Incompetent Elected Official Of The Week: Rep. Bob Brady (D-Pa.)


From the Washington Times:

“As Congress members rushed to touch Pope Francis after Thursday’s historic address on the House floor, Rep. Bob Brady reportedly made a beeline for the podium to swipe the Holy Father’s discarded water glass.

The Pennsylvania congressman immediately took a sip out of the glass and brought it back to his office, ABC News reported

“The congressman is a Catholic and has immense respect for the Holy Father,” Rep. Brady’s Chief of Staff Stan White told ABC.

His office confirmed that Mr. Brady drank from the water and shared it with members of his staff and his wife, Debra Brady…The congressman kept the remainder of the water and plans to sprinkle it on his grandchildren, Mr. White said.”

Actually, I don’t know what to call this conduct.  Creepy? Superstitious? Embarrassing? Unsanitary? Silly? Bizarre? Funny? Deranged?

Incompetent will just have to suffice.

Does every glass the Pope drinks from become like the Holy Grail? I’d be careful, if I were were the Congressman…

Brady’s antics make the entire government look foolish. There’s religious belief, and there is irrational conduct. One doesn’t have to lead to the other, but such a display should cause serious voters to pause and wonder whether a man who acts like this belongs in a high office, or even a not so high office.

What an idiot.

UPDATE: After I posted this about an hour ago and had to run an errand, I began wondering whether Brady’s reverence for the Pope, which seems to extend to a belief that his lips are magic, also extends to accepting Catholic doctrine and what the Pope advocates, at least when these don’t conform to the Democratic Party’s platform. Here are Brady’s votes on abortion. A summary: Brady has voted for the most extreme pro-abortion positions. Reconcile that, if you will, with his water glass stunt.

I cannot comprehend Catholics who embrace this kind of hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance, nor can I respect any voter who would observe Brady and say, “Now there’s a man of integrity, wisdom and judgment!”

9 thoughts on “Incompetent Elected Official Of The Week: Rep. Bob Brady (D-Pa.)

  1. Absolutely bizarre. Is he under the mistaken belief that it’s now holy water? He must be, if he’s going to sprinkle it on his grandkids.

    “Creepy? Superstitious? Embarrassing? Unsanitary? Silly? Bizarre? Funny? Deranged?”

    All of the above!

  2. Based on how Catholic dogma deals with the concept of “holiness,” I think the idea is that certain beings, like saints, emit some kind of energy, or “God particle,” if you will, which can irradiate objects they’ve come into contact with. These irradiated objects then hold special properties such as healing people or warding off monsters. This concept was used in the hilarious webcomic Dr. McNinja, where the Catholic church provided weapons made from holy relics that were therefore capable of killing ghosts, including bullets that were hidden in the Pope’s mouthwash so he would gargle them.

    It makes for a great fantasy series, but if people who had any rationality thought that the Pope’s holiness was actually useful, they’d try to maximize its utility with technological means. By immersing his hand in running water, you could produce thousands of gallons of holy water per day. Then you could let it evaporate and rain over entire nations and… something good would happen. Maybe all the vampires would die. Or you could just drop him in the ocean. That might stop hurricanes or something.

    If we’re not going to be smart about using his supposed powers, can we stop pretending that he’s got any?

  3. What a douchebag… Since when does white smoke from a chimney make you a demigod? These kinds of catholics freak me the fuck out because they would do anything this argentine bouncer tells them.
    Wtf is up with catholics anyway? It’s like Jesus wasn’t enough for them, they have to make all sorts of crazy shit into venerable objects. I’ve had enough of this idol worship and outright lunacy.

    • Wtf is up is that the converted in the early church weren’t ready to totally give up the pantheons they were leaving behind, so the idea of the saints took their place in providing visible, relatable divine images. The idea expanded as the church expanded and there were casualties of that expansion who were venerated, just as certain nations continue to venerate those who greatly contribute to or perish in its service (the UK is particularly big into this). I’ve seen crowds also part and applaud for WW2 vets like for the Pope, like they were living saints, and reach for current heroes in the same way (in 2011 MOH winner Dakota Meyer dismounted from a vehicle in a parade and came to greet the crowd. They were on him like a rock star). As a great military history person I can appreciate the feeling of touching a participant in great events.

      I reserve on the idea of previous saintly miracles in life. I wasn’t there and it’s a matter of faith, either you believe or you don’t. Maybe Attila really turned from Paris due to the prayers of a 14-year-old shepherdess named Genevieve… and maybe he took one look at the walls, realized he didn’t know how to carry out a siege, and moved on. Maybe Ferdinand III was really plugged in with the divine…and maybe he was just a good tactician and strategist who, at least in one case, knew how to use a navy as part of combined arms. Maybe Francis of Assisi really was called by God…and maybe he was just an inspired mystic who knew how to hit all the right chords with an increasingly uninspired Church.

      The fact is, though, that Pope Francis does not aspire to and has never pretended to be a saint or a living legend. No Pope of modern times has, although St. John Paul II took on that aura a bit as a hero of the Cold War. Francis has never portrayed himself as more than a man, in fact he plays up being ordinary, living in a humble apartment and taking the subway to work as a cardinal. He would be the last to say any water he touched was now miraculous like the spring of Lourdes.

      For this cafeteria Catholic congressman to play up this faux-relic experience shows he is tone-deaf to both the Pope’s message and his own faith’s tenets. I have been near the relics of real saints, and whatever I may have felt isn’t something I’d play up in a selfie or other “hey, look at me” moment. There is no reconciling Brady’s behavior here with his votes, other than as possibly a distraction. He simply does not grasp what faith is all about.

  4. He says he is a Catholic. But his actions don’t fit. Or he is really ignorant. There is holy water as you enter any Catholic Church. You don’t need to steal it. And you don’t drink it. You use it to bless yourself. It isn’t something you acquire as a family heirloom.

  5. So obviously I’m not the only Catholic/Christian/human (take your pick) that was mortified by his odd behavior. I’m not sure who I’m more embarrassed for – him or anyone associated with him (including but not limited to his family, religion, workplace, birth country . . . )

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