“Who Cares?” Ethics: The Key Question…Was This Employee Fired?

During a Kansas City Royals broadcast this week, the following graphic was displayed for the TV audience:

Mistake Screen

It has the following mistakes:

1. There is no baseball player named Bryce Hunter.There is a player named Bryce Harper.

2.  Bryce Harper does not play for the Detroit Tigers of the American League, as the logo by his photo would indicate. He plays for the Washington Nationals, of the National League. (We could easily count this as two errors, but it’s a beautiful day and I’m feeling generous)

3. There is no baseball player in the Major Leagues named Matt Jones. There was wide receiver for the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars by that name.

4. The statistics and photo attributed to Matt Jones are actually those of Matt Harvey, a pitcher for the New York Mets. The graphic’s logo, however, says that this misnamed hurler belongs to the Baltimore Orioles. Again, the leagues are also wrong.

5. Manny Machado’s name is right, and the league is right, but the team is wrongly identified as the White Sox, when he, unlike Matt Harvey, and definitely unlike Matt Jones, does play for the Orioles.

6. Mike Trout, Rookie of the Year with the California Angels last season, does not play for the Yankees.

That’s an amazing six sloppy and easily correctable errors, reduced to a graphic and sent out to confuse and mislead a trusting public. What careless, perhaps stoned or drunken clod cared so little about his or her job, the reputation of his employers, the integrity of the broadcast and the task assigned to his care that he threw together this junk and broadcast it as a final product? What producer allowed someone this unreliable to get within ten miles of creating content for a TV show? Don’t tell me that it’s only a baseball game graphic. It is this kind of “Who cares?” and “Whatever!” lack of diligence and respect for consumers that job performance that causes dams to break, people to get sick, businesses to fail, school kids to graduate high school knowing nothing  and Eric Holder to remain as Attorney General.  People who turn in this kind of negligent job performance should know that they will be fired, and people who hire and tolerate such employees should know that they will be fired too.

A disturbing amount of the time, they’re not, which is how Matt Jones ends up pitching for the Orioles. Was this idiot fired?

I doubt it.


Pointer and Source: The Blaze

19 thoughts on ““Who Cares?” Ethics: The Key Question…Was This Employee Fired?

    • The failure to understand that baseball is the zenith of all sports ever conceived by humanity is either a sign of a pitiably inadequate upbringing, or a weak and lazy mind. I can’t decide. The old ‘nature vs. nurture’ question.
      In any case, the person who posted this horrible graphic may have thought that no one would really pay attention. If so, they know nothing of baseball fans, some of whom, I’m sure, keep stats on incorrect televised graphic displays. Likely broken down into day/night games; by network; by league; with RISP, etc..

      • Indeed: I have revisited this thread repeatedly since first reading it on Monday the 28th – hoping, pining for an update that would clarify the historical error rate of the “composer.” With respect to John G’s May 26-7:39 pm comment below, I can’t help speculating that somehow, this baseball stadium public address system blooper is linked to Obama administration spin control efforts. Maybe someone is vying for a promotion, you know, like that IRS lady, Lerner, who got promoted.

  1. My low-level paranoia and mistrust of Fox is such that I wouldn’t put it past them that this was a deliberate error, with the purpose of measuring how people respond to misinformation. How closely do people question the information fed to them? Does the number of times that Fox News reporters accidentally say “Osama” instead of “Obama” have any correlation with the persistent belief by some that our President is a Muslim?

      • “Younger son”… as in the British peerage’s sense of the term! That’s when you send the less-than-first-born out into a safe career where his ability to do harm is limited. Imagine what the author to that billboard fiasco could do elsewhere. Like being the White House Press Secretary, for example. In fact… aw, the hell with it!

  2. What I wonder is how you even do that? I mean a typo, sure, but that many mistakes? How did they come up with the (incorrect) names? Were they editing the last such question and just didn’t finish it, or did someone use the wrong version of the file?

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