Wanetta Gibson Is Even Worse Than We Thought

How do you treat a monster like Wanetta?

How do you treat a monster like Wanetta?

Of Wanetta Gibson, the woman who sent innocent high school football star Brian Banks to prison for five years for a rape he didn’t commit, collected $750,000 by continuing her lie in a lawsuit against the high school where she and Banks were both students, and then sought forgiveness from him in prison while refusing to exonerate him to prosecutors because she didn’t want to give back the money, I wrote:

“There are not sufficient laws, nor words in the dictionary, nor public shaming, shunning and condemnation to do justice to the likes of Wanetta Gibson. She ruined a young man’s life and stole $1.5 million in the process. She can recant, apologize, say that she found God, weep, express regret and anything else, and it should not insulate her from societal rejection. No one should hire her. No bank should give her a loan or a credit card. No taxpayer should have to contribute to her health insurance or food stamps. No one should befriend her. Absolutely no one should forgive her, consort with her or trust her. The kind of organized hatred that was manufactured against George Zimmerman is appropriate in her case. The Golden Rule? If I behaved like Wanetta Gibson, I would deserve everything I have described, and more.”

And you know what? I think I was too easy on her.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Gibson has now recanted the admission that she lied when she accused Banks of raping her, presumably because she is afraid of being prosecuted. She is also, the article says, concerned that admitting what she did will adversely affect how her children regard her. These are the same children that she can’t support, and owes money to under a court order.  Yes, by all means, we mustn’t lower those kids’ opinion of their deadbeat mother. All that money she stole from the school by suing it for permitting a rape that never happened? Gone, spent on God knows what. Gibson’s current recant means that once again, she is accusing Brian Banks of rape, not that anyone believes her about that, or anything else. For various reasons, it appears as if she will not have to stand trial or suffer any real consequences from her despicable acts and her continuing refusal to accept responsibility for them.

Wanetta Gibson’s total deficit of character and refusal to accept minimal responsibility as a member of society raises a question that has troubled me for some time, and that I alluded to in the previous post about her. What does society and the government owe such an awful individual? If she cannot be imprisoned or forced to pay damages to the man she harmed and the community she robbed, why is there no means whereby society can to cut her off from all benefits due to law-abiding citizens? Why can’t there be a way to declare Gibson ineligible for public assistance, food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, and any other social program, since she has no respect for core values, responsibility, fairness and mutual obligation?Why should she be “entitled” to these things, and why should any good citizen be required by law to put any of his or her hard earned money into her filthy hands? Are there really advocates who would call public support for Wanetta Gibson “social justice”?

She has her inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and at Wanetta Gibson’s epic level of contempt for decency and the rest of the community, that should be all she has. Allowing her anything more cannot be justified by kindness, logic or fairness.

Oh, I know that no such remedy is possible; that our “entitlements” are just that, and not, as privileges would be, susceptible to removal from those who refuse to meet their obligations under the social contract.

That is part of what is wrong with them.

Post script: There is no good place for this, and the statement it references is too offensive to justify a full post, but this afternoon I heard a criminal defense attorney discussing Wanetta Gibson’s case on Fox News say that she shouldn’t be prosecuted because to do so might discourage actual rape victims from reporting the real sexual assaults on them. I just thought I should share that stunning theory, so I do not go quietly insane alone.


Source: LA Times

Graphic: Black Media Scoop


73 thoughts on “Wanetta Gibson Is Even Worse Than We Thought

  1. Jack sounds like a wise man. But I disagree on one point. You said it is not the fault of the legal system. The whole thing of plea bargins, and .. well … I could go on and on ………..the point is, the legal system IS at fault. It makes perfect sense when you sit in a room, around a big table, and debate it. I’ve read the arguments between the Supremes on a case. Each one is kinda right. The reality is, it is cumbersome, unfair, and unjust. It has gotten bogged down trying to serve so many masters. The lawyers, the ideals, liberal panty waists, etc. Step back and look at it from a commoners viewpoint, and it all just seems nuts. I don’t know if you are an attorney or what. You sound like one. And, I commend you for your cool, rational replies in the face of irrational people. And my hat is off to anyone with a phd or 7 years of schooling and more years of OJT. But I truly believe that the problem is, sometimes lawyers are just too close to the forest to see the trees. The legal system is a joke in the eyes of men like my long departed Grandfather. He had an incredible sense of justice and logic. He would say, in his German accent, “We got enough gott damn laws. Just enforce the ones we got”. The disparity comes down to view points. Lawyers think it’s a pretty good system. A vast improvement over ancient civilizations. Us commoners? We think it sucks. Wanetta should be in jail. Brian should have some just compensation. I find it hard to believe the court suffered 1.1 million in costs. What the hell is the point of an award of 2.6 million against Wanetta? (It makes the judge look twitterpated). It’s all upside down.

  2. Same happened to me!!!
    My name is Lawrence Smartt the accuser was my girlfriend at the time Robyn Striplin Davis. After living together for a year I realized the relationship was just lust I told her she could stay if she needed but I had found other women( we where always an open relationship!!!) who she also said would be for threesomes. At first she seemed cool about it(for a year don’t forget) but then she walked in on me and a woman I met in swim class and she asked us both if we wanted something from RiteAide we was looking like huh Rite Aide? Left and came back with the cops…

  3. Agree 100% you f*cking nailed it on the head. I’m sorry but I want to see her suffer. I mean, to get played at a young age in football you just have to show up, but as you get older you have to be good, practice everyday while keeping your grades up. And if your dedicated and going to practice and working out all the time you’ll probably make it as a onto JV and Varsity, where you now have to work even harder, because there is 1000’s of more kids trying to stand out just like you. And if you work your ass off and hit your 2 a days and show up to every practice and absolutely excell, all the while keeping your grades up, there’s a lottos chance that you’ll be able to get a scholarship. Where you know have to work ever harder than all the other men who are the top tier of the country. And in four years of constantly working at it. Dedication all your time to it, you could be recognized and drafted by the NFL. And if one instant she took that all away from this man…. My heart breaks for him and at the same time is stone f*cking cold for the agony I wish upon her.

  4. Miss Gibson would not have succeeded in her scam without the shoddy legal work of Mr. Banks original attorney who persuaded him to accept a plea deal. As Ms. Gibson wasn’t raped then there was no physical evidence or DNA. It sounds like her original accusation was simply her word against his. With no witnesses, DNA, physical evidence, etc. A lawyer slacked off on the job and convinced an innocent man to plead guilty to a crime that was nothing more than a figment of Ms. Gibson’s imagination. Frankly, I’m surprised the prosecutor even moved forward with charges based on such flimsy evidence. Rape is notoriously hard to prove and to get a conviction without having to produce evidence must have seemed like a gift to the prosecutor.

  5. If anything, freaks like her getting off for it make it HARDER for real rape victims. People look at rape victims and see this bitch. If there was the risk of being prosecuted for allegations u can PROVE were false, people would take u more seriously when u do make those allegations. She has damaged the reputation of thousands of real victims by merely existing. It’s deplorable that she should get away with this!

  6. It’s sad that there’re no true justice in this world. The bitch literally just lied to the court, judge, juries, and everyone else involved in the case. Not only did she ruined his chance of getting a good scholarship and potential pro football career, she also try to defame a good school.

    And what was the point of all that? Using all those money for cracks and other illegal drugs or wasted on make strip clubs or useless partying? Whatever it is she’s using them for she certainly is a failure to humanity.

    And what did the JS do? Nothing. Simply nothing. If you committed perjury, you’re suppose to face 1 or more years in prison for breaking your oath. I don’t who to blame for this but the only people I can blame are the judge and the cops for not understanding the law of the court.

  7. I have only today read about this case, I am in the UK. What a horrifying human being she is.She cannot be helped, redeemed or reasoned with, its Gods job to forgive her I certainly couldn’t. Perhaps Iyanla Vanzant could speak with her? I hope Brian recovers from this and doesn’t allow it to define him.

  8. The problem with what is being suggested is simple. It can be difficult to prove a rape and if the consequence for not being able to prove it are damages to the predator or jail for the accuser or both….you will cause many legit victims to walk away from prosecution.

    What is a better solution is less vigorous prosecution of cases where the state….as in this case….has nothing but the word of an accuser….also better legal representation and public defenders so innocent people are not encouraged to take a plea when staring down the barrel of the justice system.

    How about we hold prosecutors to some account so that they are discouraged from preying on and building reputations on poor defendants? It should not be better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent.

    The prosecution knew it had a flimsy case and proceeded anyway….to put an innocent kid in jail….by getting him to take a plea…..no doubt by scaring him with some crazy sentence if he could not prove what he knew to be true….he didn’t do it. Central Park five is a similar high profile case but this happens on every level all over the country.

    There will always be disgruntled people looking to make an all too eager justice system their personal hit squad….the system should be made to resist the temptation to jump at such situations.

  9. The accuser’s legal guardian(s) at the time should be legally held accountable for paying every penny back! They all new the truth. They allowed this devilish behavior, therefore it continued. At the time of this allege rape, a 15 year old (most) know right from wrong. The so called adults in the accuser’s life showed their real maturity… NOT!

    GREED! ruled them all… Ruled the accuser’s family (so called), friends (so called), and now that the money is gone, so are these creatures. The accuser is now left with nothing, as it should be.

    The accuser had more than enough time (years) to make this horrific LIE right, as well as those wicked ones involved. Now the accuser has children during the years of lies, (UNREAL!).

    I would LOVE to review the entire case. How did the conviction come about? No need for all those DEVIL’S REJECTS to go to jail/prison and get three free hots, cot, and medical at tax payers exspense, NO WAY!

    The accuser and her devil planners are being punished every second of every day. Can you say… PURGATORY? No amount of lies, money is giving the accuser satisfaction RIGHT NOW! Her love ones (YEAH RIGHT!) are probably arguing all the time, trying to make themselves believe constantly they deserved the money they took… GOT DENIAL?

    The accuser and all the rest of the bunch will be sentence by a power/authority GREATER and ALL POWERFUL than man. Where is all that so called HELP for her/them now? All those so WICKEDLY involved are paying right now (The mind can play tricks).

    Now the accuser is needing government assistance. What a awful start in life the accuser has bestowed upon her INNOCENT children with this case. To learn the accuser (now older) was more concerned about not having to pay back the money than telling the truth.

    This case is truly heart crushing to the victim(s). Heaven Help Us.

    There’s a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out of their way to hurt others, will end up broke and alone.

  10. I, after looking at the movie and reviewing other evidence, truly believe that her GREEDY LOOKING ASS mother really is to blame fir all the turmoil that has come out of this. Anytime a person in that perspective sees a way to “GET PAID”, they are gonna go for it if they don’t believe they would be punished! Yes she is to blame for a majority of it, but let’s not forget MOM!!!

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