George Stephanopoulos Grills Hillary

"Hi, Hillary! Gosh, it's good to see you!"

“Hi, Hillary! Gosh, it’s good to see you!”

On ABC’s Sunday morning talking heads show, Hillary Clinton is being interviewed right now “one on one” by former Clinton machine insider George Stephanopoulos. This is, as I have pointed out before without rebuttal because there is no rebuttal, a grotesque example of unethical journalism, a screamingly obvious conflict of interest, and an insult to ABC’s viewers.

I resolved not to watch this inevitable loogie in the eye of respectable and fair campaign coverage, because until viewers refuse to be treated with such contempt, news departments will continue to be contemptuous. Some strange impulse forced me to light on ABC for exactly 23 seconds, and I got to hear Hillary go through the same focus group-tested talking points, rationalizations and lies she has been using to defend her e-mail machinations for a year—“Colin Powell did it too,” “national security wasn’t endangered,” “it wasn’t the best choice,” etc.—and to thank the President for compromising the integrity of the investigation while he was saying that he wouldn’t compromise the integrity of the investigation. There was enough ammunition in that single snippet to give any competent and objective interviewer an opening to expose her deceit for all to see. George’s response, delivered with a benevolent smile and the dreamy gaze of a true blue admirer…

“So, are you confident about this Tuesday?”

Res ipsa loquitur.


3 thoughts on “George Stephanopoulos Grills Hillary

  1. Well, you know it’s going to be softball when he shows up to interview her. She’d definitely turn down somebody like Jake Tapper, who is part of the mainstream media but takes his job as a journalist seriously.

  2. Big surprise. This has been going on for years. Stephanopoulos has been a shill for the Clintons for decades. He should never been hired by any news organization for any purpose (unless to write biased op-eds occasionally): the myth that he can/would be fair and unbiased should have been obvious to anyone in the business (or out of it). Can’t trust the print press, can’t trust to electronic media, can’t trust the Clintons, can’t trust Obama… the list goes on and on. I agree, though, that it really is a spit in the eye to have Stephanoupolos “pretend” to interview any Clinton. He’s been in bed with them (including their foundation — as a donor and fund raiser) — and metaphorically speaking, I hope — ick! — for too long. Just one more example of how stupid the political and news “elites” think we are. And I suppose they’re right, because I haven’t seen any real outcry to get that jerk off the air…

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