Portrait Of The Deadbeat As A Young Fick


We haven’t had a flaming fick for a while, but Christopher Robinson certainly qualifies for the term, denoting someone who proudly flaunts his anti-social, self-centered and unethical ways.

The man who took a photo of himself rolling in dough and then proudly posted it to Facebook, you see, is a deadbeat dad, owing three years of child support. His self-accusing photo brought him to the attention of authorities, and now he’s facing up to eleven years in prison if he’s convicted of willful non-payment.

Being a fick isn’t a jailable offense, but interestingly, most ficks find themselves in trouble with the law sooner or later.

Go figure.


Facts and Graphic: ABC

2 thoughts on “Portrait Of The Deadbeat As A Young Fick

  1. It is vaguely heartening to me that, just occasionally, total morons like Christopher Robinson get caught. Just hope more criminals go on Facebook to brag about their actions….

  2. Maybe we’re thinking of Ficktitude the wrong way; after all, it is nice of them to warn the rest of us their reprehensible ways.

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