Super Tuesday Ethics: Bill Clinton’s Ultimate Arrogance

laws_for_little_people_anti_hillary_clinton_2016_This kind of thing is what makes people cynical about democracy. Well, this and the fact that Donald Trump can win so many primaries.

In Massachusetts, Bill Clinton clearly violated the law repeatedly by lobbying primary voters on behalf of his wife at polling places. Not only is this against the law in every state, but it is obviously wrong, as in cheating. The law:

Voting and Counting Procedures for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

Within 150 feet of a polling place as defined in 950 CMR 53.03(18)(c), no person shall solicit votes for or against, or otherwise promote or oppose, any person or political party or position on a ballot question, to be voted on at the current election.

Never mind—when did trivia like law and ethics ever apply to the Clintons? According to a report filed from, the former President “chatted up voters, kissed an old lady on the head, posed for photos, and bought a cup of coffee.”   After Bill visited a number of polling stations throughout the eastern portion of the state. Massachusetts officials “reminded” the Clinton campaign about the statute, as if they didn’t already know about it. In New Bedford, Bill Clinton’s presence interfered with the voting, and one annoyed voter videoed the scene and placed it on YouTube.

Clinton should have been arrested, but what volunteer poll worker is going to have the courage to blow the whistle on a former President? Of course, that was Clinton’s assumption.

The campaign is over once the voting starts. This is cheating when done by anonymous campaign volunteers. When it is done by a President, it is audacious, arrogant, defiant cheating. Since both Clintons are audacious, arrogant, defiant cheaters, and are enabled in their cheating by the corrupt Democratic National Committee, this tactic should come as no surprise.

The Massachusetts Secretary of State William F. Galvin told reporters,

We had to remind some of our poll workers that even a president can’t go inside and work a polling place. We had to remind everybody what the rules are, that there is no campaigning within 150 feet of the voting booths because people are entitled to their privacy.You don’t usually get a president doing this.”

And the penalty for this is? Forfeited delegates? You’ve got to be kidding. Some people and some parties can break laws with impunity. Laws are for paupers and chumps.

As always, the Clintons corrupt everything they touch.


Pointer and Facts: Mediaite

19 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Ethics: Bill Clinton’s Ultimate Arrogance

  1. This is starting to look like an example of Dick Dastardly Stops To Cheat to me. The fix is already in – all the so-called ‘superdelegates’ have already pledged to support the Crown Princess no matter what the voters say, and the Democrat party machine has gone full shameless. Why do they feel the need to cheat at this point? What does that say about their character?

  2. I can only speak for myself, but I am now beyond cynicism about “democracy,” and am “moving on.” People don’t want representatives; they want rulers. And boy, oh boy, are we ever about to get some rulers!

      • “[Y]ou give up easy.”

        You don’t know for how long I have gone without giving up, or how hard I have fought against giving up. I am just using your terminology (“give up”), as if it is the most accurate; but, it is not. You may be correct that those presidents strove to sustain representative government, and that the country might be full of lucky people, lucky because of those presidents’ strivings. But I feel confident that I could examine how each of them governed, and come to a completely opposite conclusion about their embrace of representative government. They’re bygone leaders of bygone eras, anyway, and the leaders we are faced with choosing today are clearly uninterested in representative government. Call me a “teabagger,” but for as long as the power of the federal Executive Branch continues to grow, as it does every day now and can be expected to continue until its collapse, representative government in this country is essentially dead.

  3. Jack asked, “when did trivia like law and ethics ever apply to the Clintons?”

    Jack, how dare you challenge the status quo, the Clinton’s deserve every bit of respect and exceptions that they get; I mean, r.. e.. a.. l.. l.. y dude what the heck were you thinking!

    “Trivial” laws and ethics never have and never will be properly applied to the Clinton’s and anyone that brings it up their special treatment is treated like a freak-a-saurus.

    Is everyone ready for 4 more years of Clinton’s in the White House; Trump is paving the way.

    • Don’t count on a Clinton victory. Trump plays well to Clinton’s weakness. She seems to embody the establishment, while Trump has sold himself as anti-establishment, and everyone is upset with the establishment these days. Plus, Clinton’s mistakes seem to stick to her in the public eye (e-mails, anyone?) while Trump’s mistakes seem to fade from view. I give Trump an excellent chance of defeating Clinton.

      I wish I could be happy about that.

      • There’s always “Eeyore’s Hope” (one such hope): that IF Trump is elected, he picks a VP who will actually be competent, who will succeed Trump early in the 45th president’s term following impeachment and indictment.

        • It makes no difference at this point, though. Obama WILL get his Scalia replacement, after the Senate flips to D party dominance and gets sworn in before Obama leaves office.

      • Bernie Sanders in part focused on the economy being rigged during the debates to appeal to those Democrats who lost faith in the establishment.

        He did not attack Obama directly, as there are so many Obama worshippers among the Democratic electorate. But talking about how the economy is rigged all but says that Obama is the rigger in chief.

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