Fairness And George Zimmerman

squashed 2George Zimmerman is in trouble again, this time from a domestic abuse incident. Presumably the justice system will work, and protect his pregnant girlfriend, as well as give Zimmerman whatever punishment the evidence indicates that he deserves.

In the meantime, the news media should be giving his misadventures back page rather than front page attention. I have heard Zimmerman described in the news media as the new O.J. Simpson, which is a slur (O.J. murdered two people in cold blood, with intent and malice aforethought), but which correctly describes how reporters want to treat him. In truth, he is the new Rodney King. Like Zimmerman, King was a maladjusted individual with poor judgment and a penchant for violence, who nonetheless did not deserve the fate that befell him, and was a reluctant celebrity. After the events and the trials stemming from his arrest (which was warranted), his resisting it (which was wrong) and his brutal beating (which was also wrong), King had more arrests and incidents involving law enforcement. These were news items, but not major ones, and the minor coverage they received was proper and appropriate.

Why is Zimmerman’s arrest the lead on this morning’s cable shows? It is because so many in the media fervently wanted him convicted of murder, and to have an official declaration that he stalked and killed Trayvon Martin out of racial prejudice, although there was, and remains, no evidence this was the case. Now they want to frame his current legal issues as proof that he should have been convicted, which is a biased, warrantless, illogical and unfair assumption. A far more plausible conclusion is that Zimmerman’s conduct and instability today arises from the chaos of his life, which was inflicted on him by a culture-wide, media-assisted effort to turn him into a national villain, and the face of racism in America.

He can’t find a job; he’s broke and millions in debt. He has all the disadvantages of celebrity, and none of the perquisites and benefits. One of Zimmerman’s intractable tormenters on cable yesterday opined that someone like him should never be allowed to carry a gun, which is as good an example of the brainless, knee-jerk reasoning of the anti-gun crowd as I could manufacture. George Zimmerman has a price on his head, and thousands of people, perhaps hundreds of thousands, have tweeted and Facebooked that they want him dead, and will be happy to see to it if the opportunity presents itself. If I were George Zimmerman, I’d carry a gun. Heck, I’d sleep with a gun. So would you.

I have always assumed that the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman Ethics Train Wreck would end in Zimmerman’s death or some other dire tragedy. Having conspired to destroy his life, the news media apparently wants to cheer from the sidelines as its handiwork has its desired effect. That is deplorable. Deplorable too will be when the Justice Department, as I fully expect it will, announces that it will defy the principle of double jeopardy and put Zimmerman through another trial for civil rights violations, not because it has a valid case, but because it will bolster President Obama’s  and his party’s disheartened base, and because under Eric Holder the U.S., Justice Department has little to do with justice and everything to do with political manipulation.

George Zimmerman got a fair trial and an undeniably fair verdict, and that is clearly the last fairness he can expect from his country, his government, and in his life. A shattered man, a pariah and a target, he is behaving in a self-destructive manner, which was predictable, as the late night talk shows make jokes about him. This requires a total disregard for the Golden Rule and basic decency, beginning with not kicking a helpless man while he’s lying on the ground and can’t get up. But this is raw hate, you see, not journalism, and definitely not ethics.


Facts: Washington Post

Graphic: Deviant Art

24 thoughts on “Fairness And George Zimmerman

  1. I remember choking over the story about him getting pulled over for speeding and let off with a warning. Specifically, the breathless innuendo with which the stories reported that “he told the officer he was carying a handgun.” OF. COURSE. HE. DID. Newsflash, every law abiding gun owner will tell the police he’s packing, it saves some nasty misunderstandings. I don’t even know if there’s anywhere it’s legal not to.

  2. This post explains why it is so rare for prosecutors rarely get sent to jail for unethical conduct .

    Both society and the news media are more interested in railroading people to prison for crimes (real or imagined) than in punishing prosecutors who railroad people to prison for crimes (real or imagined). Hell, there were more people who wanted Nakoula Basseley Nakoula to be prosecuted for murder than those who wanted Ken Anderson to be prosecuted for misconduct.

    Is it any surprise we have prosecutors who have the same mindset as those who wanted to get Zimmermann and Nakoula, due process be damned?

  3. Yep, Mr. Zimmermann has made some bad choices, no doubt about that. If I were him, I’d move to Utah or Idaho and try to get his financial problems settled. Or maybe become a Peruvian citizen, if they want him.

  4. I agree. The media needs to leave him alone. Perhaps he does have some underlying mental problems that should preclude him from possessing a firearm. But speculating about it in the media serves no purpose. Let the system do its job — especially given that this is a “he said, she said” story. It could very well be that he is fine and that she made it up.

  5. I’ve been trying to think of someone in recent history who compares to Zimmerman in regard to the overall wish for his demise. I can’t think of anyone. Even Simpson had a large network of supporters and was able to live a comfortable and even public life without fear of retaliation. There was a great deal of hate directed at Casey Anthony but I have no doubt that she can move on with her life if she chooses to do so without the barriers that Zimmerman faces. So, seriously….is there anything this man can do but hide? Does he have any options other than to move out of the country, change his name and hope that no one ever finds out who he really is?

  6. What’s even more infuriating about these Trial by a Jury of your Media, is that this latest Zimmerman incident ALSO has yet to be determined or investigated.

    Those who wish to double down on their anti-Due Process attitudes that led them to be sure of Zimmerman’s guilt in the Trayvon Martin scenario, are taking UNPROVEN allegations and uninvestigated ‘evidence’ from this latest event to ‘prove’ their improvable charges before.

    Just like it turned out before, in the altercation with his wife / ex-wife (does anyone know*), she, knowing his notoriety involving Trayvon Martin and guns, trumped up her accusations against him for emotional appeal. It turned out she was lying. Are we now, having been shown time and again why it is UNFAIR and UNETHICAL to broadcast the sentiments of the mob on an individual BEFORE any investigation?

    George Zimmerman may be an unhinged jerk, but the rights that protect you also protect him. If they don’t protect him, then they won’t protect you when the time comes for your convenient vilification to appease the mob. The American system of due process is meant err on the side of letting some bad people off the hook in order to ensure that most good people aren’t falsely convicted.

    *does anyone know if their divorce is final? I don’t much like divorce, but if a couple is getting a divorce, I generally hold in disdain those who already start dating again before the divorce is final.

  7. *does anyone know if their divorce is final?

    I read that his wife had him served while he was in jail for this most recent incident. She filed for divorce some time ago but did not know where he was to have him served so I can only assume they are not divorced yet. Of course, this is also assuming that what I read is the truth…which is a pretty big assumption.

    • Those who wish to double down on their anti-Due Process attitudes that led them to be sure of Zimmerman’s guilt in the Trayvon Martin scenario, are taking UNPROVEN allegations and uninvestigated ‘evidence’ from this latest event to ‘prove’ their improvable charges before.

      It so disturbs me that there is a such significant proportion of people with anti-Due Process attitudes. It further disturbs me that the media actually promotes such attitudes.

      Is it any wonder that there is more outrage agaijnst George Zimmermann than Ken Anderson ?

      Or Ed Jagels, who spearheaded the Kern County child abuse cases?

      Or Wanetta Gibson?

      Or what happened to Grant Snowden?

      Or what happened to Gerald Amirault?

      Or what happened to Timothy Cole?

      Because George Zimmermann is worth more than a Graham’s number of Ken Andersons, Ed Jagels and Wanetta Gibsons put together. I would rather have George Zimmermann be in charge of prosecuting sex crimes than those who prosecuted Grant Snowden, Gerald Amirault, or Timothy Cole.

      And anyone who disagrees with me is a traitor to the United States of America.

      And we all know what the penalty for treason is…

  8. This ranks right up there with the recent publication nationwide of the fact that Katherine Harris’ husband killed himself. He was not of national prominence, and she left national prominence in 2007. However, she became the face of Bush’s “theft” of the presidency when she certified the Florida vote. The only reason HP and other liberal media factories are putting it out there is so that like-minded liberals can have a laugh or issue solicitoufake condolences that all begin with “I’m sorry for the family but…”

    • What is the issue. Me, I think he represents

      1. The risk that any of us can be pilloried, targeted and exploited by the news media, activists and high elected officials to achieve long and short term political ends, and that there is precious little we can do about it.
      2. The cowardice of local law enforcement officials when race is involved, or made to be involved, in any investigation
      3. That the jury system is still capable of surprising us, and actually working the way it is supposed to.

  9. I think Georgie needs to wise up.
    Stay away from guns and drama.
    Get some education and possibly some counseling.
    He’s got a history of making poor choices.
    If he doesn’t change his ways, he is going to wind up in prison.

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