Thanks, Everyone, For A Successful, Lively, Enlightening 2013!

Ethics Alarms ends 2013 with close to 300,000 more page views than 2012, and this was it best month ever, with a full 25% more activity than the previous high. Thanks to everyone who read, lurked, linked, objected, weighed in and contributed. The Best and Worst in Ethics for the year will be posted here soon, so be on the look-out.

And good night, tgt, wherever you are…

Happy New Year, Everyone!

14 thoughts on “Thanks, Everyone, For A Successful, Lively, Enlightening 2013!

  1. Happy 2014 Jack! Yours is the best of the brain-feeding blogs I have found. May you enjoy the best of health, and may your blog continue to multiply ethics heroes and heroism, while exterminating ethics dunces and duncehood – and may you, your commenters, and followers guide, more effectively than ever before, the cultures of societies to new and sustained high standards of decency, civility, and overall ethical excellence.

  2. I must be a trendsetter! I found your blog this year and I like it very much.
    Of course I’m joking about being a trendsetter. Your blog refreshing and your hard work shows. Your commenters are above average and I learn something new every day either from you or from them. Thank you.

  3. Oh, go pound sand, ;->

    Happy New Year, Jack, and personal thanks for being one of a handful of bloggers I ALWAYS read.Larger thanks for being the Grand Marshal of the small-town parade of people who actually care about what’s right and wrong.

    Let us all pray that the town will grow, and that the people who care will proceed from there.

  4. Jack, since my wife pointed me to you earlier this year, I have had cause to thank her several times. That’s a sort of left-handed compliment, since without you, I wouldn’t have cause to thank her. I’m going to be doing my drinking in my living room. Happy New Year to all!!!

  5. Happy New Year! Thank you for your time and effort. Happy New Year to all you etharms as well! I was typing Ethics Alarms regulars and etharms regulars is what showed on the screen. Hopefully this new year will bring me a better keyboard.

  6. Jack, your blog is a lifeboat for those of us who have realized what sea of disingenuousness, political correctness, self-serving cynicism we have had to flounder in. I wish you and you family a Happy New Year. Looking forward to The Best And Worst Ethics post coming up.

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