Ethics Dunce: Dr. Ben Carson

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The Republicans have the exact opposite problem of the one driving the Democrats crazy. While the Democrats lack of competitive  candidates seem to doom the party to having a horrible candidate in November, it is the abundance of GOP hopefuls that threatens to let Donald Trump, the worst of the worst, get the Republican nomination, forcing some Republican voters to stay home, others to vote Democratic, still others to run a hot bath and grab the straight-edge razor. Trump has cornered the moron vote, which has held steady at about 30% even as Trump has lied, embraced torture, had protesters roughed up, and used talking points from Move-On during the debates. 30% won’t get him the nomination unless the non-Trump vote continues to be disastrously divided.

The sensible, competent, rational and responsible Republicans need to pick the Anti-Trump, and fast. This means that several candidates need to put their egos aside, face facts, be patriots, and do what’s best for the country. Jeb Bush finally reached that stage after blowing through tens of millions of dollars and embarrassing himself; he should have quit months ago, but he finally did, tonight. Good. John Kasich has no realistic chance—he’s a poor campigner and charisma-challenged—but he did okay in New Hampshire, so his refusing to withdraw is, for a bit longer, excusable as wishful thinking and denial. Ben Carson, however,  has no excuse.

Carson never had any business running for President, and has proven that fact every step of the way. He has no experience or credentials for leadership; he is soporific; he says dumb things and is weird. He is, amazingly, even less qualified to be President than Donald Trump. He had a brief surge in the polls, but that faded because his supporters has just enough extra IQ points over typical Trump acolytes that they were capable of fleeing when their candidate started sounding like a lunatic.

Carson came in last in the South Carolina primary pack, and at this point his only function is taking votes away that can help beat Trump. Like every sentient citizen, he has an ethical duty to stop Trump, not block for him. Some suggest that Carson is staying in the race to spite Ted Cruz, who incensed him by exploiting Carson’s bone-headed move of going home to Florida in the middle of the Iowa caucuses.  Helping Trump to spite Cruz  would make as much sense as anything else Carson has done in this race, but is he a child? This isn’t sandlot baseball, this is the nation at stake. Is Carson really willing to saddle the United States at an existential juncture in its history with a narcissistic buffoon to salve his bruised ego?

It is unethical for him to be in this race at all. It will be unforgivable if he doesn’t do the right thing and leave it now.

13 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: Dr. Ben Carson

  1. Yeah, it’s time for Carson to go. Maybe Cruz or Rubio could offer to make him Surgeon General or something if he withdraws immediately. Trump won’t do it.

      • “Drop out of the race and we’ll get Rand Paul to give you the eye surgery you clearly need considering you never open your eyes completely.”

  2. A little bit of pith from Carl Cannon at Real Clear Politics:

    “I’m not going anywhere,” Carson said after the election returns came in. It was meant to assure his supporters, but it’s true in a broader way than he intended.

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