John Kasich Flunks An Honesty Test…Or Is It Sanity That’s His Problem?

"I have a question for Gov. Kasich. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU???"

“I have a question for Gov. Kasich. WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU???”

When Donald Trump again decided to boycott a Fox New debate because of his apparent terror of Megyn Kelly, it presented the remaining contenders for the Republican nomination to make their respective cases for 150 minutes without risking ad hominem attacks and having their best soundbites superseded the next day by whatever inflammatory gibberish Trump happened to launch that night for the fascination of talking heads.

What an opportunity—especially for long-time underdog John Kasich, who always seemed like he was on the margins of combat. Yet incredibly, Kasich pulled out of the debate too, forcing Fox to choose between a Ted Cruz monologue or no debate at all. The network chose the latter.

Thank you, Fox.

What sense did this make for Kasich? What politician running for office turns down free national exposure? Theories emerged, one complimentary to Kasich. Had he made a deal with Trump, a la Chris Christie? Was he afraid to go head to head with master debater Ted Cruz?

Today on Fox, Kasich was asked directly by Chris Wallace what, as Charles Krauthammer asked, game he was playing? Kasich gave three completely unsatisfactory and disingenuous answers:

1. He’s never really thought the debates “were the best way to pick a president” anyway.

2. “I’m not gonna go to a debate where we don’t have everybody involved in the race involved in the debate.”

3. “If somebody wants to sit down with me and interview me for an hour and ask me any question about my record, my policy………..I’m willing to do that.”

The really question is which of these is more absurd. #1: Kasich is barely holding on, and Trump is on the verge of a horrible victory. He’s going to pass on a gift from the frontrunner to make a statement about the theoretical ideal methods of vetting candidates? Why didn’t he refuse to participate in any of the debates, then? This is a self-evident dodge. #2: That’s funny: Kasich debated when there was an “undercard,” up to five candidates deemed too little supported to make to the main stage. Kasich didn’t drop out to support Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, or Mike Huckabee, but he boycotts a debate because the front-runner isn’t going to be there? Wait, didn’t he debate the last time Trump skipped a debate?  #3. ‘But if somebody wants to sit down and interview me and Ted Cruz for two and a half hours and ask us any questions about our records, and our policies, NEVER!!!”

Kasich is lying, incompetent, a coward, doesn’t really want to be President, or he’s insane.

Whichever it is, this is not the decision of a trustworthy or respectable leader.



2 thoughts on “John Kasich Flunks An Honesty Test…Or Is It Sanity That’s His Problem?

  1. I think he swung some kind of deal with Trump to stay in the race and play spoiler in return for some quid pro quo later. A “reach” theory is that he is hoping a brokered convention will turn to him as the one man who can beat Hilary and not shake up the system too badly. I wonder if Reagan generated anything like this level of fear, opposition, and loathing from the dominant figures in the GOP.

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