Unethical Website of the Month: Chimpmania…And The Unethical Petition Opposing It

CensorshipA good friend sent me a link to a Change.org petition put up by Heidie Stanton-Sharpe of Mukilteo, Washington, suggesting that I sign it. Heidi had announced that she wanted to take down a website called Chimpmania, writing,

“This website spews hatred and promotes violence against people of color. It targeted my family and posted pictures of my children. It is vile and extreme and if the internet is an international forum we should have regulations about promoting violence against people. It’s not humane, it’s barbaric and there is no place for that type of behavior anywhere in society and most definitely not on a public forum.”

Heidi did not articulate a legal or Constitutional justification for closing down a website (because there is none) , and I was surprised that my friend would support such an effort. Spewing hatred is acceptable free speech for the most part. I think the Daily Kos  and right wing talk show host Mark Levin spew hatred, but I’ll defend to the death their right to do spew it.  “Promoting violence” has to become threatening and genuinely illegal before it qualifies as conduct that can justify censorship; what is inhumane and barbaric is a matter of opinion. Being in the mood to flag civic ignorance as I watched live feeds of a responsible, brave, unquestionably correct jury verdict in the Zimmerman case being protested around the country, I started to write my friend a little primer on the First Amendment. I decided to check out the website in question first, though, and “Cowabunga!” as Bart Simpson used to say* in such situations. Chimpmania is one ugly, hateful racist website.

It is, in fact, a useful tonic for anyone whose position in the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman Ethics Train Wreck analysis is informed by a false belief that this is a “post-racial society” (the episode itself disproves that) and that virulent racism in American can best be found by watching old movies like “The Heat of the Night.” The website is almost a parody of a racist hangout, as if Chris Rock and Seth McFarland decided to put together the most horrible website imaginable. It literally hurt my eyes: I perused it with the half-shut lids that I have used when looking over autopsy photos or pictures or the aftermath of grisly accidents. How many sites like this are there? How does someone raised in the U.S. become as diseased of mind an soul that they would think the way these people do?

Being able to ponder that question, of course, is one of the many reasons it is important to leave that website up to spew all the hate its sick visitors and founder want to spew. Free speech is indispensable in knowing the full spectrum of opinion, values and political  views percolating in the public; we can not argue against what we don’t see, hear or understand. The other reasons to guard free speech should not be necessary to explain, though clearly Heidi and the nearly  a thousand signatories to her petition need a refresher course. If Chimpmania can be shut down by the government based on the fact that what is deemed sufficient numbers of people find its views offensive and barbaric, so can Rush Limbaugh, MSNBC and Ethics Alarms, when the winds change and prevailing views of what is politically correct create powerful and censorious majorities.

On the Change.org page where the petition is offered, Canadian Verna Warner sensitively writes, “I will not visit the website because it then gains popularity by people visiting. I will however sign the petition to close it down.”  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the beating heart of feel-good censorship, and smoking gun proof of insufficient respect for free speech. I don’t have to know what views I’m censoring, Verna says. I’ll take your word for it, and support telling Americans what they can and can not say, write and believe.

The irony is that the arrogance, ignorance and insufficient regard for basic rights behind the noble petition to shut down Chimpmania is far more of a threat to our freedom and liberty than the racist site itself.

* But who said “Cowabunga!” first?


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150 thoughts on “Unethical Website of the Month: Chimpmania…And The Unethical Petition Opposing It

  1. The hilarious thing is that you continue to spew lies to TattooedRedHead. If you’re over the age of 30 and you don’t understand the meaning of censorship, and public displays on the Internet, then you should be very proud of yourself for discovering this fact.

    I like your paranoia. It’s fun to watch a coalburner go apeshit over nothing like a gorilla waiting to be fed.

    • Today’s moronic screed from one of the racists who discovered this blog when I defended their right to display their hate on the web for all to see, take in, vomit, and vow to fight with every fiber of their being, comes from the unfortunately naked “no niggers” I swear, I don’t even know what he’s talking about, but it doesn’t matter—he’s not getting back here again. As the great Rod Serling would say, “File this one in the dark corner of the human soul called racism, in one of the more unsettling counties of the realm of we like to call, “The Stupid Zone.”

        • I’m not in the mood for teaching Constitutional Law 101. Someone? By the way, one should never refer to anyone else as a moron while making a statement like that one, Bill. Causes mirth among the morons.

          • I didn’t mean it in a lawful sense… I meant perhaps such people should be allowed to post here repeatedly as to transparentize their ignorance.

  2. The site is hosted by Cloudfare. If you THINK they broke any laws, you can get them to rescind via TOS:

    CloudFlare reserves the right to investigate you, your business, and/or your owners, officers, directors, managers, and other principals, your sites, and the materials comprising the sites at any time. These investigations will be conducted solely for CloudFlare’s benefit, and not for your benefit or that of any third party. If the investigation reveals any information, act, or omission, which in CloudFlare’s sole opinion, constitutes a violation of any local, state, federal, or foreign law or regulation, this Agreement, or is otherwise deemed harm the Service, CloudFlare may immediately shut down your access to the Service. You agree to waive any cause of action or claim you may have against CloudFlare for such action, including but not limited to any disruption to your website. You acknowledge that CloudFlare may, at its own discretion, reveal the information about your web server to alleged copyright holders or other complaintants who have filed complaints with us.

    I would gather evidence IF any laws were broken, and simply do that. Otherwise if NO laws were broken, I would have to also side with the author on censorship being wrong. That would need to be determined by law enforcement officials. I would also check European laws as well if this is hosted in Europe.

    • Fishing for technical legal violations when the real reason one is opposed to an organization is its political or social positions is unethical and unAmerican.. Racist views are legal. Sexist views are legal. Nazi views are legal. It’s legal to hate things. It’s legal to say “nigger,” “cunt,” “retard,” and other vile words. Freedom of though and expression is paramount, and the current trend of trying to enlist the government in censorship is wrong.

  3. You say “I’ll defend to the death their right to do spew it” but you will not. Seriously, will you defend anything to the point of your own death? My guess that you will not. You cheapen the words and deeds of great Americans when you make these claims. You will probably go as far as “put up a blog” and type things, but to actually defend anyone or anything to the death, I’m guessing you are all talk.

    • I’m guessing you have no idea whatsoever what and who you are talking about. You don’t know whether Patrick Henry would have given up his life to, say, let Howard Stern be vulgar. You’re just making a groundless accusation and calling a bluff that I didn’t make, over a situation that is unlikely to arise, but I’ll point this out, jerk…when the day comes that my life is really endangered if I support the rights of racists to say racist things, there will be a lot more important abuses of power and suppression of liberty that will not only be worth dying to oppose, but that will be obligatory to oppose. Meanwhile, you’ll be trolling and posturing and doing nothing productive at all. What good are you?

      • I find it amusing that Jack was defending your right to spew your ignorance and yet you all attack him. Curious and curiouser!!!?!?

        I have learn that when you choose to wrestle with pigs you get dirty. So I have abstained from reading anymore uneducated dribble from people who spend their entire pathetic existence hiding behind a cartoon avatar and a fake name. Hatred breads hatred, so after my initial reaction of rage and irrational requests to remove my data, I have made peace with the fact that I may never know what filth hides like cockroaches behind their mindless uneducated rants and after allowing this to consume my life for almost three weeks, I pity anyone who lives in such hatred, with so much contempt and anger for people they don’t even know. It must be a sad and lonely existence to live everyday to bash someone as you sit all alone at your computer.
        It would appear to me that you are all socially inept in every way and I am sorry that you were so completely victimized that you live your life alone behind your computer screens preaching archaic, unevolved, unfounded babble. It’s a bit reminiscent of a classic homophobe. Secretly you all must love black people and the liberals who see us all as equals because your obsessive nature points to nothing more than adoration. It appears that you are all versed in Ebonics and secretly you all wish you were black!
        Again, you don’t even read what people are writing!!! At least if we engage in debate, get out your dictionary and make some sense. We all know you have plenty of time as you have no friends what so ever because if you did you wouldn’t spend all day on such a ridiculous website that has now become like a South Park farce in our home.
        Dear Chimpmania, thank you for teaching me valuable life lessons about the world. I forgot their were ignorant, uneducated, pathetic people whose lives are so empty and lonely that they must attack or attach themselves to people of success to feel worthy. I have been reminded of my strength and character and how much I am loved and respected in my community. I have looked at my life and feel proud that my children are successful beyond their years and that they too now understand that the world is filled with wonderful, kind, loving people that believe that peace, respect and acceptance is the only way to live together and that giving attention to or energy to these situations only empowers them.
        You may have gained a few members, your welcome, but I gained an experience that has empowered my family and made us stronger. So thank you for this life lesson. While you fester behind your screens, my husband and I will continue to provide jobs and create commerce in this country. While you continue to destroy, we will continue to create. While you check in to your pathetic, hate mongering site, I will be providing jobs and building companies to improve my life and the lives of others. So again thank you for the experience and reminding me of where my focus should be.
        Jack, good luck trying to have an educated exchange with people that apparently haven’t fully develooed their frontal lobe.

  4. i’ve lived in a black ghetto for a few months with my friend he was stupid enough to buy this house, it was cheap and it’s kind of in a hidden little spot on the edge surrounded by a little wooded marsh, but some of the main ghetto roads are 100 – 200 feet on the other side, pretty close. and it was still in the back corner you had to go down a few blocks to get to the main safe road out to the city. it was horrible. gunshots almost every night. even if it’s just them shooting off in the air, fights in the street sometimes. cops EVERYWHERE. flying by, doing raids, domestic calls. could not go in the streets, or ride a bike to any of the stores. definitely did not want to be seen in this area being white. the cops will eyeball you and more than likely stop you, either that all the brothers are trying to stop you and sell you dope or maybe rob you if your foolish enough to stop. one time during a 2 week period there was 10 very bad shootings, and multiple deaths and injuries in just about everyone of them. even had the cops raid the house while the owner friend was at work and they were looking for some black felon that rented last year from the previous owner. woke me up to pounding and they threw me in cuffs and they were bewildered that whites were living here. i had to keep telling them over and over that there were no blacks at the house, and the owner was NOT black, and they did not believe me at first they went through everything. they thought he might be hiding in this locked closet. i kept telling them it wasn’t my house and the owner is at work. again they kept asking if the owner is black or is there a black man in the house. it was very intense. i was telling them “hes got his family photos here somewhere look around!! its white people!! they asked if we had guns in the house. i said look where we are!! of course we do!!

    and whats hilarious is the first thing one of the agents said was “OHHH ARE THEY ASSAULT RIFLES!?”

    I LOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLED almost right out the chair in handcuffs!!!!

    in the end they left in shock and disappointed and i guess somewhat apologized on there part. theres many other instances i could go on about but it’s too much too write here. obviously i got the hell out!!! since then i think the guys house has been almost broken into and who knows what else!!

    NEVER again will i go through that.

  5. Disregarding all of the ignorant and disgusting things being said in favor of this website, just because there “should be no censorship”, have any of you been affected by it? Where is the line supposed to be drawn? I know a family TODAY that has lost their six year old son because a woman ran him over when he was getting on the bus. This happened last Wednesday, today being Friday, and his picture is already on that site showing a game of a little colored kid crossing a busy highway saying game over, as well as other hateful things. This family hasn’t even had time to bury that child and they are being picked on by some sick son of a bitch who gets off on disgusting and vile bullshit. My nephew, who’s 8, watched his little friend get hit. That is nothing to laugh about. It is a tragedy and those of you who promote it for whatever fucked up reason are also promoting the same torment to many other families on there. Shall I say, if it were you or someone you loved being publicly ridiculed, especially after death, you all would be crying the same damn thing. Fucking assholes.

    • So your standard is that if you are hurt, that justifies your advocating censorship and abridgement of free speech? I believe the term is “hypocrisy.” Or perhaps “mind-blowing stupidity, with a dash of arrogance.”If you advocate this when you are hurt, then you have to advocate the same when anyone else is hurt, or says they are hurt, or may be hurt, or is afraid someone else may be hurt. You really haven’t thought this through at all, have you?

      You’re essentially calling James Madison, George Mason, Patrick Henry, William O. Douglas and Hugo Black—I’m a dwarf in their presence—“fucking assholes”—“I’m HURT!!! Ban the F-word!” for not adopting your short-sighted, intellectually lazy, diving down the slippery slope, ripe for abuse, dictator-courting, 1984-evoking, pathetic, dumb, dangerous, liberty-threatening and un-American version of “free speech” because, what, you were educated at a school that gave out diplomas on the back of playing cards?

      Yes, by all means, let’s strangle opinion, dissent and debate so the family of a little black kid and his friend aren’t traumatized—THAT’s a great reason to appoint a White House “Speech Czar” who would also find it prudent to shut down conservative radio, the Weekly Standard, 5 out of 9 members of the current Supreme Court, and me.

      It is just amazing the any version of freedom exists in the U.S. at all, when so many dim-witted and hysterical citizens, like you, so casually advocate censorship and prior restraint. You are far, far more of a menace to our national welfare and future than all the devolved fools on Chimpmania rolled into one, big ball of crap with a collective IQ of 93.

      I will now give my enforcer, AblativeMeatshield, complete license to heap whatever First Amendment protected abuse on you he can muster. Whatever he comes up with, it won’t be enough.

    • Fuck. You.

      You do not, you censorious little cunt, get to decide what anyone is allowed to say.

      Absent a direct and immediate call for violence or defamation, any and all speech should be protected, especially speech that offends.

      I don’t give a fuck how old the kid was who was run down, I don’t care if your shitpile nephew was standing right-fucking-there, I don’t care if it was your fucking child – Speech. Is. Protected.

      People like you, who wring their fucking hands and piss and moan about “hurt feelings” and “the children” are the most dangerous fucktards on the planet. Free expression is the very fucking cornerstone of liberty, and you cuntflakes would have that all torn down because someone’s feelings are hurt?

      Not just hurt, but might be hurt? Has the family seen the shitty website that is populated by troglodytes? Who’s the fucker that pointed it out to them, for fuck’s sake? Be pissed at THAT asshole who thought pointing out the fucktardery was a good idea.

      But back to my central point, you fuck…

      You don’t get to decide what should be allowed, and no one else should, because the second you give up that freedom, it becomes a weapon. Whoever decides what we are allowed to say gets to control everything. By labeling as “offensive” anything that runs counter to a given ideology, discourse ceases. Like reddit deciding to not allow anything that violates the orthodoxy of AGW, debate ends and progress ceases. You would gleefully give up the right to fucking disagree because of someone’s fucking fee-fees.

      Fuck you.

      You want to counter chimpmania? Then use more speech.

      I hate those guys there. I would roast marshmallows if they were on fire. And yet the second you come after their right to say stupid and offensive shit, you becomes someone I would actually set on fire.

      So get fucked, asshole. You and the thuggish horse you rode in on.

      • Ladies and Gentlemen—AblativeMeatshield! Let’s hear it! A big hand! He’s here all week, friends…uncensored, passionate, American free speech at, if not precisely its best, certainly its most uninhibited!

      • Wow!!!! That was some serious abuse dished out!!!!
        Yes, my feelings were hurt when my family popped up on that site? Of course. but my issue was the defamation of my husband’s character and mine. He is a prominent professional, who has been trashed on the site as being a thief and a liar. He actually holds a patent for the work they accused him of stealing! I work with kids of every color. They spread lies around the Internet saying that I was a member of the black panthers. They had photos of my family with captions that read “due to ammo shortage, don’t expect a warning shot nigger”

        Is this considered a threat? Is this considered defamation? I do not believe in censorship but I believe in accountability for your words and actions. I believe when you attack people publicly that you should have to do it without hiding behind fake names and cartoon avatars. I believe in freedom and being held accountable!!

        • I actively don’t give a single fuck.

          The caption is not a True Threat – cope.

          Like every censor out there, you claim that you “do not believe in censorship” and then immediately suggest that censorship be used.

          And really, they aren’t doing their attacking “publicly”. Yes, anyone can see it, but to do so you have to actively seek it out. As such, here is my suggestion…

          Don’t go look at their site, you thundering moron.

          • Hey Scott,
            You are fluent with “fuck yous” and apparently you are a mysogenist the way you yield the word cunt!! A moron is not what or who I am!!! You apparently, with your lack of educated words are the moron!!! I just want the people that defamed me to do it in public!!! I’m not into burning books or censoring people I disagree with, even rude, foul mouthed, small minded, undeveloped assholes. However don’t call my husband a liar and thief!!!! Don’t post captions about killing people under photos of my kids!!! Don’t defame me by soreading malicious lies about me being a black panther!! So let me clearly state to you in language you can understand. Fuck them and you!!!!!

            • I’m not into burning books or censoring people I disagree with

              No, you just want to silence people that say mean things about you and make you feel bad.

              Yeah, you are totally not a censorous douchbag. No, not at all.

              And if you’re so educated, why does that comment look like it was written by a 14 year old who had too much Mt Dew?

              Get fucked, you hypocritical shitbag. Don’t you have a “Free Mumia” rally to go to or something?

              • Scott,
                They didn’t hurt my feelings!!!!! Are you brain dead???? They lied about my character!!!!!! They wrote things that were not true!!!!!!! That is slander!!!!! Look it up!!!! The problem is they hide in the dark like rats and cockroaches!!!! If you want to call me names and waste your life judging mine, then you are pathetic and I pity you, however, I won’t let you or anyone else fuck with my family or my ability to earn a living and believe me when I say. I wouldn’t waste a second thought on any of the under evolved scum that runs this site. Having said that, “don’t start none, won’t be none”. They brought the fight to me!!!! I was minding my business raising a family, running 2 business’ and employing people in my community!!!

                • They didn’t hurt my feelings!!!!! Are you brain dead???? They lied about my character!!!!!! They wrote things that were not true!!!!!!! That is slander!!!!! Look it up!!!! The problem is they hide in the dark like rats and cockroaches!!!!

                  Are you even reading what you write? Not only do you contradict yourself, you are starting to sound more than slightly unhinged… Did you miss a dose of your medication, maybe? Because I hear that can have nasty side-effects…

                  And if you are going to tell me to look up the law while telling me that things written on a website are slander, I’m only going to point and laugh at you, especially if you then go on to assume that anything you just said is legally accurate even if you HAD applied the correct legal term.

                  If you want to call me names and waste your life judging mine, then you are pathetic and I pity you, however, I won’t let you or anyone else fuck with my family or my ability to earn a living and believe me when I say. I wouldn’t waste a second thought on any of the under evolved scum that runs this site. Having said that, “don’t start none, won’t be none”. They brought the fight to me!!!! I was minding my business raising a family, running 2 business’ and employing people in my community!!!

                  Normally I would have broken that up into sections easier to poke at, but it is such word-salad, and so devoid of effective, accurate punctuation, I just can’t. Seriously, it’s like something a 5th-grader would write. There are fewer commas in an H.P. Lovecraft story.

                  I’m not judging you life, princess. I’m judging your words, and I find them both comically insane, and frighteningly pro-censorship.

                  And they didn’t bring anything to you. You went to them, nutty. I would suggest that you take deep breaths, but I’m more than passingly concerned that whatever made you this crazy is in the air.


                  Did a grown-ass-adult really use the line “don’t start none, won’t be none”? I thought that was something only Will Smith said in poorly written movies.

                  My gods.

          • Jack. If you read my first post on your site. I stated that I started the petition in a rage. After I understood that they were harmless troglodytes I closed my petition and bought a gun!! It’s funny that poor Paula Deen was censored for admitting use of the word nigger but chimpmania run by cloud flare and the company where the domain name is registered with, GoDaddy, can flourish and advertise during the Super Bowl!! Wether it’s legal or not doesn’t make it right!!!! And when I find them I will sue them for posting my photo on the Internet saying that I belong to a racist group like the panthers.

            • Good luck. But remember that faith and defense of free speech has to be able to overcome “rage.” And speech isn’t free it we don’t have those who facilitate unethical speech. GoDaddy serves an important function that ultimately benefits us all.

              • Jack, agreed! My rage does not constitute shutting down any site. To be honest it is a joke in our home. I find it comical now that I understand there isn’t a physical threat to my family. Having said that I would love to have the opportunity to know who these people are, to hold them accountable for the slander and defamation of my character.

            • It’s funny that poor Paula Deen was censored for admitting use of the word nigger but chimpmania run by cloud flare and the company where the domain name is registered with, GoDaddy, can flourish and advertise during the Super Bowl!!

              That’s because Paula Deen wasn’t censored, she felt (unfairly, in my eyes) the negative effects of saying a word that society has deemed abhorrent, and having the ignorance to be honest about the use. GoDaddy, on the other hand, merely provides a service, and what people do with it is beyond both their care and control. That you apparently think they should be punished for this again gives lie to your “I don’t want to censor anybody” position, because censorous thugs always want to punish those who make speech possible, especially when they can’t legitimately silence the speaker. It is why people protest and force colleges to dis-invite people like Anne Coulter (to the shame of the institution).

              Wether it’s legal or not doesn’t make it right!!!!

              Yeah! If only you could make them stop doing what they are allowed to do! Maybe a law or something… Oh, wait…

              And when I find them I will sue them for posting my photo on the Internet saying that I belong to a racist group like the panthers.

              Promise me you will sue them in California. Promise me. I love any opportunity for anti-SLAPP statutes to be used against idiots who think “people saying things I don’t like” is grounds for a lawsuit…

              • Scott,

                What is your issue? Call me names, judge me but don’t lie about my husband stealing an idea he patented!! Don’t say I am a member of a racist group!! These things are illegal!! Period!!! Keep chimpmania!!! I could give a fuck!!! Put me on a banner with an 8ball on my head and make threatening comments!!! Don’t fuck with my character!! I love white people!!! I’m white!!!! I love people of all ethnicities and I work with a diverse group of kids that if their parents thought I was a member of a racist hate group could effect my business!!! There is right and wrong, there is legal and illegal! Period!! See you in court!!! ❤

                • What is your issue? Call me names, judge me but don’t lie about my husband stealing an idea he patented!! Don’t say I am a member of a racist group!! These things are illegal!! Period!!! Keep chimpmania!!! I could give a fuck!!! Put me on a banner with an 8ball on my head and make threatening comments!!! Don’t fuck with my character!! I love white people!!! I’m white!!!!

                  Jesus, seriously, switch to decaf. Please. You are only embarrassing yourself.

                  I love people of all ethnicities and I work with a diverse group of kids that if their parents thought I was a member of a racist hate group could effect my business!!! There is right and wrong, there is legal and illegal! Period!!

                  Yeah, the problem is that you don’t seem to actually know the difference.

                  See you in court!!! ❤

                  Not for very long.

                  • Fortunately, my life is full and way to busy to spend my time trying to find out who is responsible. So they can continue to destroy people and I will continue to create and provide opportunities for people.
                    I also find it amusing that I agree with you about their rights but you have issues with me defending mine.

  6. Attention Racists: I’ve posted enough of the almost identically crude and vile “comments” from the racist contingent now. They are repetitious and depressing, and also pointless, so from now on I’m spamming them and sending them on to mental health professionals.

    If one of you sad, devolved hate-mongers can manage a comment without racial epithets and utter stupidity, and some semblance of a coherent argument, racist or not, I’ll let it run. But I’ve been more than fair, and you are abusing the privilege.

  7. Just trying to understand what you mean: so essentially the people on the site allowed to say whatever they want because of free speech, right? I don’t know too much about the stipulations of free speech, but when it comes to situations such as this one in which people are intentionally hurt, what sort of process would the opposition have to go through to take action if the issue is not covered explicitly by law? It seems to me that you’re defending the regulatory side of things, which is legally correct by way of current law. But doesn’t ethics also include the human rights side of things? Either way, if the law did not protect racist speech which violated human rights (and the petition cited this hypothetical regulation), would you say that the petition was then justified?

    Apologies for all the questions! I’m a student trying to understand this issue as it’s cropped up on several sites I’ve visited. Thanks!

    • Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress (What law-nerds of all kinds shorted to IIED and what Ken White of Popehat.com calls “butthurt in the first degree”) requires intent, and your inability to go forth with your day without seeing what I did.

      If I write something horrible about you on my blog, and then you come to my blog and see it, then you have sought out what I said, mitigating the tortious act.

      Also, if what I say has anything to do with anything that is of national concern (race in America, the child-molestation scandal of the Catholic Church, gays and their place and role in society, the Global War on Terror, etc etc etc) then I am absolutely shielded from both criminal prosecution and civil liability unless very specific conditions are met.

      Here is the problem I have with what you wrote – you have no right, human or otherwise, to not be offended or hurt by what someone writes or says. Period. Suggestions to the contrary are, as I have said before, absolutely antithetical to the notion of free expression.

      If I say “Islamic extremists have in the past carried out terrorist attacks, and some may seek to do so again”, here in America I am fine (the Left will bitch and moan like pussies because I might have offended one of the murderous dears, but there is fuck all they can do about it), but in Canada I could be prosecuted and fined for saying the exact same thing (Mark Steyn learned this the hard way).

      The protection of speech should be as near to absolute as possible, because anything less threatens your right to say what you want. Because when you give the government the authority to decide what is OK, you are giving your political opponents that power (because you will not always be in charge).

      Remember – never give anyone in government any power you would not wish to see wielded by your enemy.

  8. Guess you have never been on a BLACK kill YT & rape Yt wimmins and kill the POpO sites the black have, Chimpmania speaks the truth! If you weren’t so libtarded, you would see the truth!

  9. Wow all these comments are hilarious. By the way I completely agree that censorship is bad and free speech should be protected, I went to the Chimpmania site and they don’t seem to be breaking any laws so why try to censor them, if someone doesn’t like it then don’t go there.

      • I thought a lot of the arguments were funny as well as the posts by the Chimpmania people, I know it’s bad but I literally laughed out loud reading some of them.
        It is a little disturbing how so many people are in favor of censorship though, and extreme racism.

        But overall I agree with all of your posts/article.

        • Some of the stuff on Chimpmania is actually funny. Not the racism itself, but some of the more clever stuff. I like ethnic jokes, sexism jokes, gay jokes, whatever, as long as they’re actually funny and not merely cruel and offensive. Here’s one a black guy told me: What does a black man do after sex? 30 to life.

          • This is the dilemma with racist jokes—they can be funny becuaes they are so awful, or funny because someone thinks they are true. The motives for telling them are different and the laughter is different, but the harm may be the same.

            • Just laughter for me. Hurting someone is never funny to me, but I love to laugh and get others laughing. I laugh at what silly creatures we are, and how we take ourselves entirely too seriously.

  10. I prayed for those people on there…What’s interesting they just hate on black people and made me wonder how diverse the site users actually are. At least one indicated they might be Asian.

    But what weirdos. I wasn’t even sure what to pray for because where did or how did they develop their issue? But other people certainly should NOT look at this site and lose faith in others like the members let happen to themselves.

    I even tried to comfort myself by thinking that the members are exaggerating. Hoping they have some real humanity. They say they are “spreading the truth about -” [whatever derogatory term, but they never do just say “black people” because it’s too PC to impress their racist friends] but they only ever share the stories that were already available to the public.

    They mostly just spew cynical comments on articles and they write posts, playing their racist ad-lib game so deliberately it’s painfully ludicrous. The posts that are most disturbing are the ones insulting the misfortunes of children.

    Another weird comment I see is how some even say that blacks should back to Africa. After all the hate they spit out I scoff at the childishness, hypocrisy and relatively mild nature of such a comment. They don’t talk about genocide as that would violate the rules and be considered terrorism and result in an immediate shutdown. But I hope again, this is an indicator that these people are joking. Sadly though, even taking down the site won’t make these people change.

  11. How did the nation’s schools so successfully control the minds of America’s children? Censorship— they feed them one and only one logical chain of thought: the left’s conclusions. They recreated the faculty room and brought it to the text books and lesson plans. Americans know little of the First amendment and little of the Second. Many of these youth believe in the ideals of the prevailing thought on many subjects. Do they want the positions I feel are immoral rebutted? Not in the slightest. Thus the schools promote their ideals are centrist, pragmatic and reasonable; they challenge every form of information they feel threatens their realm of what they feel is true or right. The comical aspect is they actually believe there are two parties in America; in truth there are people who want America to go fast socialist or slower socialist.

    Then there is a small group of people who actually want a Republic. The Constitution failed in several major aspects: one is that there is no real check on judges when they fail to obey the Constitution. Two: the Senate and congress have no term limits. Three: the President’s executive order authority is not limited to just emergencies and war, which it should be. There are no states rights: Vermont should not have to act like Texas and Texas like Vermont. Sadly, a court system forces more conservative states to act liberal.

    I’m all for the dissolving the United States as a whole. I don’t want to force Illinois to act as I wish at all I just want a divorce from them so they can act as they wish without my funding it or being forced to obey it.

    • OK, I though the comment was serious and thoughtful enough to salvage, so I made extensive edits in punctuation, run-on sentences and spelling. Next time, I won’t: I’ll either let you look illiterate, or ding the comment entirely. Please have the courtesy to at least try to keep comments coherent.

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