This Settles It, In Case There Were Any Lingering Doubts: Where Sex Is Concerned, Men Are Idiots

And they read The Huffington Post!

And they read The Huffington Post!

Shelley Dufresne, 32, and Rachel Respess, 24, both teachers at Destrehan High School in St. Charles Parish in New Orleans, have been arrested after credible evidence surfaced that they had engaged a 16-year-old male student in a three-way sex romp.

You can read about this nauseating incident here. Needless to say (but as I will soon demonstrate, I do need to say), this is the ultimate breach of trust by a teacher, and not merely rape, but gang rape. Age, authority, role, everything is wrong here. If these women are not treated exactly like  two male teachers who did the same, and my guess is they won’t be (the Debra LaFave factor is in their favor: they aren’t hideous), it will be a disgrace to the community and justice.

But you all knew that, because Neanderthals don’t read ethics blogs. Not these commenters, though, on the Huffington Post, which tends to attract liberal-minded readers. As the comments below prove, however, the toxic Y chromosome overcomes ideology. Read ’em and weep…

Mike Martin: The victim was treated at a local hospital… for injuries to his wrist after a plethora of high fives from classmates.

Mouad El Bouanani: Im laughing so hard mate

Dennis Woodard: Lol. Aint that the truth! Like seriously! He wasnt going to brag to friends!

Rick Fitzgerald: When are the ladies going to learn that young men could never keep their mouth shut after snagging a teacher. Much less two at the same time.

Patrick BeMent : Well,, the young man learned an important lesson here. When you are lucky enough to fall into that situation, keep your mouth shut.

Dean Yasuda: If you keep your mouth shut, you’re probably not doing it right.

Walid Osama:“My son is taking it difficult” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight..

Kris Schaumburg : In all honesty they were doing him a favor. He is now catapulted to Demi-God status.

Tony A Aragon: Yeah, He’s sad that its over.

Qamron Joseph Crooks : Let’s be honest, in some of these cases the “victim” was plenty pleased with the situation – In others, they were actually victimized. Goes for both sexes.

Clyde Daisley: AGAIN!!.. Where were these teachers when I was in high school!!.. Yep been cheated!

James L. Walker : Bet all three got off easy! Maybe two or three times!

Wayne E Naylor : You can’t rape the willing Mr. Akerberg. noun This young man was in heaven, not forced. He was NOT RAPED.

Yes, later on an occasional male tried to make an intelligent comment, balanced by the equally occasional females who agree with the fools above. This is an accurate representation of the thread, however.

I’m going to go castrate myself now.


Pointer and Spark: Fred

Graphic: Roger Ballen

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22 thoughts on “This Settles It, In Case There Were Any Lingering Doubts: Where Sex Is Concerned, Men Are Idiots

          • Don’t be ashamed, Tex. I see that Jack has still yet to catch his remark about “neandrathals”! Anyway… who of us haven’t encountered an analogy of those two gentlemen pictured above? (I usually refer to them as Bartholomew and Chauncey.)

            • I still don’t like it. Men HAVE AN INNATE DRIVE that emphasizes sexuality… and not only that they have an INNATE DRIVE to diversify the carriers of their genetic material.

              Natural urges don’t make a person an idiot…even Einstein had those urges (an intelligent guy)…Jordon Belfort had those urges (an intelligent guy).

              Decent people, however, know, through discipline, to suppress those urges to a socially manageable level. What we have here is a lack of decency, not a lack of intelligence.

              That’s why I don’t like the picture of two guys (who otherwise probably were decent humans) who had the unfair saddling of nature to be clinical idiots to be equated with man-boys who never chose to follow the path of decency.

              • I’d hardly deny that good motivations are more important than intelligence. The most dangerous men on Earth are those with high intelligence, but are lacking the good motivations with which to employ that intelligence. There are no lack of those in modern America alone.

              • It’s decency and intelligence. The ignorance of law, authority, consent, maturity, exploitation, coercion, adult obligations, trust, common sense and rape displayed by those comments go way beyond decency to utter stupidity. Yes, they are indecent—they are also drooling morons, who don’t know right and wrong from a fudgesickle.

                • And yet a completely unintelligent man, an idiot, if you will, can be quite decent on the topic of sex and a Rhodes Scholar could be an utter cur in regards to things like this.

                  The difference matters and exists. And conflating clinical idiots who may be decent with the type of swill who encourage the episode you blogged about here is unfair to them.

        • I’ll take the note. It’s not easy coming up with graphics for all these posts, you know. I was looking for more directly correlated idiots, but I like those guys. They have a little bit of immortality. That’s something.

  1. This doesn’t bode well for civilization.


    1) Weak fathers
    2) Generally destroying holistic masculinity in our culture
    3) Cultural portrayals of men as dimwits driven by their penises only being rewarded and accepted

    On a side note, ultimately related:

    This morning I caught 5 minutes of the today show in which actors portrayed domestic violence on the street. Alternating the scenario each time, to a tee people stepped in to mitigate the situation when the man was slapping around the woman but often cheered, VIDEO-RECORDED, or even HELPED when the woman was slapping around the man.

  2. The belief that if a grown man has sex with an underage girl it’s a serious crime, but if a grown woman has sex with a boy she’s doing him a favor, is just one of those double standards that is never going to fade, because there’s a dim belief that all young girls are pure “sugar, spice, and everything nice,” who need to be absolutely protected until they are ready to be married (and then shoved out the door as quickly as possible once a suitable husband is found), while all young boys are muscle and drive who are supposed to want to nail anything wearing a bra, and it’s expected that they will “sow a few wild oats” before they become those suitable husbands to yoke daddy’s little girl to.

    In reality most girls are perma-texting, gossiping troublemakers who are looking to one-up their friends, a few of them by being the first to pop their cherry or make it with the cutest guy, and most young guys are driven, but they aren’t sure toward what until all-sex-all-the-time popular culture points them in that direction. Unfortunately very few sixteen-year-olds, getting pimples and going through puberty, are where they need to be looks-wise or resources-wise to nail the cute cheerleader with long blonde hair or even the second-tier girl next door, so to them a hot blonde teacher, leave alone TWO at once, must seem like a godsend. The boy now has the ultimate bragging rights, not only can he one-up the “bad boy” who got the girl next door to do him, not only can he one-up even the football player who’s with the head cheerleader, but he can even one-up the girls whose earlier development lets them set their sights higher, like on the fully-grown college students who have cars and freedom.

    Now, on the other hand, if one of these perma-texting, wiseassy Lena-Dunhams-in-training throws herself at a male teacher, he’s in trouble, any way it goes. If he takes advantage of the situation, it’s a crime (and it should be), and if he tells her to get lost, he’s done anyway, since she will just make up a lie that he made a play for her and the entire community will rally around her and call for his death, which also goes back to why these two ladies will get a light sentence. Beauty is power.

  3. Just wait, one of them will have a kid, and the student will be forced to pay child support.

    Short notes: Kid who was statutorily raped at 14, by his 20 year old babysitter. Is being forced to pay child support for their 9 year old child. $15,000 in back child support, medical bills and 10% interest. Two things struck me then: one, If the genders were reversed, the male rapist would NEVER get custody, nevermind child support, nevermind medical bills, nevermind interest. And two, because while this 14 year old kid was sitting at home watching Saturday morning cartoons, he was actually accruing debt to his rapist.

    Ew. Ew. ew. ew. ew. ew. ick. ew.

  4. I wonder if these males would give their fifteen-year-old daughters a high-five if they come home pregnant with their teachers’ babies.

  5. The concept of older women teaching young men “the ropes” isn’t all that absurd. Like most things, sex is a learned skill. In Huxley’s Island, boys were given formal instruction by older women, which made them better as sex partners when they got into relationships.

    But that presupposes a functional society, which only seems to happen in fictional novels.

  6. Welcome to Mrs. Dufresne’s class!!!

    About myself: I

    *Graduated from Destrehan High School, 2000

    *Graduated from Louisiana State University, 2005

    B.S. – Secondary Education

    *Am married to Wes Dufresne

    *Have three beautiful children: Gabriel, 7, Ava, 5, and Mason, 3

    *Am a life-long resident of St. Charles Parish

    *Am the daughter of Noelie Hotard McNeill and Emile St. Pierre

    This will be my tenth year teaching at Destrehan High School. I take my job and my students’ education seriously and try my best to help all of my students be successful; however, this requires work and effort on the part of each of my students. I hope that all of my students have a great experience in my classroom and leave with the tools they need to be successful throughout the rest of their high school careers and in life.

    My schedule for Fall 2014 is as follows:

    1st period – English III Group Sex

    2nd period – Planning (9:00-10:30)

    3rd period – English III Group Sex

    4th period – English III Group Sex

    Please feel free to contact me by phone during my planning period, or you can contact me via email any time. Thank you.


    Shelley St.Pierre Dufresne

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