When The Ethics Alarm Fails


Or, in the alternative, you’re an idiot.

The owner of a Wisconsin golf course has apologized for using a national disaster and the deaths of nearly 3000 Americans as a commercial promotion. Apparently he has done this before and nobody complained. How is this possible? Isn’t this the very definition of exploitive, crass, and disrespectful? Has the golf course owner grown up with fond memories of November 22 sales and December 7 parades?

How could it be that nobody in his family or circle of friends or the golfers at the course alerted him that such a 9-11 promotion was tone-deaf? If I’m about to do something this stupid and wrong, I expect those around me to let me know before somebody, like me, gets hurt. The owner’s associates failed their obligations too: we need to help each other do the right thing, because everyone’s ethics alarms malfunction sometimes.


Pointer: Althouse

Facts and Graphic:Channel 3000

5 thoughts on “When The Ethics Alarm Fails

  1. “We [all] need to help each other do the right thing.” Well said, it needs saying more. That requires a spirit of generosity, which is often missing when dealing with people doing the wrong thing.

  2. Pretty tasteless ad, created in a vacuum. He could have done something more respectful like “To honor those lives lost on 9-11 we will be giving American Flag pins or flags”

  3. Yep, tasteless has trumped compassion.
    Did everyone else notice that it also has the doubled deal at more than double the price? $18.22 would be twice. Being crass on top of stupid deal.

  4. 9-11 is a particularly troubling date because there are so many political correctness issues surrounding it. I’d like to think we all will someday treat it with the kind of historical respect I grew up seeing about December 7th. I suppose this is a sign that it never will.

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