Ethics Dunce: “Women of Distinction” Magazine

Here is how to say, “You can’t believe anything in our magazine, and the whole thing is a marketing gimmick, but would you like to also fall for a scam, too?” in one, easy e-mail. Thank “Women of Distinction” for the helpful tip:

women of distinction

This was emailed to me…Jack Marshall….this morning. Note the nice personal touch: “Dear { FIRST NAME }. To append that to a letter adopting the tone of a specific message tailored to the recipient means “We think you are a moron. You know—like us.”

Based on the efforts of their crack research team, they think my profile meets their criteria for an accomplished, rising young professional woman. Sure they do. All I have to do is register before July 20.

Using my DeLorean.

This is in the category of incompetent fraudulent advertising. It is an insult to all direct marketing scamsters, liars and slimeballs, who work hard at their profession, despicable as it is, and have standards, dammit.! This kind of self-destroying garbage makes the whole field look bad. Or good.

You know what I mean.

166 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: “Women of Distinction” Magazine

  1. This company is contacting everyone on our website congratulating them on this “bogus” honor. It is a pay to play offer, which really is not the issue. Their is no validity to value they offer because they don’t care anything about the person’s business success. They actually contacted my daughter because she is the admin for our Melaleuca, The DPWN Angel Foundation partnership, congratulating her for creating such a successful business, when in fact she is not building a Melaleuca business at all. PLEASE do your research before you give them any money.. $$$$$

    • Unfortunately, I was also taken. When I said I wanted my money back, they sent me a e-mail asking me if I wanted to edit what I had written, like they intended on printing the article that was never in the making. LIARS!!! I am going to let them know that I am blasting them on Face book and I am reporting them to the Attorney Generals office. People like this make me sick.

  2. They just called me today…and previously sent me an email months pack. I knew the woman on the phone didn’t sound right when I simply asked please tell me about your magazine and she couldn’t answer.

  3. So I am one of the fools that gave them $$ and they never contacted me again and I am unable to reach them. When I tried to contact the women who “interviewed me” by email… surprise, surprise it came back as undeliverable. What a scam. I am not a women of distinction.. I am a women who let her ego play a trick on myself. I will see if there is any legal action that I can take. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY.

    • If you can take some legal action let me know, I’ll join you. I did contact my credit union and reported as fraud. So, now i just wait and see what they are gonna do. i like you, called left messages no call backs. i did call the number who took the money got no answer. Then the person called me back her name is Joanna at least that’s what she said. When i told her i wanted my money back she said ” Oh, i’m just the person who takes the money, you have to the magazine. I think the only reason she called back was she saw Maryland Lottery on her caller ID……If you need to contact me….

    • Wendy,

      I, too, was duped and paid by credit card. Luckily I used American Express. I contacted them and they investigated, asked for proof of purchase etc., etc. Net-net, I was NOT held responsible for the charges (and this was more than 90-days after I had paid!). Try reaching out to your credit card company for help… and good luck!


  4. I decided to call my Credit Union. I told them about the Women of Distinction fraud. i had my money back in 3 days. Women of Distinction took it out of my account 17 June 2016. On 1 July 2016 my credit union had my money back in my account…..Try it everybody who has been a victim of their fraudelent ways……Lashelle Bynum

    • I was recently contacted by a Diane Barry from Women of Distinction Magazine/ Executive Broadcasting/ Media Group, she tried to sell me a Press Release telling me I would be featured in the Huffington Post (I contacted them and they never heard of her) which I did sign up for then quickly called my credit card company to cancel after reading your column, Thank You – Mrs. Neely.

  5. I was a sucker, also. I paid and never heard back. I am requesting a refund and will report to my CC company and to Melville, NY police as fraud. I feel dumb.

  6. I am so upset with Women of Distinction Magazine, I am still waiting for my plaques which I paid a lot of money for over 8 months ago, have been getting the runaround from several women there, plus I was contacted by Rebecca Valuch to be in their TOP 10 issue, so sorry I got involved with them.

  7. I paid Women of Distinction over a year ago to have my article published, it is finally online, probably have to wait another year for the printed copy.

  8. I too have been scammed. I actually did reach Jennifer Hardy-if that’s her real name and she said I was getting a full refund and the request was sent to their billing dept. 9/19/16. She also sent me a follow up email on 9/23/16.
    She also mumbled that the company was having issues and that is why she had to bring in her daughter to help. Have no idea what that means, nor do I care.
    I’ve emailed her several times, and many numerous phone calls, that no one responds too. I have saved all my correspondence to and from this SCAM Co. My next email is going to NYS Attorney General. This is so wrong.

  9. Dear People,
    When I received the invitation, one glance showed that it was not written by skilled magazine editors. The invitation is filled with punctuation and grammar errors; and the sentences don’t say anything meaningful or specific.
    I think many people skipped these facts and read what they wanted to see.

    • I was promised a full refund by Jennifer Hardy , Director of Client Relations back on 9/23. I still have not receive it and she has replied twice that she is looking into it.
      I am now working with the BBB and soon NYS attorney general’s office to get my money back. What a COMPLETE SHAM.
      You are correct, my story line was abysmal, boring and without any substance.

        • Don’t be so rude, Jack. YOU only knew something was wrong, because you got the invitation and you’re a man. I have my completed article, after all steps promised were, in fact, followed through with. I believe the company was reputable, but, went under… though I could be wrong… but, up till October… then follow up email from Jennifer… all correspondence for content request, layout, and other questions I had, were fluid and timely. Seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through for a couple hundred bucks. The woman I originally called, spoke with me for an hour.

          • No, I posted on it because the nature of the letter showed that it was obviously a scam. I knew something was wrong because it promised a pretend distinction in exchange for cash, which is obviously unethical—to offer, and to accept.

  10. The answer to your question; it is because we are looking to be recognized for the work we do. Women are often overlooked. We have to fight to be seen and our opinions/ideas heard. I too was contacted. I was “picked” blah blah blah. Yes I believed it, but no I didn’t fall for it. Reason being was that I’d moved to this city less than 3 years ago, my business hadn’t even taken off yet. Additionally, I was being scammed by another magazine at the same time. It was too good to be true. I could’ve used the publicity.

  11. Add me to the list of the scammed. The magazine contacted me at a very busy time in the Spring of 2017 and I failed to do proper research. They sent out two press releases in the Fall of 2017. That was it. Phone numbers are disconnected, mail boxes are not longer accepting messages and emails are not responded to. The last communication was a phone call saying the Editor/Publisher had a heart attack and as a result production would be temporarily interrupted. I was assured this was temporary. Of course I will write off this expense on my 2016 taxes but that is a small consolation. I am so glad I didn’t fall for the audio option. I’m a published author and have been incredibly cautious about organizations promising unrealistic results. Lesson learned.

  12. Well, I will consider myself LUCKY. I was refunded my $300, by non-stop calling and emailing and filing with the Better Business Bureau. I have learned a valuable lesson.

    • Received unsolicited call from them, stating they heard about me, and wanted to promote my book. Being excited, grateful, thankful to JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY, poured out my heart to them, and after their spill, and believing this was an act of ALMIGHTY GOD, gave them nearly $1,000. As a senior on fixed income, they got me for half of my retirement check, and eventually disappeared on me. Sent email in April, 2017, stating I would get an attorney end of April, 2017, if they did not return my money since they did not fulfill their five promises, and after being unable to reach them by phone anymore. All emails bounced back except the one, and the one stated she was no longer with WOD, and wished me good luck! Contacted Better Business Bureau for help. BBB said they received no response from the company, and as such, they are closing my case! Some help!

      PS: Googled one site about them, and saw where another poor soul was ripped off for $2,000! How can this be, especially since on my receipt they say that they are a division of NADP! If indeed they are GODLY and fulfill their promises, will SURELY let you know. But then, if GODLY, how could they have done this to all the others? What happened to do unto others as we would have them do unto us? They take Abba Father for a joke? And SURELY, they think He joked when He said they will give an account of what they have done to others in that great day when they stand before Him!

  13. Make that Spring of 2016 when I was contacted. I just received an email saying my article will be published this month. it was to be published the 3rd quarter of 2016. The response was to my email stating it no longer appeared the magazine was in business and I will “take further action” if I didn’t hear from someone. Let’s see what happens.

      • FYI, when they sold me, I was told the article would be published in a PRINTED version of the magazine. Needless to say the magazine was NEVER printed, let alone distributed. The digital version they sent me to review and approve was AWFUL. Terrible design and I felt embarrassed to be included in it. Luckily, they don’t distribute it to ANYONE.

        This company is a complete scam; I recommend you do everything you can to get your money back as your money will not get you one dime of press coverage or improve your brand image.

      • I received the on-line edition 3/27/17 and was told I would receive 6 printed copies of the magazine. Jennifer Hardy is no longer with the magazine. Has anyone ever received a printed copy of the magazine. I’m no hopeful.

  14. This scam is still going strong. I was contacted today about it (5-10-17). I kind of fell for it too. Lesson learned. They were super pushy on the phone to get my money, said they had publishing deadlines and such. I even mentioned that my hesitation was because there are so many scams going. So I asked to see their website. It seemed real. They pushed hard. I told them that I wanted to research them first and call them back tomorrow, getting their phone number and extension. Her name was Shana Justice. Finally, I went ahead and did the lowest offering, giving me the membership and publication. But as soon as I got off the phone I checked BBB and even though they said they were BBB accredited, BBB said they are not. So I quickly called my bank and canceled the transaction by canceling my card. The inconvenience of waiting for a new card is my punishment for falling for this scam. Ladies beware. I hope this helps someone else. The problem is that once they get you on the phone, it’s super hard to get them to let you go. And now they keep calling back, I would assume because my card is being denied. 🙂 🙂

  15. It appears that Women of Distinction has morphed into Women of Excellence. Today I received a call from Helene K of Women of Excellence about being ‘chosen’ to be featured on the home page of their website. I talked with her last year when she was part of Women of Distinction and when I mentioned I talked with her last year she said ” We’re not part of Women of Distinction” even though I never mentioned Women of Distinction to her.
    I look forward to some input on this.

  16. I received numerous calls from a Shawna Justice about my “nomination”. I suspected that it could be a fraud but gave her my time to discuss this “nomination” since one of my valued employee entered me… but when someone is that pushy and needs your decision right away, you kindly close the conversation because you know that it is completely about the money and some type of fraud. Any actual award would have their own funding from their producers to gift/award you a plaque or book, etc…

    • Yes, the prideful will be snared, and I’m sure they hook quite a few. The “voice” of God that voice of doubt, and heeding it saved you from the snare:)

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