Unethical Quote Of The Week: Boston Red Sox Star David “Big Papi” Ortiz

“This is our fucking city!”

—Boston Red Sox designated hitter and icon David Ortiz, aka “Big Papi”, representing the team in a pre-game ceremony at Fenway Park honoring Boston in the wake of the past week’s violence, heroism and travails.

"Big Potty-Mouth"

“Big Potty-Mouth”

I love you, David, and you got us past the Yankees in 2004, but your choice of words  was classless, crude and unnecessary.

There were children in that crowd and watching on TV, as I was. You are a role model, and locker room language belongs in the locker room, not in public events. Your obviously calculated incivility moves the culture one more step away from public manners and toward obscenity as standard expression.

I’m disappointed in you, and you also embarrassed your sorority sisters at Delta Gamma.

20 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Week: Boston Red Sox Star David “Big Papi” Ortiz

  1. Future generations will look back and wonder why we so loved this word. Because by then it’s power will be depleted through overuse.

    • Great observation. It’s power is cheap already, and Papi’s use was a prime example. Astoundingly, even his f-bomb hasn’t diminished the praise heaped on his comments, which is just lazy and indulgent. “Fucking” was not an essential part of the message…it is meaningless in this context. His meaning was no different from “this is our damn city,” which was once considered impolite expression but now so commonplace that apparently it has to be replaced by a word that is still boorish. Are commentators really under the impression that…

      “This is our city!”
      “This is our cherished city!”
      “This is our beloved city!”
      “This is our indomitable city!”
      “This is our noble city!”
      “This is our great city!”

      …would have all been inferior to “fucking city,” which is meaningless as well as crude? Why not just “Fuck, yeah!” or “ARRRRRRHHHHHHHHHOWOOOOOOO!”

      • I am Jack. Incivility is used to amplify emotional response; most of the above represent such strong departures from colloquial speech that what ever descriptive benefit they may have added would have been lost in the abnormality of hearing them in that context. Psychological reaction to in-congruence. It was boorish, but it was also effective.

      • OMG, really?????????? This man David Ortiz just said what was in his heart and said the truth!!!!!!! why do people get theirs panties all up and twisted over this?????????? That speech was full of emotion from a man who loves “His” city and he told it like it was. You people really need to get a life, if one cuss words does this to you, i can just imagine what your daily life is like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that speech was right after the “Bombings”, very emotional and from the heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Yes, really. There was nothing about the moment that required “fuckin'”—that word doesn’t convey any meaning, just lazy vulgarity. It wasn’t cute, or cool, or eloquent—it was just disrespectful of those of us who know the difference between a solemn public gathering and the locker room.

          I took Papi’s “BEEEEEEEEEEP!” when quoting himself Sunday as an acknowledgment that he went too far, and he was right. So was I. The only one advocating such language in places and times when it doesn’t belong now is you.

  2. Of all the times to demonstrate the shocking lack of class this generation of Americans has. No matter how many families continuing to grieve, he just has to use this occasion to broadcast his profanity to the entire world.

  3. If you knew anything about Boston sports fans you would understand Papi’s statement, taken IN context is perfectly acceptable. Next time let’s try to be more complete.

    At the end of the ceremony that preceded the Red Sox’ 4-3 win over Kansas City, Ortiz’s microphone was hot and his words were clear:

    “This is our [expletive] city, and nobody is going to dictate our freedom. Stay strong.”

    He later apologized for the swear, but not the sentiment. But in the wake of incomprehensible terror, the words were forceful, defiant, and proud.

    “I’m from the Dominican Republic and the one thing that I always say is me and my family are blessed by being in this country,’’ Ortiz said. “And I love this country and I would do anything for this country. Everybody was one unit and that’s what matters.”

    • Uh, buddy, you will find few who know more or care more about Boston sports culture than I do.

      I was born in Boston, went to school in Arlington, went to college in Cambridge, and considered Boston my home for 26 years. I actually consider it my home still, though I have been physically in the DC area permanently since 1976. From 1962 to 1974 I watched, listened to or attended every single Red Sox game; I have been forced to miss a few since. I was in the stands when Tony C returned from his beaning, when Teddy Ballgame finally tipped his hat to the fans, when Yaz said farewell, when Fisk hit the pole, and when Santiago beat the Twins to tie for first place in the Impossible Dream Season of 1967. I co-produced “Pennant Pursuit,” the Boston Red Sox trivia board game, in 1986. The Red Sox are my longest and most deeply held passion. If I could, I would live in Fenway Park.

      Back off.

      There was nothing wrong with Papi’s sentiments, nor did I suggest so. His words were uncivil, crude, unnecessary and inappropriate.

        • My Boston credentials are impeccable. Arlington High School, Harvard. Iheard, watched or attended every Sox game from April 1962 to October 1972, and most others thereafter. Attended Game #1 of the 1967 Series (and the two games with the Twins that won the pennant); games #1, 6 and 7 of the ’75 Series. I was the co-creator of “Pennant Pursuit,” the Red Sox trivia game, and wrote about 800 of the game’s 1200 questions.

          It’s never appropriate to say “fuck” in a public gathering, especially one that is broadcast, especially with kids around. Never. Ever.

  4. Really? Really? Ya’ll’s buttholes must be clenched so tight when you stand up there’s a kissing sound. I think the man said what we fed up with all this violent bullsh*t Americans feel and made a statement bold and strong for any future idiot terrorist listening. This is our fucking country and might I add we’re fed up and we’re not gonna take it any fucking more!
    Sometimes only certain words can make a point and that one made his. Now relax and tell the Sorority it’s gonna be okay. The big scary word won’t get them and to turn off the TV and go volunteer at the Red Cross. Make a real difference rather than pissing about cuss words.

    • Great comment!—this is the mentality that is driving the nation’s deteriorating level of discourse down the gutter, Yeah, you’re right, there’s no way to express those sentiments without saying “fuck” and telling all Boston’s young baseball fans that this is proper public expression.


  5. “If you knew anything about Boston sports fans you would understand Papi’s statement, taken IN context is perfectly acceptable. Next time let’s try to be more complete.”

    Open mouth, insert foot…jj, all your comments are of this type. Do you read anything, or just automatically just pen snark for every entry?

    Keepin’ it classy there, Drnstvns. Swear words are fillers for the inarticulate who can’t string more than three words together at a time. An offensive form of “like,” if you will.

      • Agreed. Particuarly when those words are being broadcast to families and their children who have gathered in respect for the casualties of a terror attack and have every reason to expect a higher level of discourse. Ortiz’s comments gave me a flashback to Samuel Jackson’s infamous “wake the f*** up” political ad last year.

  6. As someone who has a problem using this word, as you well know Jack, I can understand why it happened but that doesnt excuse it happening. If he had just said “This is OUR city.” it would have had a much stronger impact then dropping the F Bomb.

    • Bill, get a life, please!!!!!!!!!! do you wear socks with sandals?? shoes with white socks and bermuda shorts??????? I think you need to open up your mind and have a lil more respect for the MAN!!!! gonna list words that your afraid of: damn, hell, what the fuck,etc…………………………….. what david ortiz said was not offensive at all, he was expressing his love and pride for the city he calls home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we were just bombed for Christs sake, please step up and be a man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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