Ethics Dunce (and Unethical Tweet of the Month): Donald Trump

Stay classy, Donald.

Well, I’m still trying to get that Todd Akin post up, but greater stupidity keeps intervening. Speaking of greater stupidity: here’s the Donald!

Everyone, even Mitt Romney, must know that Trump is a boor, an ass, and an Ethics Dunce Extraordinaire, an embarrassment to such already embarrassing fields as casinos, real estate development, politics and even reality TV. Still, one would think that he would be shrewd enough—and Trump is often shrewd—to avoid rearing his ugliest side during the Republican National Convention and reminding the media, undecided voters and lurking blog-snipers that Mitt hasn’t shown the sense, courage and integrity to separate this slimy birther from his campaign. But no. Trump is, after all, only interested in Trump, so he had to send out this despicable tweet insulting Adrianna Huffington, who must have said or written something critical of him, Whatever it was, it couldn’t have been critical enough. Here is the tweet:

Trump is no gentleman, no statesman, and no fit ally for a man running for President. I assumed everyone knew that already, but this is another reminder. Let’s see if Mitt Romney has standards that go beyond dollar signs.


Pointer: Hypervocal

Graphic: Brooklyn Mutt

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4 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce (and Unethical Tweet of the Month): Donald Trump

  1. I find Trump entertaining in a Barnum-esque, endlessly self-promoting way. As you point out, the businesses he is in are very suited to an embarassing personality, and he does a good job with that. Engaging in meaningless feuds with other ‘celebrities’ appears to be good business for all involved. Arianna is a ‘personality brand’, as Donald is; I would not be surprised if their feud, (whatever the hell it’s about), is coordinated and laughed about by them. Once you go the ‘celebrity’ route, I think that it is practically impossible to scrub off the clown makeup, no matter how much you may want to.
    A serious politician should be very careful with Donald, as he has the ability to do much harm, and very little good. His utter lack of civility, (when in his interest), is a land mine.
    I find myself unable to come up with a liberal equivalent to Donald, as I keep coming up with Democrat office holders (Biden, Reid, etc.)…perhaps Michael Moore? Both he and Trump will apparently do or say anything to promote themselves with complete disregard for the truth, much less civility.

  2. Do you think Obama would have the nerve to cultivate Trump as an ally? Clueless as Obama and his staff are, they are staying far away from Trump… not because he is one of the “evil millionaires,” but because they see he’s an asshole.

    Trump is a prime example of the “very rich” that the Obama group don’t like; he didn’t make his own money: he parlayed an inheritance into a number of businesses that have gone belly-up numerous times. Add to that that he’s an egoist extraordinaire, and I would run as fast as I could away from him. Our nation is full of assholes — one needn’t “use” them for anything but ridiculous entertainment.

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