. If that doesn’t get the point across to the drivers, then nothing will.”

Yes, and the point this will get across is that the ungrateful malcontent who lives at that address is a shoe-in for the Mega-Jerk Hall of Fame.


Pointer: Fark

Facts: Consumerist

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10 thoughts on “Ungrateful Consumer of the Year

  1. Zappos, the online shoe store, is renowned for deliving product earlier than expected. A couple years ago I placed an order when I was going out of town. Delivery said it was going to be after I got back, but knowing that the company goes above and beyond, I included a comment in the order to please not deliver before a certain day. That’s the only order I’ve had from Zappos that didn’t arrive multiple days before it was scheduled.

    Zappos has since been bought by Amazon.

    If you don’t want something earlier than expected, tell the company.

    Also, it seems the complaint here shouldn’t be with Amazon, but the delivery company’s delivery hours. Still kinda stupid. 8am is not a horrible time for delivery.

  2. Very well stated. Be grateful for everything. The good, the bad, and the in-between. Let us be grateful, be thankful, that we have the ability to open a door, pick up a package with our hands, see with our eyes what is says, and hear the door bell ring. I know people who cannot hear, see, or walk.

    • No matter what happens, be grateful? No. Don’t be grateful when people intend you harm. Don’t be grateful for negative things.

      Here, a company doing what they were supposed to do, and this person felt he was entitled to the delivery company working nonstandard hours. He’s a dick, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who doesn’t like something is behaving badly.

      • Well, I appreciate your stance! I have experienced great sorrow because of the ignorance of others. I am grateful for negative things during my healing process.
        Life offers us the balance sheet. Without the negative, I would not know the positive. There are many shades of grey in between. And of course, no one wants pain but all of us are going to get our own shoveful in this lifetime. Thank you for an informative post.

  3. He should be out of bed at 8:00 AM on a saturday!! Who the hell sleeps that late??

    I bet if he refuses packages they are going to get lost or damaged. I deal with UPS and Fed Ex every day and I make sure they are happy.

  4. Well, you can’t please people all the time, can you? This jerk is angry because his delivery was EARLY? Just because he wants to sleep off a hangover on a Saturday morning doesn’t mean that UPS and FedEx are horrible because they’re trying to be efficient. Guess he doesn’t mind waiting three weeks for the US Mail to deliver a letter across town.

    This isn’t really worth the time to discuss, except insofar as it demonstrates the unbelievable selfishness, self-absorption, and egotism of a great percentage of our US population. Why doesn’t he see what DHL can do for him when he moves (I hope) to Somalia?

  5. Maybe he works a graveyard shift on Friday and Saturday nights. Maybe he’s security at a nightclub. Why are you guys so quick to judge? I actually can relate to Richard’s experience with OnTrac showing up before 8am pounding on the door and leaning on the doorbell. That is non-standard business hours in America and I, too, refuse the package. We don’t work around the delivery guy’s hours, they work around the standard hours and that’s not 7:15am on a weekday or 8:00am on a Saturday like Richard experienced. Again, he may work late on Friday nights unlike you guys who probably got to bed at 10:00pm after your nice dinner on Friday evening with our families.

    • So what? That’s not the delivery guy’s concern at all. What if he works nights and sleeps all day—is he justified in being annoyed then? The bottom line is that he got a delivery faster than he bargained for, and that’s good service, not service to complain about. It’s ingratitude, and the gratitude should be focused on what he was seeking when he made the purchase—a timely delivery–and in this context, early is timely.

      If the delivery guy wore green and he had a medical condition that caused him to be nauseous when he saw green, would it be judgmental in your view to say that he still wouldn’t have a justification for being angry at the delivery man?

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