So Whoopi Goldberg Is A Hypocrite, A Bully And A Racist: Who Is Going To Hold Her Accountable?

Or fine her two million dollars?

"Whoopie, you ignorant slut..."

“Whoopie, you ignorant slut…”

Donald Sterling expresses racist sentiments in a private conversation in his home and his bedroom, and becomes a national pariah. he is fined millions, and forced to sell his property, his NBA team. He is attacked in columns, blogs and news broadcasts as “disgusting”..”vile”..”the worst of the worst.” His players threaten to refuse to play.

Whoopi Goldberg expresses racist sentiments on a nationally broadcast TV show. Industry sources say that her “clout” on the view is getting stronger; she is the only host who is not fired, or leaving for other reasons.

Yes, it really is that simple. Like Sterling,Whoopi Goldberg is a racist. She has far more visibility and negative influence on the culture than Donald Sterling. Why doesn’t ABC regard her as a detriment to its reputation and business as much as the NBA does Sterling? There are several reasons:

  • The media and too much of the public accepts a blatant, hypocritical double standard.
  • African-American celebrities, politicians and artists, as well as women, are given far more leniency and held to far less accountability for their offensive, racist and sexist statements and conduct. Such lower standards are degrading to them, if useful. Habitual big mouthed bullies like Goldberg exploit the license habitually. The only differences between Goldberg and Alec Baldwin are pigmentation and a y-chromosome. That’s enough to get Baldwin fired from his gigs, and Whoopie extended in hers.
  • White celebrities and colleagues, unlike Sterling’s black team members, have yet to show the integrity and courage to challenge Goldberg, call her what she his, condemn her racism, and refuse to work with her. They should.
  • The mostly liberal pundits are hypocrites, and refuse to condemn one of their own.

Debating, of all things, political correctness on The View with conservative commentator Will Cain, Whoopi was getting thrashed, because her reasoning abilities, education and experience lag far behind her arrogance, certitude, and emotionalism. So, naturally, she indulged in an ad hominem attack as well as racial and gender stereotyping, denigrating Cain’s argument and suggesting bias with the slur, “That is spoken like a true white guy.”

The attack, by the way, was called a “quip” by the flagrantly biased Huffington Post. If Cain had come back with “And spoken like a true, black high school drop-out, Whoopi!,” would that also have been a “quip”?

Whoopi had been arguing, lamely, for social censorship, saying that “we have a history of utilizing words to harm people and hurt people and the people who have been on the other side of it, I think are at the point where they’re saying, this is not okay anymore.”  It’s not okay, and by the way, you’re opinions are not worthy of respect because you’re white. No offense! Goldberg doesn’t comprehend such nuances as self-contradiction, hypocrisy and irony, you wee. No matter! She’s on the “right” side, and the “right” color.

Just as a review, here’s just some of what’s wrong with what Whoopi said, the sentiments she expressed, and the ugly stereotypes she wants to perpetrate:

  • It attempts to devalue an opinion based on the race of the individual holding it. That’s racism.
  • It implies that white people’s opinions are not as valid as those of non-white people. That’s racism.
  • It uses the race of an adversary as a weapon against his position, rather than rebutting the position itself. That’s bullying, unfair debate tactics, and, oh yeah, racism.
  • It uses Cain’s race to attempt to silence him. Racism, and also unfair.
  • It reduces the debate to name calling. That’s uncivil, and also a dishonest debate tactic.
  • It’s really, really stupid. Believing that words and ideas shouldn’t be banned because some people find them “offensive” isn’t a white concept, or a male concept. It’s called an American concept.

What would have been the reaction, I wonder, if Cain had said, “Whoopi, that comment exposes you as a bigot, a sexist and a hypocrite. If you can’t argue the merits of your position, and you obviously can’t, without trying to undermine me with racial attacks, then you are a disgrace to The View, and ABC.  No white male, as well as no fair and unbiased person of any gender and color, should be willing to work with you, even by your own rules. I’m leaving, and I’m not returning to this show or any other that tolerates racist bullies as hosts” ?

Cain didn’t, of course, because even he has been cowed into accepting the double standard, and recoils from calling a black racist what she has just proven that she is. Whoopie’s racism and bullying works, you see. It will continue to work, too, until whites, men, and fair Americans all treat her exactly like she wanted Donald Sterling to be treated.


Facts: Fox News, Huffington Post


31 thoughts on “So Whoopi Goldberg Is A Hypocrite, A Bully And A Racist: Who Is Going To Hold Her Accountable?

  1. As the Token White Conservative, Will Cain is only on The View as a legitimate target of the others and their well-screened studio audience. He likely understood that when he agreed to join the program after Elizabeth Hasselback (sp?) had served her time in the barrel. Nor could the producers have failed to understand what they were getting from the onset when they hired Whoopie Goldberg. She gets away with it and will continue to because she plays to the prejudices of the show’s base audience. Someday, that sort of thing is going to turn around and bite Whoopie and her supporters. Maybe sooner than they think, too. America has just about had a gutful of this double standard over the last half century… and not just whites, either.

  2. You’re wasting your time, Jack. Victimhood and accusations of privilege have become so powerful and fear so pervasive at this point that not ethics, not logic, not anything can counter them. The fear is also not without legitimacy, as you point out. Sterling was DESTROYED because someone recorded and leaked a private conversation, and George Allen and to some degree Mitt Romney were irreparably damaged because someone caught and letter released comments not intended for public consumption. The merest whiff that you are on the wrong side, or even hesitant to embrace the right side, and you are done.

    The problem at this point is that an increasing number of issues are emerging that it’s impossible to have an intelligent conversation on and it’s becoming increasingly acceptable to just silence the other side. If you say that someone like Sandra Fluke is advocating for irresponsible social policy, you’re prosecuting the war on women, end of discussion. If you criticize anything associated with black culture, you are a racist, end of discussion. If you are against redefinition of marriage, you are a homophobe, end of discussion. And if you are a white, hetero male, you shouldn’t even BE in the discussion to begin with because you just don’t get what any of these folks have experienced. That goes triple if you are a conservative white hetero male, because then you’re just evil. And as my now-deceased Scoutmaster used to say when admonishing the scouts for misbehaving, if I sound a little angry… it’s because I AM. The non-white, non-male, non-hetero folks have spent the last 6 years insulting, marginalizing, silencing, and doing their damnedest to see that conservatives are shut out of the national conversation and the mainstream has just gone along with it, as have more than a few conservatives, who think the only way forward is to walk to the liberal Canossa. Unfortunately Will Cain is stuck, it’s his job to be the straw man Whoopi can knock down, but some of the rest of us aren’t buying it. This nation’s due for a rude awakening soon.

    • To be fair, what George Allen said was at a campaign rally, a public event.

      Also, if I ever decide to run for any kind of office, I fully intend to make a habit of asking if any reporters from the Washington Post are present. Whenever I am informed that there are, I will begin my remarks by repeating the word “macaca” 20 times in a row.


  3. Steve and Steven, unfortunately, I agree with you. I say “unfortunately” because the problem is being perpetuated by a population that supports a nanny-like approach to social ills. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, conceived by JFK and pushed through Congress by LBJ made it illegal to discriminate on the basis of race. The liberals promptly began discriminating on the basis of race, apparently based on the erroneous assumption that black people were incapable of competing in the world without special assistance. Since they eventually came to control the schools, both K-12 and higher education, the government and society as a whole, they produced many people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson (and Jr.) and Whoopi Goldberg, all of whom are, quite frankly, racial apologists. They also produced the most divided modern society since the Roman Empire.

    That said, I believe that you are both right, there is a backlash coming. I frequent (well, not that frequent) a bar in South Texas and I have been listening to the comments in that bar. First the population of the bar is about equally divided between long-resident Latinos and long-resident Anglos, both farmers and ranchers. Until about 4 years ago, if the news was on in that bar, it was for the weather only. Now it is not unusual to find 3 of the 5 TV’s on the news and at least one on Fox. More importantly, the comments are becoming more and more anti-liberal, from both populations, although I repeat, both are local farmers and ranchers. And recently, a new population has been added to that bar…oil-field roughnecks. I will leave to your imagination what they are saying (racially, they are a mixed bag, comprising all 4 racial groups).

    To sum up, Whoopi, Al and Jesse are doing their constituents no favors. In essence, the three of them are giving their listeners an excuse to be non-productive and outcasts from society. No, I have never had the experience of being a slave, but then, neither has any of these three. I have never had the experience of being black, but I have had the experience of being the sole Anglo in an Navajo and a Hopi community, and believe me, it ain’t fun. But it is also no excuse for my lack of advancement, etc. In my case, I was just too bone lazy. Dr. Ben Carson was not.

    I hope that when the backlash comes, it does not produce the kind of violence that seems almost inevitable, because it would likely then tear this country apart. I also hope that individual states do not decide to take it upon themselves to go their own way. I know, SMP, that there is a belief in Texas that we CAN make our own way, but it would be difficult and frankly, I would rather not try.

    • Good points. As to your last one, I’d say that- given the current situation- Texas (and all states, BTW) have to be ready to stand on their own. The federal government is, at best, a hindrance and at worst, a potential threat to our liberties themselves.

          • Granted, but in the event of a secession, you don’t really think the Fed, especially THIS Fed, will just let us go, do you? If the Texas border was closed and we were blockaded, subsistence farming would be a best-case scenario.

              • Well considering that the current US Navy is probably 10,000 times more powerful than the Mexican Navy of the mid 1800s and the current Texas Navy is probably 100 times less powerful than the Texas Navy of the mid 1800s, I’m afraid that scenario would be humiliatingly brief no contest.

                • I hear this line of thinking a lot, and think it betrays an overabundance of faith in weaponry. There are places in this world where people have stood firm against tanks, machine guns, and flamethrowers with little more than rocks, sticks, and Molotov cocktails. Men win battles – not guns.

                  • I’m afraid though, on the high seas (the battlefield of SMP’s objection), ships are a necessity, not just men.

                    If, on a wild hypothetical, we did explore this, Texas vs the rest, the inland battle would play out differently, and still not end with an independent Texas.

                  • The key of any constitutional crisis leading to war wouldn’t be a spontaneous civilian uprising, like I think many of the dreamers envision. No, the key would be the state governments. A spontaneous civilian uprising, lacking the legitimate institutions of government, simply wouldn’t last.

                    If the state governments endorsed the conflict, it would be a different story.

                    • That’s just about what I was going to say (on a serious note) before I had to go. Now or at any time (but especially now) every state should have in place the means and organization to stand alone in case of disaster, invasion or tyranny. This is the essence of the popular militia. “Well regulated”, as the 2nd Amendment so aptly put it.

    • “I know, SMP, that there is a belief in Texas that we CAN make our own way, but it would be difficult and frankly, I would rather not try.”

      No, it would be impossible if the scenario were Texas vs all the other States.

      If America’s current Cold Civil War really did erupt, I think we’d see a situation settle in which the North American heartland becomes the Cultural Core of America. Right now, the Cultural Power Core of America is the Boston-Washington Corridor. Modern technology and time has allowed that to decentralize some, with a variety of Cultural Strong points erupting in locations from Chicago to Houston & New Orleans, as well as places out West in California.

      But if the system did break down, it would ultimately reunite… geopolitically it would almost have to. But the new cultural power center, I think would settle somewhere between Chicago and Houston. Annoyingly, the most logical location would New Orleans (or slightly inland of that location). But would a break up of the nation occur? I donno and I doubt it, the Power Core, currently Boston-Washington, is simply too powerful, and the decentralized growing power centers are still tied to that central core.

      • Tex, my guess would be that this whole scenario would depend on which way the armed forces went. If they elect to sit it out, your scenario is likely. If they take an active role in defending the central government, the power will stay back east. If, however, they fragment into discreet units fighting for whichever state they happen to be in, all bets are off.

        • The Armed Forces remain firm in their dedication to their oaths to defend the nation and the Constitution. This despite many efforts by the current regime to demoralize and degrade them. One of the last things I worry about is Obama utilizing the Armed Forces for a power grab. I’m more worried about his paramilitary “police” scattered around every executive department, but most concentrated in DHS and DoJ.

          • And that’s the catch. If our current Cold Civil War were to erupt, both sides would be centered around Constitutional rhetoric, with both sides claiming to be fighting for the Constitution. In which case individuals in the military would decide which “side” to pick.

  4. I’m not feeling as eloquent as the three posters before me:
    I hate Whoopi’s stinking guts.
    The View is circling the drain.

  5. In situations like these, the ability to quickly identify the flaws in a person’s point of view and articulate them clearly and calmly rises to paramount importance. Clarifying questions are the most powerful tools (or weapons) reasonable people have against people like these. It’s important not to shy away from these arguments when there’s actually something at stake, and if you’ve got some time to practice. I, for one, find it rather invigorating to deconstruct others’ emotions, and empty the significance from their words.

  6. I have strong fellings for WOPPY GOLDBERG as A Actress and A Entertainer but she has LOST it as A far as a being A role MODEL for young WOMAN of COLOR .WE AS A PEOPLE WILL GET TO THE PROMISE LAND.Money can change your Life style, but it can’t and will not change your HEART.Life is not about LUCK , LIFE IS about God’s mercy and his BLESSINGS for MANKIND.

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