Update On Hillary’s Stupid E-Mails: She Lied, Of Course.

HillaryClinton phone

Once Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s fake competition for the Democratic nomination, declared twice during televised debates that since the public was “sick of hearing” about Clinton’s stupid e-mails, most of the news media decided that it had permission to stop covering the issue. That serves the public interest badly, of course, since the public has a right to know whether a woman presuming to become President of the United States either 1) lied in to  face of the public by stating outright that she never sent or received classified material on her illicit private e-mail server, 2) was unable to recognize what was obviously classified material, thus placing it at risk on an unsecured server, and/or 3) has the technological acumen of an Irish Setter. An old Irish Setter.

More than 1,200 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server during her time at State have now been deemed classified, after the agency publicly released its eighth batch of the messages late Thursday.

On New Years Eve, the State Department released roughly 5,500 more containing more than  1,200 e-mails culled from the private account that Clinton exclusively used while Secretary of State. New Years Eve, when as few people would notice as possible. This kind of stunt has become expected from that most transparent of all administrations, as it routinely tries to bury bad news. There was bad news too:

1. One e-mail indicated that State Department staff members were inappropriately involved in a 2011 Clinton Global Initiative event. The 2011 message revealed that ten top State Department officials were planning to participate in the event, which was hosted jointly by the Clinton charity and Goldman Sachs. Clinton had sworn to Congress that her State Department activities would be strictly partitioned from the activities of the Clinton Foundation in every way, to prevent conflicts of interest and the appearance of impropriety. She lied.

2. An additional 275 messages have now upgraded to classified, bringing the total number of retroactively classified emails that moved through Clinton’s unsecured server to 1,274. Two of them were accorded the higher classification of top secret. After it became obvious that Clinton’s initial claim that no classified material was ever handled on the server, Hillary changed her statement to say that no messages marked as classified went through her server. This was an excuse for idiots. As many former officials and lawyer previously involved with official communications pointed out, many messages contain obviously classified material before they are marked as such, which is why it is important that they be kept secure. Moreover, as high ranking an official as Secretary of State is expected to be able to recognize likely classified materials and handle them properly, marked or not.

Thus we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Clinton endangered national security by knowingly storing and distributing classified material that she either knew was classified or should have known was classified. Her explanation that she didn’t know because the material wasn’t marked is designed to flummox the gullible and ignorant, and give reporters an excuse to go easy on her.

The e-mails prove that Clinton lied.

Simple as that.

But those of us who have not been Clinton-corrupted, have a modicum of knowledge about technology and an ounce of self-respect already knew that, didn’t we?

15 thoughts on “Update On Hillary’s Stupid E-Mails: She Lied, Of Course.

  1. Seems to me that it will be difficult for the Obama administration’s DOJ to not bring charges against Hillary Clinton considering what happened to General David Petraeus and former NSA Sandy Berger.

    I have listened to defenders of HRC explain why her situation is not at all the same and not really that serious of a legal problem, but am always left with the feeling that BS is now the currency of the realm. Of course it is different! It is worse! And yes it is a serious legal problem. How stupid do they really think the American people are? So far, I have heard no convincing explanation as to why this is not a very big and very serious legal problem for HRC.

    And I can see it already… HRC’s defense: Underlings… lots of them… screwed up while she was doing important stuff to save the world.

    If the DOJ does not bring charges, how are they going to explain this to the American people? Will the Obama DOJ step back and conclude that HRC is to big to indict and too important to protect the Obama legacy? What if the media doesn’t care and decides that it is more important to elect the first woman president than to have the DOJ do it’s job?

    Just wondering…

      • Charging underlings might do the trick. Underlings might have sent the emails; they did not generate them. Presumably not (supposedly certainly not? unless they were doing her job?) all the work-related ones. If underlings – and not Clinton – are alone indictable for the contents, then ‘ware the wrath of every underling unto the Chief Assistant of the Assistant to the Assistant Chief.

        …. come to think of it, A Day Without A Secretary could make for an interesting movie . . . .

        • Apologies. Forgot to end the html after the first bold word. I’d appreciate it if you could do it from your end, Jack.

  2. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump being at the top of the polls proves a rather high level of moral bankruptcy across the voting public, on both sides of the political aisle.

    The apathetic non-voting public just doesn’t give a shit beyond their narrowly focused field of view; I’ve heard some of them say (my wife being one) that it doesn’t matter who is President or who is in Congress the end results are always the same, gridlock, partisan sniping, and nothing is done without consulting their reelection campaign manager. In some ways, their right; HOWEVER, without voters voting their conscience, nothing can change, it will only get worse.

    We must get voting age adults to get off their duffs, start looking beyond their tunnel visioned lives, get involved enough to know the issues and the candidates positions, and VOTE!

  3. For many years I’ve worked as a contractor with access to classified information and completely unrestricted access to the related computer systems.

    …and if I had done any of this, I would be in jail now.

    So should she.


  4. Everyone know Hillary is an inveterate liar — not just about her e-mails, but about her husband, her foundation, her insider trading way back when — just about everything. But no one cares.

    It distresses me very much that in conversation with a bright, young college graduate she defended Hillary because of her supposed “policies” and “goals” didn’t really care whether she was a liar or not… She didn’t seem to understand that Hillary’s “policies” and “goals” would likely just be more lies… It was the ideology that counted: not the ethics of the candidate. So our higher education system — broken — has done its job.

    No one will prosecute Hillary.

    What saddens me is that neither party has one, single good, honest, intelligent, and experienced to put up for the presidency. Again, and as always, we’re doomed.

    • No one cares just about sums it all up. We have now reached the stage in politics where if you lie and get caught (not difficult) you just don’t give a s!!t and apparently neither does the voting public and party leaders.

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