Celebrity Ethics Rule: If You Are Going To Be Stupid And Ignorant, Don’t Make Other People Stupid And Ignorant Too

Jenner on Twitter

The author of the above embarrassment via Twitter, is Kylie Jenner. I feel sorry for Kylie Jenner. She’ll probably be rich, and she’s already famous, but the chances of her life being anything other than an interminable smut-storm of scandals, bad relationships, marriage-less pregnancies, rehabs, reality show spin-offs and episodes that would embarrass anyone not named Kardashian are close to nil. She is part of the latest generation of the culture-rotting clan of lucrative media freaks created by the Machiavellian Kris Jenner, widow of late O.J. Simpson lawyer Bob Kardashian. Kylie was doomed from conception, birthed by a mother lacking scruples, morals or shame, growing up on reality TV shows, with three slutty sisters as her role models and controlled by a mom who would have been a bordello madam, pimping out her daughters, in the era before cable.

Troubled narcissist transsexual Bruce Jenner is her father; professional rapping narcissist Kanye West is her brother-in-law. There has never been a whiff from any member of the extended family that any of them sees or is capable of seeing any value in literature, history, civics, science, knowledge, thought, thinking…anything involving the brain at all—in fact, anything that doesn’t involve self-promotion, exhibitionism, money, conspicuous consumption, atrocious taste, and sex.

OK, so Kylie’s an idiot. That’s too bad, but the girl has 9 million twitter followers, and it’s not too much to ask that she doesn’t use her undeserved prominence and outsized megaphone to make millions of idiot clones. Tweet about fashion, tweet about your sisters, tweet about their boobs, or your boobs, or partying, or what it’s like to have a father transitioning to womanhood on reality TV, but don’t spread misinformation, bad science and conspiracy theories that a simple visit to Snopes.com would debunk in about five minutes even considering that you move your lips while you read, as I’m sure you do, you silly, silly twit.

Here, I’ll do your work for you. From Dennis Mersereau on his site, the Vane:

The thin, wispy clouds left behind by high-flying aircraft are known as contrails, short for condensation trails. These clouds are left behind as a result of the warm, moist exhaust of the plane’s engines meeting the extremely cold temperatures of the upper atmosphere. It’s a similar principle behind why you can see your breath on cold mornings.Contrails appear and disappear based on the moisture content of the air through which the plane is passing. If the upper atmospheric air is moist, the plane will leave a contrail that could last hours and spread out into a deck of cirrus. If the air is extremely dry, it might not leave a contrail at all.

Google. Surely you can Google, Kylie? Talk to someone—Good God, not someone in your family!!!—with an actual education. Read a damn book, go to a libr…never mind, I’m sure you’ve never been in one. What was I thinking? The point is that you know absolutely nothing about anything, and your speculations on virtually any topic requiring a comprehension of actual facts are only going to pollute minds, public literacy and the culture.

It is not the “white stuff” that is dangerous. It is the stupidity, intellectual slovenliness, civic incompetence and abuse of fame that you, your family members and a hoard of other IQ deficient celebrities inflict on trusting fans whose brains aren’t yet completely softened beyond repair. Go ahead, be a moron, screw like crazy, show your tits, embarrass us about the fact that you’re not embarrassed, waste your life on trivia, but don’t make other, unsuspecting, trusting people as dumb as you are, because they aren’t rich like you are, and for normal people, being dumber than a sea slug is a serious life handicap.


Pointer: The Daily Beast


41 thoughts on “Celebrity Ethics Rule: If You Are Going To Be Stupid And Ignorant, Don’t Make Other People Stupid And Ignorant Too

  1. She saw 75 planes? While driving? Who are these people called Honey Bee? What is “responcible”? Yes, hopefully that something IS you. Shut up and show me your tits.

  2. Her being able to make people as dumb as her is debatable. It seems to me that anyone dumb enough to listen to her is already there.

  3. My son’s mother in law thinks contrails are poisonous sprayings. It seems to be a fairly common conspiracy theory. Amazing. And yes, Kris Jenner should be arrested and prosecuted for pimping her daughters.

  4. I’m ethically torn on my use here of “tits.” In context, on balance, I think its fair and appropriate. Kylie’s coming out as a Kardashian occurred when she released a revealing photograph online when she was 17. This is validity and relevance in her dead-end, gutter culture. “Show us your tits” is misogyny when applied to a respectable women as a demeaning suggestion that entertaining men is all women are good for. When applied to a Kardashian, it is literal fact. The foundation of the Kardashian pop culture empire is Kim, who became famous because of a sex tape and the extravagant size and shape of her butt. Her two sisters are famous for being the sisters of someone who became famous for a sex tape, and have made millions of dollars from that connection alone. Her half sisters are famous because they are half sisters and media sluts on the rise. “Show your tits” is not an insult to these women. It’s their aspiration.

    Should I have used a less vulgar term, like “breasts”? The Kardashians traffic in vulgarity—they don’t have “breasts.” Using that word, in their cases, is like Obama using “bucket” for “fuck it.” It’s disingenuous.

    I’m no comfortable with the word. But them, when you write about Kardashians, you are going to feel cheap. I do.

        • “Bosoms” also implies some small amount of class. We are talking about a Kardashian wannabe, ya’ know.

        • You may be thinking of “bazooms” or other tweaks of the word. The original always makes me think of spinster speak, all uptight and euphemism. How about “chest?” I think that takes the pizazz out of it.

          • The last time I heard someone in pop culture use “chest” that way was young Lindsay Lohan, before her fall, when she wa s a teen and rumors were flying that her newly voluptuous figure in “Mean Girls” was the result of surgery. (It apparently wasn’t). Lohan giggled and said something about “getting her chest” late am being glad that “everybody liked it.”

            Poor Lindsay.

  5. One can only hope they were “spraying something to exterminate her”. Alas, it was only water vapor, tis a pity!

    • Remember what water did to the Wicked Witch in Oz! “I’m melting!” Maybe…you don’t think…no, surely not!

  6. I am troubled by this post:

    “She’ll probably be rich, and she’s already famous, but the chances of her life being anything other than an interminable smut-storm of scandals, bad relationships, marriage-less pregnancies, rehabs, reality show spin-offs and episodes that would embarrass anyone not named Kardashian are close to nil.”

    You write that as if it is a bad thing. Hey, somebody’s gotta do it. Why not Kylie? She needs a show, too. Sheez. So judgmental.


  7. How do you know she isn’t right, hmm? You didn’t prove she isn’t You are just part of the CONSPIRACCCAYYY!

  8. The Kardashians aren’t making people stupid — stupid people just follow the Kardashians. If they became “smart”, those stupid people wouldn’t like them anymore and would look for a new stupid person to follow. Perhaps a Venn diagram would help?

    • Let’s say they are keeping stupid people from becoming smarter. It’s like blaming cults on the victims of cults, don’t you think? The cult members are weak and vulnerable, but they weren’t beyond improving until the cult got a hold of them. The same thing is true of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Hillary, Al Sharpton, conservative talk radio, Vox Day…

      • I don’t know. Cults are evil to be sure, and the children of cultists certainly are victims … but the grown-ups to make the decision to join? I don’t think there are a ton of Nobel prize winners who are desperate to sign up. But I also don’t know any cultists (unless you count Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons), so I won’t pretend to be an expert on the topic.

          • Well, the term “cult” is extremely versatile anyway. I can think of 4 categories off the top of my head that would qualify being labeled “cult”.

            When the Romans called Christianity a “cult” it would be completely different than when I label Football a “cult” or when I label “Climate Change-ists” a “cult”.

            • Oh, hell yes! My hill-country high school football team was the OBJECT of a cult. It was, for the tiny town of Bandera a warped religion.

      • Have you ever listened to Andrew Willow (The Willow Majority)? I think he’s a pretty straight shooter, compared to the others.

    • You are wrong. The TV shows make people WANT to be ignorant. It makes it OK to be ignorant. Remember, it takes work to become educated. Ignorant is easier and this sort of thing makes it more difficult to make kids believe that it is worth the effort.

      • I actually gotta go with Beth on this one. However, by providing this pap, TV is NOT encouraging the terminally stupid to change their functioning ability. It is, in fact, encouraging them to stay stupid. Do you honestly think anyone of normal intelligence and rationality would watch these monkeys? If we could just get back the 5 or 10 IQ points we have lost in the last 15 years, how much difference would it make

        • You are forgetting that many 10-12 year old kids are deathly afraid of doing anything unpopular. They don’t want to be made fun of and teased. These shows make ignorance popular.

          Remember, this is ignorance, not stupidity. Ignorance can be cured by education. You can’t do anything with stupid.

  9. I’ve looked on with amazement at this “Chemtrails” fable and how it gained the traction it did. I saw online friends express serious wonder about this… as though they’d never seen a contrail in their lives! Not just environmentalist nuts, either, but usually sober people. Most settle down when you simply explain to them what a contrail is and, therefore, why it can’t possibly be part of anyone’s dire plot to poison Americans, contaminate our food supply or kill bumblebees! But that anyone with a IQ exceeding the Kardashian level could believe such things for a moment is troubling.

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