New York Fashion Blogger Brittny Pierre—-Fick!

Brittny, spelled F-I-C-K...

Brittny, spelled F-I-C-K…

Ethics Dunces are a dime a dozen, but ficks, thankfully, are rare. Ficks, regular readers here know, are warped people who not only engage in unethical conduct, but who take pride in it, publicize it, and show no shame or remorse.

Meet New York fashion blogger Brittny Pierre, who just wrote a piece for the feminist blog XOJane titled “I Was a Dinner Whore.” Actually, that title dishonestly enhances the ethical nature of what she did, which was to regularly pretend to be interested in men and date them for the sole purpose of having them pay for her meals. In contrast, men who pay for prostitutes have been candidly informed what they are getting.

In the article, Brittny (nice spelling, there, Britt–is there any goofy  spelling of Brittany we haven’t seen yet? Brytnnyy maybe? ) relates her experiences earlier in her career when she was short of funds, comely of face and figure, and willing to use random men as marks. She met her victims on the dating site OKCupid or Craigslist, and after some on-line exchanges  to screen out serial killers and convince the gullible fools that she was interested in them and not just a steak,  successfully managed to get a free  dinner at least three times a week with different men. “I just had to go full throttle and just see who was willing to take me out,” Pierre writes. “A meal is a meal!”

The Femifick also posted her own ad on CraigsList, carefully crafting her message to use men’s egos to entrap them by saying that she was searching for her own Ryan Gosling. In the article, she reveals such charming details as her practice of punishing meal tickets who didn’t measure up to her standards of conduct by ordering the most expensive meal on the menu. How dare they disappoint her while she was exploiting them?


The author tells us that when she told her friends about her money-saving scheme, her female friends praised her, while the men berated her for taking advantage of gullible suitors. There are many possible interpretations of this data. Are men more ethical than women? Do women view men as virtual sheep, placed on this earth to be sheared by their wily, sultry, feminine betters? Of is it just that any woman who would be a friends with a mega-fick like Brittny Pierre is likely to have as non-functioning ethics alarms as she does?

Brittny ends her piece with this gag-worthy quote:

“Looking back, I truly didn’t see the harm in my actions.I met a wide variety of men and honed my acting and interviewing skills while chowing down on some awesome steak dinners.”

I encountered the macro version of Brittny’s scam when I was  planning conventions for a large trade association. Destinations—hotels, convention centers—offer  so-called “fam trips,” which are all expenses paid stays at their facilities for a long weekend, spouses welcome, also free, in exchange for a little sales pitching from the staff. In the field of meeting planning, it is regarded as unethical for someone to accept such a luxury trip unless there is at least some chance that the organization will consider holding a convention at the facility. Never mind: planners accept these trips all the time, and have a load of rationalizations stored up to justify it.  They know it’s wrong, though, and unlike Brittny, they would never publicly boast about it.

6 thoughts on “New York Fashion Blogger Brittny Pierre—-Fick!

  1. I think this woman has a bright future in politics or perhaps she should consider a fifth rate law school and become an ambulance chaser.

  2. This was the act of a feminist? Is that what XOJane is looking for? Ethics aside, let’s just go back 50 years and let women use their wiles to be cared for by men. Isn’t feminism presumably about female independence, strength, abilities (not just whoring — however figuratively — for dinners), and societal recognition of same? XOJane needs an editor — or at least one that understands its supposed purpose. Sickening. (Among pretend feminists, Hillary is one example (who’s ridden her husbands coattails for years) of a woman who could still not go this far… who would want to take _her_ to dinner?)

    • You are really out of date. Feminism is about women getting what they want. It is about women being more deserving than men. It is about ‘take your daughter to work day’, and protesting a ‘take your son to work day’. It is about special programs to help girls succeed in school, but making sure the boys can’t participate in them. It is about women making just as much as men, without having to do the same type of job, or work as many hours, or take as many difficult classes in college. It is about deciding the the most important issue facing health care in America is making men pay for both their birth control, and the birth control of women as well. It is about women having total say over their children’s lives, but making sure men are required by law to pay for it. Feminism is promoting women above all else, at the expense of all else. It is called feminism for a reason. If it was about equal rights, it would be called equal rights and there wouldn’t be any special programs for women.

  3. Another example of the sorry state of our social fabric and the self-revealing of a psycho. If you place your value at the price of a steak dinner you are bound to meet up with people who have equally screwed up notions of acceptable behavior. She’s lucky she didn’t meet her opposite match. There are plenty of psycho men out there who would take the goodies without providing the dinner.

  4. The salient feature, of course, is not so much that this woman charmed some men into a dinner date (old game!) but that she now broadcasts it as a feminist :virtue”. And perhaps it is! I’d maintain that feminism has been a con game inflicted on men, women and children alike from the beginning, its goal being political empowerment through bulls**t and browbeating; not for “women” but for the self-appointed leadership. Compared to many other feminists, Miss Pierre is a small time hustler. In the end, it’s up to the men to be discerning. A fool and his money ARE soon parted… and nothing can make a fool out of a man better than a cunning, sexy woman.

  5. A friend recounted going to Washington when he was in the leadership of the state association of general contractors (okay, leave out the snickers on the ethics of that group) and took the local congressman out to dinner. When the check arrived at the table, the congressman (what’s the appropriate title, Honorable?) in my friends words “jumped up as if he’d been shot in the butt and literally ran out of the room.”

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