Unethical Website of the Month: Chimpmania…And The Unethical Petition Opposing It

CensorshipA good friend sent me a link to a Change.org petition put up by Heidie Stanton-Sharpe of Mukilteo, Washington, suggesting that I sign it. Heidi had announced that she wanted to take down a website called Chimpmania, writing,

“This website spews hatred and promotes violence against people of color. It targeted my family and posted pictures of my children. It is vile and extreme and if the internet is an international forum we should have regulations about promoting violence against people. It’s not humane, it’s barbaric and there is no place for that type of behavior anywhere in society and most definitely not on a public forum.”

Heidi did not articulate a legal or Constitutional justification for closing down a website (because there is none) , and I was surprised that my friend would support such an effort. Spewing hatred is acceptable free speech for the most part. I think the Daily Kos  and right wing talk show host Mark Levin spew hatred, but I’ll defend to the death their right to do spew it.  “Promoting violence” has to become threatening and genuinely illegal before it qualifies as conduct that can justify censorship; what is inhumane and barbaric is a matter of opinion. Being in the mood to flag civic ignorance as I watched live feeds of a responsible, brave, unquestionably correct jury verdict in the Zimmerman case being protested around the country, I started to write my friend a little primer on the First Amendment. I decided to check out the website in question first, though, and “Cowabunga!” as Bart Simpson used to say* in such situations. Chimpmania is one ugly, hateful racist website.

It is, in fact, a useful tonic for anyone whose position in the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman Ethics Train Wreck analysis is informed by a false belief that this is a “post-racial society” (the episode itself disproves that) and that virulent racism in American can best be found by watching old movies like “The Heat of the Night.” The website is almost a parody of a racist hangout, as if Chris Rock and Seth McFarland decided to put together the most horrible website imaginable. It literally hurt my eyes: I perused it with the half-shut lids that I have used when looking over autopsy photos or pictures or the aftermath of grisly accidents. How many sites like this are there? How does someone raised in the U.S. become as diseased of mind an soul that they would think the way these people do?

Being able to ponder that question, of course, is one of the many reasons it is important to leave that website up to spew all the hate its sick visitors and founder want to spew. Free speech is indispensable in knowing the full spectrum of opinion, values and political  views percolating in the public; we can not argue against what we don’t see, hear or understand. The other reasons to guard free speech should not be necessary to explain, though clearly Heidi and the nearly  a thousand signatories to her petition need a refresher course. If Chimpmania can be shut down by the government based on the fact that what is deemed sufficient numbers of people find its views offensive and barbaric, so can Rush Limbaugh, MSNBC and Ethics Alarms, when the winds change and prevailing views of what is politically correct create powerful and censorious majorities.

On the Change.org page where the petition is offered, Canadian Verna Warner sensitively writes, “I will not visit the website because it then gains popularity by people visiting. I will however sign the petition to close it down.”  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the beating heart of feel-good censorship, and smoking gun proof of insufficient respect for free speech. I don’t have to know what views I’m censoring, Verna says. I’ll take your word for it, and support telling Americans what they can and can not say, write and believe.

The irony is that the arrogance, ignorance and insufficient regard for basic rights behind the noble petition to shut down Chimpmania is far more of a threat to our freedom and liberty than the racist site itself.

* But who said “Cowabunga!” first?


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  1. According to etymonline.com, “Cowabunga” was first used as an exclamation of surprise in 1954 by Chief Thunderthud on the “Howdy Doody Show”.

  2. Good post, Jack. (The free speech part.) I guess you’re right. It would be wrong and counter-productive to try to shut down the change.org website. Even if a Canadian told us it was a good idea to do so, or informed the police in Texas about its existence. Sigh.

    • Here is part of the FB user agreement as it applies to photos:
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      When you delete IP content, it is deleted in a manner similar to emptying the recycle bin on a computer. However, you understand that removed content may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time (but will not be available to others).

      When you delete IP content, it is deleted in a manner similar to emptying the recycle bin on a computer. However, you understand that removed content may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time (but will not be available to others).

      When you use an application, your content and information is shared with the application. We require applications to respect your privacy, and your agreement with that application will control how the application can use, store, and transfer that content and information. (To learn more about Platform, read our Privacy Policy and Platform Page.)

      When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture).

      We always appreciate your feedback or other suggestions about Facebook, but you understand that we may use them without any obligation to compensate you for them (just as you have no obligation to offer them).

  3. Here’s a posting on a site that explains the constitutional bounds of “hate speech”: http://irateirishman.com/blog/?p=4603#more-4603

    This posted comment on that site is nigknocker’s response to a reporter from Irish Central media who started a campaign against http://www.irateirishman.com and got enough of his readers to protest the hosting company so they pulled the plug on the Irate Irishman’s blog, thereby forcing Irate to get a more tolerant host:
    http://irateirishman.com/blog/?p=4120#comments See comment on November 11, 2010 at 10:04 am.

    As for you Mr. Marshall, we at Chimpmania.com will not question your expertise in ethics. Reciprocally, you should not question our expertise in Niggerology. In a very small nutshell the American Negro has a median IQ of 83.6, a full 1.1 standard deviations below the median IQ for the general population. Since an IQ of 85 is the cut-off, below which one is considered “borderline retarded, over one half of the American Negroes are borderline retarded or worse. Adding to that is the propensity of the Negro to “chimp out” at all levels of intelligence, in much the same way as that “docile” chimpanzee in Connecticut removed that woman’s face and maimed her for life. The low intelligence and the propensity towards violence of the American Negro makes it a feral wild animal that should not be around anyone else but their own kind. They should live by the law of the jungle, and be far removed from us humans.

    The so-called “ethical” teachings of those 9 we call the Supreme Court claim that we cannot execute someone whose intelligence is below a certain threshold. But intelligence is one of the distinguishing characteristics that make us human. If we humans were faced with an infiltration of mosquitoes that cause discomfort, disease and sometimes death, we would attack them all full-force with insecticides, and drain the swamp from whence they came. We would do the same with vermin by placing rodentcides and destroying their habitat and food supply. But the American Negro is different! Trillions of dollars were spent since 1964 on ATTEMPTING to educate these Negroes. Trillions more were spent on food stamps and housing vouchers to feed and house this plague, and unwittingly establish the ideal conditions for the breeding and feeding grounds of the nation’s slums (i.e. monkey factories). Affirmative action was designed to give jobs to the Negro, not because of its ability, but solely on the color of its skin, and it failed miserably. Affirmative action was just a tax on the productive members of society. It shifted Negroes off the welfare roles into the role of unproductive worker, giving them jobs that they could not handle and should not have had. Nonetheless we paid them for non-productivity. Imagine trying to grow a garden where the government forces you to plant strangleweeds among your desired crops and then tells you not only can you not remove the weeds, you must water and fertilize them too! How screwed up is that!

    Those of you who sit from afar, whose knowledge of bears comes from watching Yogi and Bubu on TV may think letting those adorable bears roam amongst us in our cities is a wonderful idea. Similarly, those who listen to the main stream media get the wrong idea about the American Negro. The main stream Negro-coddling media depicts and humanizes the American Negro as “just like us,” with their Cosby Show sitcoms and commercials showing happy, intact Negro families etc. At the same time they villainize and libel people like George Zimmerman by craftily making false audiotapes of 911 calls to make it seem that Zimmerman is a hard core racist.This sways the populace and the powers that be to set aside recommendations to not prosecute on the basis of insufficient evidence. A “travesty of justice” are weak words indeed to describe what happened here.

    Anyone who has seen the American Negro in its natural habitat, and has seen the monkeyshines firsthand will know the truth and have the opinion of the good people at chimpmania.com . You have all been shapen by the careful manipulation of the main stream media as you spin on their potter’s wheel while looking at the Negro through rose coloured lenses. Get off the merry-go-round and observe reality! Then you will see that Negroes do not belong in civilized society. You too will want to ship them back and say “good riddance.”

    So don’t knock chimpmania.com. You may know ethics, but you don’t know N****rs!


    A proud member of http://www.chimpmania.com and http://www.irateirishman.com !

      • I do note that what Paddy Roller wrote about black people, others have written about Irish people back in the 19th century.

    • Very helpful. My policy in this unusual situation pitting irony, taste and fairness to the other readers here is this: I’m allowing one self-indicting screed of racist offal per member of your vile site per commenter, as long as said screed is articulate. People need to know you’re out there, and that the contagion you spread is not as rare as they (and I) would like to think. After that, you’re banned.

      It’s a compromise, because normally I wouldn’t let garbage like this comment stay up either. But I am aware of the apparent (though not actual) contradiction inherent in asserting that your site should be allowed to continue in the interest of free speech, while personally censoring that site’s diseased fans when they come here.

      Bye. Enjoy tonight’s showing of “Birth of a Nation.”

      • So earlier nations in North America failed to use euromania-dot-com freedom and to have means to “ship them back and say ‘good riddance.’ ”

        I might not know ethics, but I know I am known by white trash.

        This is for those who can understand when I am serious and sarcastic at the same time.

      • My policy in this unusual situation pitting irony, taste and fairness to the other readers here is this: I’m allowing one self-indicting screed of racist offal per member of your vile site per commenter, as long as said screed is articulate“…

        LMAO! Ahhhh, the progressive mind, a cesspool of silliness …

        You and Heidie seemed to have missed the point completely – you don’t like a site – well then don’t go there…

        BTW I noted that this Heidie didn’t even get a thousand people to feel indignant enough to sign her little petition…

        Still I can imagine she’s reeking of self righteousness even now…


        None the less your site though not my personal cup of tea is a good one…

        • Don’t lump me with censorious Heidi, you insufferable bigot—I defended your vile site against Heidi. Let’s see…how many other ways do you make a fool of yourself in this pathetic post? Let me count the ways…

          1.LMAO! This isn’t Twitter, you boob. What are you, 9?
          2.Ahhhh, the progressive mind, a cesspool of silliness … Right…only progressives are bothered by drooling racists. Check out the rest of the blog, or have someone read it to you. If I’m a progressive, you’re Toni Morrison.
          3. “You and Heidie seemed to have missed the point completely – you don’t like a site – well then don’t go there”Did you READ the post you’re commenting on, you dim wit?
          4. “None the less your site though not my personal cup of tea is a good one…” Flattery will get you nowhere.

          Well, that’s only four—I would have guessed more, but it was a short comment…

    • Wow. All those words and nothing about Obama or Kenya? Tsk. Holder? (Don’t confuse Holder with “pot holder,” Holder is a person if you need help with your “Google for Racists” app.) Hey, do you have any cites for any of your racist spew? (A “cite” — not “city” — is a fact in support of an argument.) But no worries. I totally understand that it’s hard to make time to read AND make your white hood quota for the day.

    • Dear Paddy,

      I covered the arrest and trial of Tommy Lee Hines back in the 1970s. Story here…

      I can only speak from personal experience as a reporter for The Decatur Daily covering both sides of the numerous confrontations between the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), their supporters and sympathizers, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and their supporters and sympathizers. The following is what I experienced:

      Reporting as fairly as I knew how from the streets of Decaur, and later Cullman, Alabama, I was continuously under fire from the KKK for being, in ther eyes, biased in my reportage. I never heard any feedback from the SCLC or the black community.

      One night I was covering a KKK cross burning ceremony in a field in Cullman County. A man, armed with a two-b- four approached me and asked my name. When I told him he said, “We don’t like what you been writin’.”

      I answered I was simply doing my job as a reporter. He looked at me steadily, and I noticed his arm beginning to rise, club in hand. I started to shit myself. Not literally, figuratively.

      A TV camerman from Channel 48 from Huntsville, Alabama, was standing about 50 feet away, his back to us, watching the blazing cross light up the night sky. His camera was at rest… he was not filming, just watching.

      I began raising my voice to the Klansman, not in anger, but as a way to get the camerman’s attention. Loudly, then even more loudly, I proclaimed that I was only doing my job and if he had a complaint he should visit my editor. The man’s arm had almost reached its arc above his head when, finally, the Channel 48 cameraman, in one motion, pivoted while, at the same time, raising his camera accompanied by a blinding beam of light bathing the Klansman and myself in its glare. The man’s arm slowly lowered to his side. I turned and walked quickly away.

      I wasted no time getting the hell off that field. I almost ran to my car, heart pounding, and drove home to Athens, Alabama.

      So, tell me, Paddy, who, in the incident I just described, was the savage?

    • Paddy Roller, my husbands IQ is Mensa status and every time you step on a plane you should thank him. He spent his Christmas holiday after 911 stress analyzing the cockpit doors so jerks like you can fly safely. As far as him stealing any ideas from the Japanese which you claimed on your site, they actually stole his idea and built a fiberglass death trap and their business has already gone under. He also has a patent pending to prove it and its interesting that leading NOAH scholars and the japanese government think he is a genius.
      As far as the African American IQ level, it has been proven that the iq tests are racially bias. Schools are funded by local property taxes so if you live in a socially economically challenged neighborhood, you get a crappy school with no funding which perpetuates the problem. Ignorance and stupidity are not monopolized by any one ethnic group, as you dear sir have proven, with all due respect

  4. Chimpmania is an interesting site and one you don’t come across every day. Somebody really has to be looking for it to find it. They have their point of view and don’t appear to be bothering anyone unless name calling somehow becomes illegal. They don’t appear violent and in actually seem to advocate the US Constitution in its original form (permitting slavery and supporting the Scott v Sanford Supreme Court decision).

    Even on the internet there is freedom of assembly and really how can the arrangement of electrons and name calling on a website hurt anyone.
    Who is really so ignorant that they can claim to win an argument by censoring those with whom you disagree?

    The internet is so big that you probably could spend 24 hours a day being “offended”. But who is the one looking for trouble? Let’s keep the internet free and in a free exchange of ideas, good ideas get more widely accepted and bad ones more marginalized.

    You can google anything you want. Let’s keep it that way.

    • Don’t expect a warning shot nigger.
      Not so sure you would agree if your children were of color and this statement was below their image.

      • I saw that, and thought exactly the same thing. It probably wouldn’t have mattered if Zimmerman had referred to “the little darling” or “the angelic fetus” (the term I’ve blurted every time that pre-pubescent image of the deceased has been shown) – it still would have been a case of “RFC” (racism for caring) or “CCWWH” (carrying concealed while white Hispanic).

      • No, it’s “those” assholes. Why the need for “those”? Couldn’t he just have said “assholes”? In areas where there is a lot of racial prejudice (and I grew up in one) that definitely could be a racist utterance, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. In my view, it’s a problematic utterance but who knows what Zimmerman really meant. It’s like the phrase “white trash.” Doesn’t that presume that all other trash is black, because we don’t use the phrase “black trash”?

        • “Doesn’t that presume that all other trash is black, because we don’t use the phrase “black trash”?”

          Not in my usage of it – but I don’t speak for all crackers.

        • I think you are seriously reading too much into it when you quibble over “those assholes” as opposed to just “assholes”. Additionally, you are inserting what YOU want Zimmerman to have meant when you say what you think “those” means.

          Saying “white trash” doesn’t presume that all other trash is black because we don’t use the phrase “black trash”. That is simply illogical.

        • Also, even if your hang up over “Those” Assholes has any validity, Zimmerman said “These” Assholes. So if you want to quibble over subtle connotations, there’s a difference there as well.

            • precisely…

              reading into it says less about what Zimmerman might have meant and more about what people want Zimmerman to have meant.

              The most likely explanation is the simple one, that “these assholes” refers to the series of burglaries in his neighborhood in which the perpetrators all got away.

  5. I hate to say it, but Paddy actually scares me. It’s hard to believe that someone with an ability to believe such trash has the capability of drawing breath without assistance.

    • On Usenet, I deal with this racist Jew-hater calling himself the Revd, who did such things as calling me a “gook”, denying the Holocaust, expressing Judenhass and blaming rape victims for their rapes.

      Needless to say, people disrespect him. In fact, one of us dedicated this poem to him, to describe in great prose our opinion of him.

  6. Dragon, if Paddy scares you, why don’t you pick some of what he says and show us where he’s wrong. One of the problems with people like you is that they never try to be specific. They roll their eyes, and raise their skirts in shock horror of someone saying something they don’t like. Why not prove him wrong? Where’s his weakness? That niggers constitute 12.6% of the US population and produce a good three quarters of violent crime (including over 50% of all murders)? That they’re IQ is very much lower than the IQ of non-nigger part of the population? These are facts! So, I’ll just sit quietly in the corner now, and you show us by way of rational argument (good facts + sound logic) where Paddy Roller is wrong.

    • The irony is rich when a racist misuses the meaning of IQ statistics to denigrate someone else’s intelligence.

      The crime statistics for the black community in the United States are indeed horrendous, and they reflect terribly on the entrenched black culture, family structure, and leadership, as well as the nation itself. Using those statistics to make the simpleminded argument that there is something inherently wrong with an entire race is no more nor less than simple-minded, as well as hateful, and again, it’s ironic, since attitudes like yours and your fellow white supremacists have contributed greatly to the difficulties faced by blacks in America from the beginning.

      The reasons for the predominance of crime is no mystery—it has been well studied, and I was thoroughly depressed by them way back in college, when I took the superb and objective course by Prof. Thomas Pettigrew of Harvard about the shattered black culture here and its chances for recovery. The course was not optimistic, but the causes of the tragic state of blacks in the US had nothing to do with the idiotic claim that they are somehow innately inferior or evil, but rather the destruction of the black family structure, the conundrum of successful blacks leaving the black community, where they would be the natural role models and leaders, for success in the larger culture; educational apartheid that has made blacks the primary victims of the US education system’s collapse; drugs and gang activity, which is rooted in class and poverty, not race; crippling social programs like welfare and others, which have perverse incentives that make it beneficial not to work and to game the system; corruption among black politicians on the national and local level, seeded by the historically predictable phenomenon of an underclass’s leaders getting the tools of owner without proper training or preparation and seeing it as an “they got theirs, now its out turn” opportunity; the natural but self-destructive tendency to believe racism is the cause of all failures and criticism, making many members of the black community unable to distinguish between their own deficits—that could be addressed and eliminated by diligence and self-criticism—and intractible handicaps imposed on them; and on, and on, and on.

      Decades ago I couldn’t see how the cultural, social, historical and attitudinal impediments to black success in America was going to improve, and indeed, along with Pettigrew, thought it was more likely that they would get worse. Certainly many of the handicaps have worsened, like fatherless black household, incarceration rates, and exploitation by the political process, and others. Against all odds, however, progress is being made, or was, until the combination of the 2008 crash and the economy-strangling policies in response to it stopped the economic progress of blacks in the US cold, and actually reversed it.

      Scientific, social science and historical evidence, as well as unbiased coherent reasoning shows that any any racial or ethnic group, subjected to the conditions that blacks have been subjected to in the US, would lag dramatically in progress on all fronts, would be afflicted with cynicism, despair, anger and paranoia, and would display the patterns and tendencies we see in black America today. Your conclusion, in addition to contributing to the problem, is ignorant, negligent, and gratuitously cruel, not to say moronic. It greatly contributes to the very conditions you misinterpret to make your own group and mediocre existence within it seem superior—-choosing another group to denigrate is a classic tactic of the self-esteem and accomplishment-challenged. Your conduct is simply organized bullying.

      The fact that using any group generalization to make judgments about individual members is unfair, illogical and wrong is well-understood, demonstrably true, and intuitively obvious to the ethical and intelligent. Even if your assumptions about blacks as a group were correct, and they are not, it would not justify the relentless contempt for all members of the group regardless of character, potential and achievement. A good person is a good person, a smart person is smart person, and it is those and other qualities and achievements that every human being has the right to be judged upon, not some arbitrary, and in the case of race, increasingly vague and indefinable gross generalization, that is a lazy alternative to knowledge.

      I’ve read your nauseating and sad websites and others of the Chimpmania contagion. Substitute “nigger” for Jew and they are indistinguishable from Nazi screeds; both philosophically and culturally, they are the same. You have blood on your hands, for you carry the ideological poison of all genocidal movements, and the hate you tenderly cultivate harms all races here and elsewhere. It is profoundly un-American, rejecting the ideals that have made the nation great, and you are bitter embarrassment to the rest of us….you know, the fair, the giving, the caring, the decent, the rational, the helpful, the thoughtful, the sane.

      Since bigotry is irrational, there is no point at all in debating it, or trying to change the mind of a bigot. If you and yours had your way, the U.S would have never experienced the benefits bestowed by the thousands upon thousands of talented, brilliant, and unique individuals with dark skin, whose contribution as Americans have made life better for everyone, including, unfortunately, you. There are too many to list, and there are more coming. They have given us so much, and made this a better country: you contribute nothing, and spread lies and hate that can only make us a worse one.

      I’m glad I met you, certainly—I’ll call up the memory the next time I hear a radio talk show host assert that because we have a black President, racism is no longer a major hurdle for blacks to overcome. Simply knowing there are people like you hidden among us, hating, teaching others to hate based on skin color, waiting for the opportunity to do harm, is sufficient to constitute a major impediment to black progress, confidence, trust and happiness as they try to be equal citizens in all senses of the word.

      To you, an ethics blog must be like holy water to Dracula, and similarly, you desecrate this space by sharing it. You can comment on any topic as long as racist rants and words stay out of your text—the next time it does, though, you’re banned. That’s called fairness, a concept that is alien to you, and well worth familiarizing yourself with, if it’s not too late. It probably is, I fear.

      • And to say that “thousands of talented, brilliant, and unique individuals with dark skin, whose contribution as Americans have made life better for everyone” is overdoing it by far. Even though Michael Jackson was a fairly cool artist (and he was indeed unique, I’ll give you that) that doesn’t mean that America could have made it without his contribution to music.

        What I see for the most part is just gang-banging rappers who glorify drugs, gang warfare and violence against women. That seems to be what’s being contributed to society by Blacks today.
        Even though I must admit that “Let’s Groove Tonight” by Earth, Wind And Fire is indeed a catchy tune, and Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” is a soothing melody, I know that White People would have been able to make such a song as well. And I know I could have survived without these songs ever being produced.

        And I assume you’re referring to the so-called “black inventors” that we all hear about during “Black History Month”. Despite that the school system should bring us the truth, that isn’t always what they do unfortunately.

        Want proof?


        • 1. Not proof.
          2. No, I was talking about “thousands of talented, brilliant, and unique individuals with dark skin, whose contribution as Americans have made life better for everyone”…I didn’t say they were all famous,like George Washington Carver, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Paul Robeson, James Baldwin, Scott Joplin, Jackie Robinson, Barry Gordy, Martin Luther King, Robert Johnson, Mahalia Jackson, the Nicholas Brothers, Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, and more.Most aren’t. Fame isn’t a measure of productivity.

      • “The crime statistics for the black community in the United States are indeed horrendous, and they reflect terribly on the entrenched black culture, family structure, and leadership, as well as the nation itself. Using those statistics to make the simpleminded argument that there is something inherently wrong with an entire race is no more nor less than simple-minded, as well as hateful, and again, it’s ironic, since attitudes like yours and your fellow white supremacists have contributed greatly to the difficulties faced by blacks in America from the beginning. ”

        Thanks for this,Jack. You’ve answered some questions for me that I didn’t have answers to. There are many reasons behind the plight of the black population in the US and none have to do with any inherent evil or lack of intelligence. I believe the breakdown of the family and lack of mentors are paramount. I hate the fact that most politicians and other public figures manipulate the situation and do nothing to relieve it.

        • And what’s sad is there is an endemic and sickening self perpetuation of that culture: individuals seeking to break free from those problems are often vilified by their own as Uncle Tom’s and traitors.

  7. I think there’s just a large cultural gap between the black community and other communities here in the US (as well as abroad) that will never be bridged. I don’t see what service it does to the world to call members of certain ethnicities derogatory names and point out all the ways in which “we’re superior to them” regardless of the perceived or inherent veracity in those claims. I will be honest, I am white, and I am often puzzled by the black community sometimes. When I say black community, I’m not speaking for specific people, but just in a general sense: behavior, fashion, fads, language are very different from my personal tastes.

    Sometimes when people are different, some people want to lash out against the different people (and yes, black people are guilty of this too!). What I’ve learned in 37 years of living in this country is that I will never fully understand certain people and they will never fully understand me. It’s going to be like that long after we’re all dead. And it’s ok to say that. It’s not just the color of our skin that differentiates different races.

  8. As a believer in free speech, I’d see nothing wrong with publishing this Irate Irishman’s photo, address, telephone number etc.

    Nor copying his post, and printing it out as a flyer for distribution round his neighbourhood. They are his views, surely he’d be grateful for the publicity.

    • So you’d stoop to the same level as him?

      As much as you may think he deserves it, violating his right to privacy as a moral revenge isn’t very well…moral…

      or ethical…

  9. Hilarious that a self deemed “scholar” like yourself would bash “racism.” Although you call yourself an ethicist, I found it incredibly hard to believe that you do not harbor any unscious bias toward any race. I believe that you’re a psychology major by any chance?

    Can you honestly state what is the reason that you would never live in a ghetto or set your foot on the doorsteps of hell? I guess that you have no sympathy for any homicide or robbery victims that were the result of the “oppression” that Whites, Asians, and Hispanic people somehow caused. Making excuses for their ape-like behavior only shows that an ilk like you would tolerate such an unnecessary crime and violent behavior.

    I’ve never seen such ungratefulness for anyone that has an opinion different from yours. You are the very reason why the crimes have driven up very high, not the “oppressors” or “White Supremicist.” A five year old child has more intelligence than your pinky finger. A birdbrained idiot like yourself can never understand us. You only live in lala land where the magical solutions to every world’s problems are instantly solved.

    Chimpmania is one of the greatest uncensored site on the Internet.

    • I agreed that it should be uncensored, and anyone who wants to find and read your diseased, dimwitted ilk can enlighten themselves there. But it is racist, of course, and certifiable moronic, as anyone whose analysis of such a complex set of problems is so simple-minded is by definition. Your last post here….bye.

  10. Racism aside, the lady wants the site down because they posted pics of her kids.
    But how did they get the pics?
    SHE put them on a public Facebook acct.

    Don’t put pics of your kids on the Internet and then cry about it when they are used for other purposes.
    Wake up, Idiots, the Internet is not private.

  11. I wish that it was just a farce and the only reason I want to shut it down is because underneath pictures of my kids they posted a comment on the site
    that I believe to be a threat.
    ” due to amp shortage, don’t expect a warning shot nigger”
    Does that constitute good enough reason?

    • “” due to amp shortage, don’t expect a warning shot nigger”
      Does that constitute good enough reason?”

      That could be taken as a threat. It’s my understanding is that our right to free speech means we have the right to air grievances and condemn our government without fear of reprisals. It galls me that people have the “right” to ruin someone’s reputation,or get them fired or divorced or otherwise ruin their lives because they have the right to free speech. People have committed suicide over this kind of crap. “Your right stop at the end of my nose” and if people set out to ruin you,you should have some type of recourse within the law.

        • But how is speech that ruins a person’s life any different than physical assault? Why do we have laws that say you cannot physically cripple me but you have the right to emotionally cripple me? The line should be drawn when deliberate harm is being done,imo.

            • Sure they did. Everyone from Al Sharpton to the President is making speeches that have ruined George Zimmerman’s life. You want them censored? I think they should shut up; I think Zimmerman should sue some of them, but its no place for censorship. The Founders said things about each other that were designed to ruin their lives. Why do you think Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton?

                • The first amendment says you can pursue criminal and civil measures for that act. It does not say that you can ban the website that carried that photo and caption. If I say something that is legally actionable, I have to accept the legal consequences, if any. The state cannot tell me that I can’t make a public statement any more.

                • The sad and painful fact is that when you post an image publicly on the Internet (no privacy settings) you have out it out there for ANYONE (including the classless monsters who took your images) to use.

                  My twitter account was a picture of my wife and me an after a friend of mine had her twitter image taken and vandalized by creeps, out of respect for my wife I changed my twitter image because I didn’t want the same to happen.

                  If your images were posted with privacy settings, I’d be asking the managers of the website (Facebook I assume) what happened….

              • “The Founders said things about each other that were designed to ruin their lives. Why do you think Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton?”

                Ah. As long as I get to shoot them I’m fine without censorship. Much simpler and probably better than taking them to court. All it costs me is a bullet…and life behind bars. Actually,I might just blow off their knee caps. Less prison time and so worth it! (Just kidding.)

  12. I believe in free speech. I believe that you have a right to say or post whatever you like as long as you don’t infringe upon my rights. My FB account IS private. These people have created fake accounts on FB and stole my photos. They have threatened my family on a site that from what I can see is filled with dangerous people. I didn’t go looking for a fight but if this site is funded by a larger American company, don’t we have a right to know?? If you are purchasing a domain name or hosting a site, shouldn’t you have a right to know that the company you purchase from isn’t funding this type of filth?

    • You don’t believe in free speech, as defined by the US Supreme Court, if you think the government should have the power to ban a website because of it content. And that’s what you have been advocating.

      • If you read my comment, I reacted emotionally when I saw the comments about my children. I have sin e closed the petition. I have realized that the effort to find these people could be better spent doing something good for my own community. I do however think that we should know who funds the sites so we have a choice as consumers to spend our money there. PEACE AND BLESSINGS TO ALL!!!!

      • “Hate speech is, outside the law, communication that vilifies a person or a group based on discrimination against that person or group.[1][2]

        In law, hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group. The law may identify a protected individual or a protected group by certain characteristics.[3][4][5][6] In some countries, a victim of hate speech may seek redress under civil law, criminal law, or both. A website that uses hate speech is called a hate site. Most of these sites contain Internet forums and news briefs that emphasize a particular viewpoint. There has been debate over how freedom of speech applies to the Internet.”

        • “outside the law” The law does not accept that definition, which would be void for vagueness in any court of the nation.

          Sure there’s debate. There are always people, like the 80’s censorious Catherine McKinnon, who want to stop anyone from having ideas they don’t like. The day the censors win the debate is the day the US ceases to exist.

  13. PS. The petition was started in a rage of helplessness. I have actually stopped my petition and am going to fight to change Internet laws. I just want to know what companies allow this so people like me do not have to fund them without knowledge.
    Just to set the record straight, I am no black panther, I am a PTA mom! Who feels sympathetic to Paula Dean and loves all people. I honestly can say I feel sorry for people who have so much hatred in their hearts. I just want to protect my family and live in peace!!!!!

    • No “companies” allow this, if that is an independent website platform. If it were, say, a WordPress platform, sure, complain to WordPress. That’s different from trying to pass laws that restrict access to the internet according to content.

      • Jack what I have found might shock you. There are many layers and when you start to peel them back you might be shocked to see who is finding what


        Inflammatory words that are either injurious by themselves or might cause the hearer to immediately retaliate or breach the peace. Use of such words is not necessarily protected “free speech” under the First Amendment. If the hearer is prosecuted for assault, claiming fighting words may establish mitigating circumstances.”

        So,Heidie wants to retaliate. She and I want to bust some heads in retaliation for the hate speech.

  14. Heidie is not the “innocent victim” she portrays herself to be. She sent emails to Chimpmania stating the following (please excuse my “French”):

    “You crossed the wrong coal burner bitch!!!!!”

    “You messed with the wrong white bitch….BITCH!!!!”

    “You messed with the wrong burner bitch!!!”

    The emails are posted on Chimpmania for all to see:


    Are these also considered threats and should be censored? I believe it is open to personal interpretation as some might consider it a threat, some might shrug it off and some might just laugh at her.

    To me the bottom line here is that she has a “personal vendetta” and is trying with all her night to garner sympathy (while embellishing about the website, false claims of hacking and fake accounts, leaving out facts about herself) while ignoring constitutional laws and civil rights as she feels she is above them.

    • Really? That is taken out if context but you know that. When I first found the photos of my children with phrases like “you hope my husband can invent a bluet proof vehicle”. And I requested respectfully you remove them, you blocked my IP! I told you if you dont remove them i would go to the authorities and the media. Then you proceeded to post more vile lies and then i wrote and said “you messed with the wrong bitch, bitch!”.
      I reacted on a moment of complete and total rafe of helplessness! i am no angel, never said i was!! especially when hou attack my children. You are a liar and can produce anything you wanf as we all know!! I pray for you!!! I also regret losing it, however I would love to see your response if I posted photos of your children with comments laced with threats!! I also am no coward who hides in the shadows, I stand here and say I did say you messed with the wrong bitch because I am am educated woman with resources and I love my family more than life itself and I will protect them to the ends of the earth. So unless you wAnt to reveal who you are, I will not give you one more second if my time.
      Again I pray you find peace as living with that much hatred is toxic.

    • Also Shaynay Nayno AKA the tattooed Red Head AKA Suzanne Carter. I would never post photos of your son calling him names or promoting violence against him. He is a beautiful little person that you are ruining with your hatred. I pray for both of you and wish you peace.

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