Ready or Not Clinton Corruptees: Your “The E-mail Scandal Is Anything But Nonsense” Update For Today

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I care about you all, I really do. Clinton Corruption is not incurable; it can be cured if detected early, slowly, with a steady intake of facts, with the  generous  application of  basic ethical values and the gradual acceptance of the concept that they matter in leadership, because ethics justify trust.

Let us being today’s session with the rantings of a CCS (Clinton Corruption Syndrome) sufferer, Washington Post’s relatively objective columnist Chris Cillizza, who shows the advanced and probably hopeless progression of Clinton corruption with his most recent column. His sad delusion: Hillary’s nomination is inevitable, it’s too late to challenge her, so Democrats, and the nation, should just accept it. This aids Clinton, or course, placing her in Clinton Nirvana, where there is no accountability. Cillizza shows the ravages of Clinton corruption when he says that “Clinton has been under fire” for her private e-mail server and her responses to the unfolding controversy. This plays the Clinton enabling game so popular in the left leaning news media, discussing the politics of the scandal, like it’s a football game, rather than honestly disclosing the obvious conclusions from it.  The episode has already proven that Clinton is unqualified for the Presidency—incompetent, more concerned with personal interests than national welfare, dishonest, arrogant, untrustworthy, and dangerous. It is a great boon to Clinton to convince the public that all of these revelations are to no effect, because there is nothing to be done. “Move on!” was the mantra of the anti-impeachment crowd  when it was shown that Bill Clinton had disgraced the office; now it’s “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Of course Democrats aren’t stuck with Hillary. Would Cillizza make this argument if she were shown to be suffering from dementia? If she were shown to have committed treason? If she killed someone? If she dies, would they put her on the ticket anyway, like El Cid leading his army post-mortem? The only reason anyone is making the Carole King argument (“It’s too late baby”) to bolster Hillary is because they think the public really doesn’t think habitual lying and lack of trustworthiness is disqualifying.

It is, and I’m betting a critical mass of Democrats understand that, or will, because of developments like these…

…Bob Woodward says that the unfolding of the e-mail scandal reminds him of Watergate and the White House tapes.

Me too.

…The desperate Clinton campaign put out a “defense” document purporting to show  how various Fact-check services have debunked accusations regarding the State Department e-mails. In fact, it shows that she has lied repeatedly. Concludes USA Today:

“The fact that the Clinton campaign has been forced to cite websites that conclude the candidate did everything to mislead, confuse and otherwise obscure the truth, short of outright falsehoods, suggests there’s more to this story than a lot of nonsense.”

...Obama’s been corrupted too, though that is no challenge. He openly socialized with Hillary on Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend, signalling that the Justice Department’s investigation of Clinton has already been given the thumbs down by the boss. This is improper and wrong.Nixon tried this sort of thing with the FBI too.  Writes conservative blogger Allahpundit:

An AP photographer was on hand at the golf course on Saturday to capture the moment of solidarity and beam it out on news wires across the world. Right around the time that was happening, Ross Douthat’s new column about Herself’s de facto legal immunity was going live at the NYT website: “While the email scandal is a serious business, I simply do not believe that the Obama Justice Department is going to indict the former secretary of state and Democratic front-runner for mishandling classified information, even if the offenses involved would have sunk a lesser figure’s career or landed her in jail.” This weekend’s photo op ought to confirm that, for the simple reason that Obama wouldn’t allow himself to be seen associating with the Clintons if he thought there was any real chance that the axe might be about to fall on them.

Is it any wonder wacko outsiders seem appealing to many voters. with this kind of arrogance, cronyism, and contempt for equal accountability under the law on display for seven years? But I digress…

…On CNN this weekend, a non-partisan CIA veteran threw cold water on the Clinton spin that Hillary’s handling of classified material was just a minor, insignificant oopsie.  Bob Baer, a former CIA officer and commentator on national security issues, claimed that the markings on emails believed to have crossed the private server Clinton maintained as secretary of state represented the highest levels of secrecy in the government:

“You don’t get any more secret than that. Even Snowden didn’t get into that. If this in fact was on a private server, you and I would get fired and possibly jailed. This could be a felony….If this was on her server and it got into her smartphone, there’s a big problem there. Seriously, if I had sent a document like this over the open Internet, I’d get fired the same day — escorted to the door, and gone for good, and probably charged with mishandling classified information.”

Baer suggested that participating in such a major and unnecessary breach made an individual unqualified to be President.

…Meanwhile, the news media now reports that 305 e-mails that passed through Hillary’s secret server have been flagged as possibly containing classified or secret information that should not be available to the public.

….In response, Team Clinton is pushing the news media to disgrace itself  and betray its duty to the public by serving as nakedly biased Hillary boosters in her hour of need. JWF exposes this recent example from CNN, which should be warning people about Hillary, not serving as the campaign’s billboard.

Ethics Alarms will continue to work tirelessly to find a cure for Clinton Corruption.

There is hope.


34 thoughts on “Ready or Not Clinton Corruptees: Your “The E-mail Scandal Is Anything But Nonsense” Update For Today

  1. She’s toast.
    Biden is now being trotted out as a candidate. Remember Biden? The man popularly portrayed as being chosen as Vice President because no one would ever impeach Obama knowing Biden was next in line.

    • Granny, at this point I can’t determine if “she’s toast,” as you say, or if Biden is just bucking for another term as VP under her. I keep asking, and hearing no crickets: Where is Bill Richardson? The silence is suspicious.

      • You have a point. There are so many people who would vote for her while she were strangling babies. The Clintons are not unlike cockroaches. Even an atom bomb couldn’t guarantee they are toasted. Getting young soldiers killed in war zones didn’t do it, so a bunch of blatantly illegal e-mails compromising national security probably won’t either.

        I would not be surprised to see Elizabeth Warren step in and save the day for the Democrats, just as Hillary goes under for the third time.

        I also would not be surprised to see Hillary brazen it out. She has Bill making deals behind the scenes so who knows what can happen.

      • Haha. No.

        Just as long as a post is about Clinton and her horde of incomprehensible supporters, I’ll lead off with a reminder that one of her incomprehensible supporters thinks that a moderate Republican that would more than likely seek balance and traditional American presidential leadership styles that would more or less seek to compromise with Congressional democrats is still a crappy option to the Ethics Corrupter of the Decade: Hillary.

        It may border on trolling, but it’s really and truly amazing what levels of corruption people will vote into the White House because they really really really are worried about ensuring a non-veto proof congress has a knee jerk partisan available on the veto-trigger.

      • [Reply to Jack’s August 17 at 11:29 pm]
        Well, if Tex and Lucky were the same person, *I* would feel honored.
        Like a groom who “marries up,” I certainly would feel “samed up.”
        (If he knew me, Tex in a similar hypothetical might feel “luckyed up.”)

  2. I have a fear about the upcoming election. The fear begins like this: the various scandals centered around Clinton will fail to take the nomination from her – she is too powerful and crafty to lose, and her allies are too many – but they will make Clinton look very, very bad to everyone not under the partisan spell, and even those within the tribe won’t be very excited about supporting her. Clinton will fail to energize her base, and she will fail to capture the vital swing votes.

    The fear continues: over on the Republican side, the various contenders have fallen by the wayside, all too boring, too tepid, and too politics-as-usual to compete with the mighty front runner: Donald Trump. He clinches the Republican nomination, he energizes his base, and swing voters gravitate to him because he seems so refreshingly different from every other politician. His campaign captures the popular imagination like a right-wing Barack Obama, and he easily takes the White House.

    Tell me there’s something I can do to make my fear not come true.

  3. “All the Queen’s horses and all the Queen’s men could not convince the majority to vote for her again.” Let us hope that my little rhyme is prophetic and that Donald has an epiphany and realizes he needs to leave the race.

  4. Jack, Jack, Jack. The latest spin I saw asserted that the 305 top secret documents were only attached to what amounted to 5% of the emails reviewed. That’s microscopic. Why, that’s like the alcoholic content of domestic beer. There’s nothing to see here. Move on. Hillary’s been fighting for American families all her life. You know what this is about: Politics! And besides, her mother was abandoned by her family.

    (Is any of this working? No, huh? Hmmm. I’ll get back to you later today. Maybe James Carville has an idea.)

      • My guess is he’s at odds with the Obama crowd that HRC has hired away from the administration. I don’t think the old Clintonistas like the Obama people at all. I suspect the Obama people consider the James Carvilles of the world dinosaurs. They aren’t on facebook or twitter. Hopelessly obsolete and they didn’t bow down to the Great Messiah in 2008. I think the Obama people are just as good at holding a grudge has Herself is, maybe better since I think they’ve tied themselves to a one hit wonder. I don’t see money and cushy jobs falling off President Obama as they have off Bill Clinton post-presidency.

    • I noticed that too. All of the news stories pointing out the 305 emails that were sent for further inspection, pointed out that that number was “only” 5%. “Only”?

      Face, meet palm.

  5. “Is it any wonder wacko outsiders seem appealing to many voters. with this kind of arrogance, cronyism, and contempt for equal accountability under the law on display for seven years?” -ahhhhh JM. This is the real ethics story of the century. Its sad that we have to race into the awaiting arms of a circus clown, because we are starved of truth and integrity. Historically these times generally don’t work out well for the masses.

      • Joe, a guy in Florida started something like that, years ago – THRO, for Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out. I think the guy’s name was Garman. (no idea if the name connects to that dashboard GPS equipment) He put big ads in the USA Today (okay, I’ll admit, it was ONE of the papers I USED to read). I never followed the group, so it might still be around.

        • It seems like a good idea, to my way of thinking. It could be a completely non-partisan thing, making it easier to get people to act in concert and actually accomplish something. All, good and bad, fired, to break unholy alliances, disrupt lobbying, nepotism, etc., and most of all, serve notice that they can be held to account.

  6. To understand this, you have to realize that the Democratic Party is run by liberals. Liberals do not believe in democracy, they believe in divine right. They feel they have a right to govern by the fact that their ideas are correct and their opponents are evil. This results in an elitism, an aristocracy. Hillary is the heir to the throne. You don’t just throw away the heir to the throne, you support them. If they are a monster, you have to spin that. You can’t just replace the heir to the throne, that isn’t how it works. The Democratic Party works like a monarchy and it really shows in their support of Hillary. It is like when the English leadership realized their king was a Nazi (or at least a very strong Nazi sympathizer). You can’t just say “The king is a Nazi, we need someone else”. You try to hide it, massage it, pretend it doesn’t matter. When it finally gets to the point that you realize that this guy is about to give the country to Hitler, you make up a story and make him go away quietly. The Democratic Party is trying to hide it, massage it, pretend it doesn’t matter. We shall see if they have the courage to make her go away.

    Now, the Republicans aren’t much better. They are acting like an aristocracy, but at least they can’t agree on an heir because they have no real solid set of beliefs, so the public gets a choice.

    We still only get to choose between the two noble houses, however.

  7. There was a CIA former spy, Jason Matthews, apparently very crypto-savvy, saying that it’s pretty much a certainty that unless this stuff was very heavily encrypted, Putin, the Chinese, and even the Iranians have it. Call me crazy, but it just won’t do to have such an easily leveraged president.

  8. I mentioned on here a while (before email hit the fan) ago that I think Bill will say or do anything to avoid having a Secret Service detail that ultimately answers to Hillary. To that I’d now like to add that having a home server was originally Bill’s idea.

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