Comment of the Day: School No-Tolerance Hits Rock Bottom

By popular demand, Bill scores a Comment of the Day with 18 well-chosen words, his solution for the school that has demanded that a deaf pre-schooler named “Hunter” find another way to sign his first name because the standard method requires him to make his fingers into the shape of a gun. Here is the new record holder for shortest COTD, on the post School No-Tolerance Hits Rock Bottom. Well done, Bill.

“They should change the sign for his name to a fist pointed up with the middle finger extended.”

3 thoughts on “Comment of the Day: School No-Tolerance Hits Rock Bottom

  1. We should have a photo comparison, to really drill down on the issue. I like the Ethics Alarms background collage, so let’s stick 2 images in the collage. 1 of a boy’s hand signing “Hunter” and 1 of a handgun. Let’s see if people can find 2 different images of things that look like a gun.

  2. Good quote of the day. Morons educating youngsters to be morons as well is a true benefit to a representative democracy.

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