Ethics Dunce Déjà Vu: Drew Curtis’s Fark

"Ma'am, your teenage son was raped by this woman, Isn't that great?"

“Ma’am, your teenage son was raped by this woman, Isn’t that great?”

Once again, one of my favorite news aggregation websites, the prolific and often hilarious Fark, is laughing at child rape. Its comment on the story from Nehalem, Oragon about the arrest of a 31-year-old model for sex crimes involving at least three under-age boys—15 and 16 years old—was this…


Not funny. An adult woman using—that’s the correct word, using—teenage boys as her personal sexual aids isn’t niiice—it’s criiiiminal. In October, I gave Fark an ethics dunce cap for an earlier wink-wink-nudge-nudge comment about a teacher who added statutory rape to her duties, and that was surely worse; after all, she was a teacher, and violating the trust of the school, the parents, the students and the community to get herself laid. Nonetheless, the conduct of model Anna Walsh was neither harmless nor trivial. I know: Fark’s official stance is sophomoric; I get that. I also get that sophomores, and other morons, have staked out the position that any male child who has obtained a sufficient level of sexual maturity to be used as a human dildo by a “hot” woman is a lucky dog. Well, that spectacularly stupid and unethical position does a great deal to help sexual predators like Walsh victimize children, who are misled into feeling that something must be wrong with them if they really don’t want be used.

Since the site is a repeat offender, I’m sure Fark’s wags intend to keep doing this. So I guess Ethics Alarms will have to keep reminding everyone what irresponsible ethics dunces their warped sense of appropriate treatment of young boys shows them to be.



Spark: Fark

Facts, Graphic: KATU

4 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce Déjà Vu: Drew Curtis’s Fark

  1. Indeed- NOT funny. This is the Hollywood treatment of teenage boys set to real life. In the real world, though, boys have their attitudes toward sex and females in general reduced to basement level by such experiences… not to mention their own sense of self-worth. A corrupt culture of sexuality helped to breed these depraved “cougars” who, in turn, have inflicted themselves upon an upcoming generation; body and soul. As I’ve often said: Depravity- unchecked- only leads to more aand greater depravity.

  2. Not that it changes the ethics analysis any but a little context for people who may not be regular Fark readers.

    1) Headlines are all user submitted and moderators choose which ones are “greenlighted” to the main website. Snark and humor are generally the key deciding factors as to which headline makes the cut if multiple ones are submitted to the same story. There is even a headline of the year context in multiple categories which should be starting shortly.

    2) Reading Fark is similar to a cultural reference trivia game. Often the joke is not so much the headline but the reference to some other tv show, movie, etc.

    3) This particular headline is referencing a South Park episode from a few years ago making fun of the media frenzy and double standard when a good looking teacher molests a boy. In the episode Kyle’s kindergarten aged brother Ike is having a relationship with his teacher and the cops are not helping:

  3. Even more amusing is that Fark takes the “niiiiice” comment entirely out of the context of it’s original intent.

    “Niiiiiiiiice” comes from a South Park episode lampooning, what was at the time, society’s relatively calmer, quieter response to female adults taking advantage of boys, compared to the greater outrage directed at male adults taking advantage of girls.

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