Unethical Quote of the Month: Donald Trump

“We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!…Lets fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice! The world is laughing at us…This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!…Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble…like never before…Our nation is a once great nation divided!..The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.”

—-Republican Designated Buffoon Donald Trump via Twitter, in the wake of last night’s election results.

Stay classy, Donald.

I can’t stand another picture of Donald Trump, so here is a great photo of a mastiff with a friend. I love mastiffs.

While most Americans instinctively understand that the great strength of our democracy is that after the votes are counted, we stand behind our collective decisions and support our chosen leaders. Not Trump. He doesn’t comprehend that vile comments like these, published to the world, are not merely irresponsible but also unpatriotic.

There is an upside to Trump’s poor impulse control, however. The possibility that a Romney administration might have found any role for Trump at all should make everybody, even die-hard partisan Republicans and end-of-civilization Rush Limbaugh conservatives feel better about last night’s vote tally.


Pointer: Ron Sarro

Source: The Examiner


18 thoughts on “Unethical Quote of the Month: Donald Trump

  1. Why isn’t bitterness and resentment toward the people who would apparently like to see taxes raised and entitlements expanded appropriate? I know it’s not constructive to feel that way but if we’re going to have a society where half the population works for a living and half vote for a living then I don’t want to be a part of it or contribute to it. I’m also not going to be magnanimous toward a person who is robbing me I’m going to be angry and rightfully so.

      • To be fair, as I look at his quote, although armed revolution is certainly within the realm of interpretation, it’s not explicitly called for here. If one were to give him the benefit of the doubt, one could just as easily assume he meant a march on Washington – in the spirit of the townhalls, the million muppet march… and if you look at it as merely a call to action, sure it may not be the most charitable of sentiments, but far from way, way, WAY over the line. Sure, knowing Trump as we do, you’re probably right, but the possibility still exists – I’m sure with very little effort I could find FAR more vile comments from either side. Most folks seem to be handling the outcome of this election with all the grace and style they had coming into the election.

        • 1. Since when does Trump deserve the benefit of the doubt when it comes to being a jerk?
          2. Granted, the comparison between Trump and a Muppet is attractive.
          3. A march on Washington aimed at over-throwing the elected government is irresponsible enough, with or without arms.
          4. “Everybody does it” and “It’s not the worst thing.”

              • Sorry – wasn’t trying to imply that it wasn’t unethical when compared to other’s comments, just pointing out that IF you give him the benefit of the doubt (which you should do because to do otherwise is to automatically assume each and every word out of his mouth will be foul – and you will find yourself prejudging what he says before he even says it. Yes, he’s a jerk, has been a jerk for a long time; we must give him at least the allowance possibility of not being a jerk in the future.) IF you give him the benefit of the doubt and are generous in your interpretation of his statement, THEN this statement is far from being over the line – while there are many out there which ARE clearly over the line, and are thus more deserving of the ‘Unethical Quote of the Month’ title.

                Not quibbling over if others’ irresponsible comments make his less unethical or not, merely questioning the placement of the comment in the hierarchy you’ve created.

                • Truth is truth, yet there is a point where the messenger matters. I will not listen to Bill Clinton, because I don’t trust a thing he says. I don’t care what Larry Flynt has to say, or Dick Morris, or Bernie Madoff or John Edwards, Pete Rose, Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong,Debbie Wassermann-Schultz, Michael Moore, Tiger Woods, Ed Schultz, Michael Savage, Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck or Newt Gingrich. I don’t trust these people, nor should anyone. The same with Trump. The wisdom of the ages does me no good if I can’t trust its source.

      • At this point it’s a shameless over the top attempt to get media attention and it will only fill the few people who take Donald Trump seriously with impotent rage.

  2. To paraphrase Rick from Casablamca.

    “Rick: Well there are certain sections of DC, Trump, that I wouldn’t advise you to try to invade.”

  3. Why in the world anyone ever interviews Trump, or cares what he thinks, is a puzzlement to me, no matter what he says. He’s a boob, even though he’s made and lost fortunes. His comments on ANYTHING are about as potent as one would get from a Kardashian. Just leave the jerk out of the mix.

  4. Reminds me of the Democrats over the Bush/Gore thing, just less subtle. I was half-hoping Obama would win the electoral college and Romney the popular vote just to see if any of the Democrats would suggest that Obama concede since Romney won the popular vote.

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