Unethical Packaging, and Silly Too: Domino’s “Carbon Free” Sugar For Suckers

You would think that the sugar people, Domino, would know this about their product: sugar contains carbon. Sucrose, the technical name for table sugar,  has the chemical formula C12H22O11. That C stands for “carbon.” Take the carbon out of sugar, and you pretty much have water.

And yet here is Domino advertising certified carbon-free sugar, which is like bias-free MSNBC or greed-free Wall Street. It’s impossible. But some people will fall for anything, especially if it sounds “green.”

I know—what they mean is that growing the sugar doesn’t emit carbon into the atmosphere, but that doesn’t make the sugar itself “carbon-free,” I don’t squirt blood into the atmosphere, but I’m not “blood-free.”  Maybe this is an election year ploy, and Domino has concluded that since the public is hearing so much dishonest nonsense around the clock, they can slip this one by. Whatever their excuse, we should resent being treated like idiots.


Pointer: Volokh

Source: WUWT

Graphic: Irregular Times


12 thoughts on “Unethical Packaging, and Silly Too: Domino’s “Carbon Free” Sugar For Suckers

  1. I love nonsensical deceptive labeling. A popular soy milk (Silk? I think.), lists the second ingredient as ‘dehydrated 100% pure cane juice’. I roared with laughter, and then found myself explaining how sugar is made to the oh so organic soy milk drinkers I was with.

  2. Would it have been any better if it had said “Carbon Neutral?”
    Or how about “Earth Friendly?” (ignoring how it might be “human-toxic”)

    The label does compel me to wonder “who ‘certifies’ what.”

  3. OK, I printed the ad out. When I showed it to a student, she snorted cola out her nose. That is a good sign for the future of the country.

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