15 thoughts on “Today Is The 70th Anniversary Of VE Day

  1. Nothing I write can express what I feel about your dad and mine and the thousands of others who served honorably and courageously. They deserve better than what we have done with their sacrifice.

  2. Thanks to my Dad, 2 of my Father-In-Laws, my Uncle and my Great Uncle. All are deceased, all were veterans of World War II. Fine gentlemen all, even my Dad.

  3. I was nine years old on VE Day. There are not too many of us left who are able to say that we lived through those days and actually remember what was happening, not so much from the media but from those who were fortunate enough to return. It took years for some to share their memories and experiences and some never could. I remember the letters and the horror of the photographs and the endless discussions while sitting around the radio, hearing the often-delayed news. As youngsters, we didn’t have to be taught patriotism, we just had to listen and know that we were the luckiest humans on earth to live in America.

    The American soldier deserves so much respect and gratitude – from George Washington’s army to our best and brightest today who serve without support from their Commander in Chief. The CIC, who thought yet another flight on Air Force One was more important than pretending to honor the fallen on a day so important in our history. Sadly, all the years of liberal propaganda and brainwashing have made it almost impossible to return to those days of awe for the sacrifices of our military who are forced to follow rules of engagement that make it impossible to do battle the way our WWII military did.

    To our military, past and present, and their families: this old lady thanks you.

    • Disgusting, isn’t he? Like a child. He sent representatives to attend the funerals of serial felons Mike “Swisher Sweets” Brown, and Freddie “Oww, my back!” Gray, but no one to the funeral of the cops killed by Gentle Giants in NYC. Same happened with Whitney “I Will Always Love Crack” Houston and Chris Kyle. A real class act. And we’re supposed torespect him, call him “Mr. President”? Not me. Never.

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