Note To Matt Drudge: He’s The President. Show Some Damn Respect

This will be short.

This week a fly was buzzing around the President’s head at a White House event this week, and  photographers got multiple shots of the insect as it lighted briefly on various parts of the President’s face. One comic use of such a photo is, I suppose, to be expected; we all know a fly on President Bush would have been all over the media. But Drudge has used the photos for two days now. (No, I’m not showing it, and I’m not sending Drudge links for being a sophomoric jerk.) It’s not funny. It’s unfair, mean-spirited, rude and disrespectful, and would be for any President.

Cut it out.

12 thoughts on “Note To Matt Drudge: He’s The President. Show Some Damn Respect

  1. This kind of attempt at being funny is going to get even more un-funny when an enemy acquires the capability of deploying lethal robots, “drones,” that mimic common insects. More danger is waiting in the wings (couldn’t resist).

  2. After four years of the Obama presidency, I struggle to retain any respect for the office of the presidency of the United States these days. This is not because of “who” Obama is, but, rather, because of “what” he does.

    I agree that respect should be shown to the President, in general, however, I think it would be accurate to describe the current president as unfair, mean-spirited, rude, and disrespectful, too, just as you have characterized Mr. Drudge’s use of the photographs.

    • Even granting that, the office elevates its due above drawing horns and mustaches on photos, which is essentially the level Drudge is operating on. A majority of your fellow citizens, however misguided, chose to elect Mr. Obama to this office, and they, the process and the decision deserve due respect as well.

    • i have to agree with you. i have always supported this man, but recent events tells me he is a bit afraid of confronting the abuse that is taking place with the constitution. perhaps he is afraid, perhaps he is behind it all. egads..

  3. I disagree. I don’t see anything disrespectful about it. I found it amusing. This president hasn’t shown any respect for the office. Going on shows like The View or Jimmy Fallon, singing and sounding ridiculous. I was embarrassed and offended. Maybe if Obama shows some respect for the White House and America in general, the wisecracks will end.

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