More On Our Unethical Justice Department’s Attack on Reason: Now A Publication Having Its Rights Infringed Can’t Tell The Public That The Government Is Infringing Them

obama shhhh

The detestable abuse of power represented by the U.S. Government seeking to prosecute blog commenters for obviously hyperbolic criticism of the government was noted in this post, not that it aroused half as as much interest or comment as, say, Caitlyn Jenner’s come-hither glance on the cover of Vanity Fair. Nor did much of the blogosphere take notice, and if any national news media took heed, I missed it. For how can the Obama Administration chilling free speech and harassing a libertarian blog that frequently condemns its contempt for basic rights compete with the secret guest list of the Obama’s 500 closest friends invited to dance a night away to the music of Stevie and Prince?

Now Ken White, the libertarian lawyer/blogger/free speech warrior who honors Popehat with his wisdom has uncovered a further outrage: he believes, and has good reason to believe, that the government has slapped a gag order on Reason, thus stopping the website from alerting the public and the world regarding our government’s unethical and probably illegal conduct.

As before, let me send you to Ken, who, as always, makes his case thoroughly and hard. I will just mention before doing so, however, that nothing but an Administration, a Justice Department and a President that possess a basic lack of respect and reverence for free speech would behave this way. New Attorney General Lorretta Lynch could put a stop to Reason’s harassment with a two minute phone call, and so could the President. Don’t tell me they are consumed with other matters of weight: the Obamas have had time to trip the light fantastic with Al Sharpton, and Lynch is consumed with the idiotic chore of “investigating whether shooting nine people dead is a hate crime,” so that, what, the judge can make especially mean faces at the killer when he’s sentenced to ten consecutive life sentences?

This matters; the contempt for free speech from a regime that is already supported by censorship, indoctrination and thought-control advocates matters. Does anybody care?

Ken White does:

There is no right more important than the right to criticize and question the government. It is the right upon which all other rights rely, without which all other rights are defenseless. Its suppression here is despicable. More people should demand that the U.S. Attorney’s Office explain its extraordinary exercise of power.Will you be one of them? Will your publication be one of them? Or will you simply be next?

Read it all.


UPDATE: Reason speaks, and Ken was correct. Gag order.


9 thoughts on “More On Our Unethical Justice Department’s Attack on Reason: Now A Publication Having Its Rights Infringed Can’t Tell The Public That The Government Is Infringing Them

  1. I thought you didn’t like clickbait headlines, but I guess I was mistaken. Yours makes it sound like there IS a gag order, and your conclusion makes it sound like there IS a gag order, but as I understand it, Ken is just PRETTY DARN SURE there is one. Or am I missing something?

    • How is that clickbait? Ken is pretty darned sure, and so am I based on his analysis. You do realize that someone under a gag order can’t announce they are under a gag order, right? I’d call this guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, unless you can explain why Reason, which is the target of this attack, hasn’t been writing about it every day, unless they couldn’t. Go ahead. Give me one plausible theory. Shouldn’t be hard, wise guy. Come on—Just one. If you can’t, you are trolling.

    • Look in the news. Reason has confirmed there was a gag order. They were also threatened with a charge of obstructing an investigation for even suggesting that they would inform the posters whose information was subpoenaed.

  2. Ken White’s post is right on the money. When a government seeks to suppress criticism from the citizenry, it flirts with tyranny. When it succeeds in doing so, the tyranny is here.

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