Ethically Disturbing News Item Of The Week

"Screw Bobby...grab the carry-ons!"

“Screw Bobby…grab the carry-ons!”

Apparently an unusual number of the passengers on board the plane that crashed yesterday grabbed their luggage on the way to safety, and at least one passenger grabbed his luggage before he thought to grab his child.

I don’t even want to think about the significance of this, but it can’t be good.

The story, in Forbes, is here.

12 thoughts on “Ethically Disturbing News Item Of The Week

  1. I love the people on Forbes defending them. I wonder how they would feel if while they were grabbing their “valuables” that in order to save my own “life” I pushed them to the floor and everyone walked over them to get out?

  2. I’d probably be in shock after just surviving a plane crash, so who knows what odd thing I might do.
    That doesn’t explain why a whole plane load full of people did it.
    The other point, as a man made on Forbes, they shouldn’t have been taking their luggage down the emergency shoots.
    What if it caused a tear and seriously delayed the evacuation of others?

  3. I often sit in the emergency door seat because it has more leg room.
    And I know I can count on myself 100% to open that sucker ASAP.
    I’ll be out and on the ground before they get their safety belts off.

  4. Jack don’t know if you block these emails but thought you might find this comment on the Zimmerman trial interesting.

    ‘Growing up in the 1970’s, Text Book Social Study courses lambasted Communist China for programming its citizens by broadcasting propaganda 24 hours a day over loudspeakers in factories and fields. It actually has some pretty frightening results. Once the average person adopts the corporate media narrative that they’ve heard broadcast over and over again over a period of time, they tend to reject the real facts in favor of the story they’ve been taught.


  5. I’m not going to open a luggage bin for a bag, but I always sit in a window seat and my ultra important stuff is in my backpack under the seat in front of me. I’m grabbing that sucker and strapping it on as I wait for everyone else to start filing out of the plane since it’s right there…. and yes, I will leave it if the situation warranted it.

    Basically, if you’re in the aisle, you should be moving and exiting – not looking for and acquiring baggage. If you’re still stuck in your row and you can strap a backpack on (that is present at your seat) and it leaves your hands and arms still free to assist others once you start moving, I’ve got no problem with that.

  6. I read in one source that in the front and back of the plane the overhead bins broke and the luggage came raining down. Was it easier (in that instance) to grab the bags instead of walking over them?

    A rollaboard is just weird though….

    I fly on Thursday, I’m putting my passport, wallet and residence permit for Japan in a ziplock. I can stuff it in my shirt if I have to. That would be all that I might would attempt to take, but would give up on even that given the circumstances. To hell with my bags!

  7. When a lot of people do something weird like that, I tend to assume it’s some quirky aspect of human stress response. For example, since grabbing your bag is what you always do when getting off an airplane, it requires extra thinking to not grab your bag, and extra thinking is not easy to come by when you’re in a panic. Also, people respond to social cues, so if you see other people taking their bags, you think “Oh, maybe I’m supposed to remove my bag…everyone else is doing it…”

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